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icy conditions

By: NEwxguy, 1:57 PM GMT on February 28, 2011

Precip moved in this morning,but with 25 degree temps,freezing rain is coating everything,at least precip isn't too heavy at this time.By the time the heavy rain moves in it should be above freezing.
Might even see thunder this afternoon expecially along the southern portions of new england.
Looks like a nice week,with warmer mid week, and below normal end of week.
Picked up my altima on saturday and love it so far,adjusting to keyless start,learning all the new buttons.The other problem is when you come out of a mall or store,you start looking for the old car.
Looks like a severe storm threat through the ohio and mississippi valley into the east today.


Stormy weather

By: NEwxguy, 1:54 PM GMT on February 25, 2011

Our first strong system is effecting our area today.Light to moderate rain is effecting our area at this time,heavy rain will move in toward midday with strong winds.Some snow is mixing in this morning,before the warm air moves in.1-2 inches of rain expected with some street flooding.I think my basement will be alright this storm,but more heavy rain expected on Monday,I'll have worry about that one.Heavy snows to the nort of us.Very deep snow pack in the northern parts of New England,which will probably create a lot of flooding when this spring.The same in the midwest,I think the flood season will be very bad.
My wife stayed one more night,she had a miserable day yesterday,but talked to her this morning and she is feeling better, so expect her home today.They won't release her though until she proves she can hold down some food.


One of those days

By: NEwxguy, 3:03 PM GMT on February 24, 2011

We all have those days,when not long after you get up,you know this is not going to be a good day.It is just one of those days you have to get through,simple as that.
Wife was doing good last night after I talked to her.Daughter was expected to pick her up when she was ready this morning.
So woke up fed the cat and dog,and cat proceeds to throw up its food.
Then bringing out the trash,I had extra trash from my wifes mothers house we are cleaning out so we can sell it.Some old rugs I was putting out in the trash and after placing them out on the streetside,looked down and my clothes are covered in green rug particles.
Then I'm ready to head to work,and try calling my daughter to make sure she is all set to pick up my wife when she's ready ,and no dial tone on any of the phones,then reealize my internet network is down,so have to call RCN and after 20 minutes,they figure out the whole area is down and they will have to send a tech into the area to fix the problem.
Then I get to work late and I call the hospital to talk to my wife and she tells me she is getting sick,after no nausea all night.They had given her pain pills and that probably started it.Plus I get to work and piles of work to catch up on.
So what does one do?You just get through the day and tomorrow will be better.Most importantly though is hoping my wife starts to feel better and get her home.
Hope everyone elses day is going better.


unsettled weather pattern

By: NEwxguy, 1:52 PM GMT on February 22, 2011

Looks like we are in a very unsettled pattern,with a series of systems moving into the west coast and moving across the country.Determining what type of precip is the tricky part,since models can't agree on track.So we will just have to wait until the day before the system impacts us to get an idea what its going to do.
1. Thursday night into Friday.Most likely snow to rain along the coast,mostly snow inland with maybe a mix.
2. Sunday snow or a mix.
3. Next Tuesday same story.
The good news is none of them at this point look to be a major storm,at least right now.
Had a nice long holiday weekend,cleaned the basement,helped clean the house a little, and yesterday went and bought myself a car.
2008 Nissan Ultima,so it was a nice weekend.
Other than those two warm days last week,still no real signs of spring. Still have a foot of snow on the ground,a lot has gone,but still looks very wintery.


Spring fever

By: NEwxguy, 1:53 PM GMT on February 18, 2011

Ok,I know its early,but I have a bad case of spring fever.Temps predicted to be in the 60's today,depending on how much sunshine there is.Temps this morning coming to work in the low 40's.
But mother nature has the cure for spring fever.
Strong cold front moves through tonight.
Tomorrow temps in the 30's with wind howling at 20-30 with gusts to 50.Chance of some snow Sunday night and Monday.This is what happens end of Feb. and into March.Rollercoaster ride,so never get use to warmups,because they usually come to wintery end.
Hope people in this area will get a chance to enjoy it today.
Then reports coming from Spring training in Florida,talk about the Boston Marathon,staying brighter later and sunrise is getting earlier,all the signs are there.
Still large snowbanks around,but starting to settle,the roof still has some snow in areas that don't get the sun.


Full Snow Moon

By: NEwxguy, 1:38 PM GMT on February 17, 2011

Now I can start blogging like normal again.
Tomorrow night is the Full Snow Moon or Hunger Moon,but it will look full tonight.In fact it was nearly full last night when I was walking Prince,except for a little chunk in the lower left of the moon.
After my travails of the past couple of days,I'll just relax and enjoy the blogs and no ranting and raving.
Some nice warm weather for us the next couple of days,until colder weather moves in for the holiday weekend. Thankfully I have Monday off,so nice having an extra day off,not that theres a lot to do this time of year.This is a big week for ski resorts,with many school vacations.
Baseball spring training is moving into full swing with all players expected to show up today,can spring be far behind?We are all excited about our team this year with the big acquisitons in the off season,plus the huge disappointment from our football team.


back to winter temps

By: NEwxguy, 1:49 PM GMT on February 15, 2011

Cold front passed in the evening,with howling winds shaking the house and dropping temps.Windy and cold day with temps in the 20's after hitting 52 yesterday,another warmup coming starting tomorrow and in the 50's Thurs and Fri. then bact to winter over the weekend and possible wintery precip early next week,so enjoy the few warm days.
Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's day.It was quiet evening in my house,still trying to get my home desktop running after upgrading the motherboard,it won't boot,so my evenings are spent working on that.


Happy Valentine's Day

By: NEwxguy, 2:38 PM GMT on February 14, 2011

For all the romantics out there,this is their day. I of course will have a card and some flowers for my lovely wife,but I've really come to dislike this day,as it is really a day for overpriced merchandise.
I have better ways to tell my wife I love her then to spend a lot of money on ,say roses which triple in price and half of them don't open,candy,like most of us need more sugrar in our diet,long waits at the restaruants,nope not a big fan of this day.
Its going to be a warm day for us up into the 40's,but short warmup as a strong cold front moves through this evening with high wind warnings and plunging temps.Tomorrow will be a cold day with low wind chills,but the end of the week we have a big warmup,then colder for the weekend.
Watched the grammys last night,enjoyed a lot of the performances,have to admit some of the people I wasn't familiar with.
Enjoyed Lady Gaga,but she is becoming more and more a clone of Madonna.Kept saying through the song born this way,how familiar it sounded,then it dawned on me it was very much like Madonna's Express Yourself.I still enjoy her,as kooky as she may be.
Lady Antebellum is a good group,it was good to see them win.Some interesting performances.


above normal temps

By: NEwxguy, 2:09 PM GMT on February 11, 2011

Ok,finally in our long range forecast,above normal temps are predicted.End of next week,we are in for some milder temps,possibly touching 50's.That will feel like a heatwave after the long stretch of cold weather.We have to get through some more winter between now and then,with a couple shots of artic air and some mixed precip,but nothing major.Thankfully no major storms of snow or rain are in sight.
Its so nice to see some light at the end of the tunnel,although we still have some winter to go through,maybe we will get into a warmer pattern for the rest of the month,maybe.


waiting for the warmup.

By: NEwxguy, 2:11 PM GMT on February 10, 2011

Although no artic cold,its still cold.Still looking for the milder weather to start showing up.With the middle of February,we start to see the high temps slowly creeping up.Still can get some cold weather,but sun is getting higher and days are getting longer,so even a slight warmup feels good,and we really deserve it after this winter.
Then again,just get on a plane and fly to one of the islands in the carribean or aruba.That sounds nice doesn't it.
Our hockey team beat the rival Montreal Canadiens,in an oldtime hockey game with fights throughout the game.Our team seems to be getting into the spirit for what it takes to win.


artic air is back

By: NEwxguy, 2:10 PM GMT on February 09, 2011

It was so nice having temps in 30's and low 40's,it really felt nice,but the artic air is back.Last night strong winds and dropping temps, made for bitter night.Temps in the single numbers this morning.Cold weather will stick around into the weekend with a little warmer temps by Sunday,small clipper type systems will move through with little moisture.Sunday may have a low reforming of the New England coast,so will have to watch that,another system Monday night or Tuesday.Seems like every tuesday since the start of 2011 has some wintery weather.

Finding signs of spring,even if it doesn't feel like it.
1. The RedSox equipment truck left for Florida and spring training.Every year they always have a little celebration at Fenway Park to send off the truck.
2. It is light out now when I leave work,which is always a good sign.
3. Storys on the sports page now center around the baseball team rather than football.
4. And huge pot holes are showing up everywhere,one has to drive an obstacle course now.One sees lots of hub caps sitting on the sides of the road these days.


pattern change

By: NEwxguy, 2:23 PM GMT on February 08, 2011

Its been very subtle,but theres been a small pattern change.The steady stream of nor'easters has finally ended,for now at least.The systems that are coming through are moving along the polar jet and don't have has much moisture with them and not as much cold air,so a lot more mixing and heavier wet snow.
A small storm moved through this morning with an inch of heavy wet snow.Later today an artic cold front will move through with flurries and squalls and strong winds and sharply dropping temps.Cold for the rest of the week.Maybe a warming trend by early next week.


start of a new week

By: NEwxguy, 2:44 PM GMT on February 07, 2011

Ok,superbowl weekend is over.Leading up to this game,I was really not interested,still smarting from the Patriots getting booted out so early,but I was surprised to find myself watching this game,it was a fun game,with lots of momentum changes.Steelers for the most part were controlling the game in the second half,but mistakes and really too many points to overcome.Not to mention a great performance from Aaron Rodgers.If not for some horrible dropped passes,GB would have won by 20 points.He was definitely the MVP.
So football is over and Redsox begin their training camp this weekend,can spring be too far behind?Lets hope not,Spent yesterday chopping ice and shoveling snow off my roof,like so many people.Except for a weak storm tonight and tomorrow morning,which may give us a couple of inches,we are heading into a quiet period, and this area really needs a week without storms.Still numerous roof collaspses and schools closed while they clear the roof,its been very tough.But we can see the days getting longer,we finally went over 40 yesterday,which felt so good.


stormy pattern with no end in sight

By: NEwxguy, 2:06 PM GMT on February 04, 2011

This has become routine this winter,with a look ahead at the storms scheduled for the coming week.The first is this Saturday and Saturday night,which looks to be a mixed bag,where it stays snow,maybe 4-8 inches,in my area,it will probably be a mix changing to snow before ending and may get a couple of inches.The next system is scheduled for Monday into Tuesday,but that looks to be a light system with a mix also.
Then comes Thursday into Friday of next week,with a possible major storm.This far out,the track is questionable,but right now this storm may come up right over us,which would make for a snow to rain storm.Will have to watch this as the week goes on.
The big difference this month is the storm tracks have moved closer so more warm air gets involved.This may be the story for the rest of the month.
Driving is crazy these days with narrow roads,people stopped on side of the road,so you have to go into the other lane to get around,this morning a bicycle rider was slowing everyone down.Wondering about the IQ if someone riding a bycicle in these conditions.
Superbowl weekend,but just can't get revved up for it.Still the after effects of our team losing,has left a lack of interest.


The effects of all these storms.

By: NEwxguy, 2:04 PM GMT on February 03, 2011

When an area experiences the kind of snow totals as New England is experiencing this winter,there are a whole list of problems that arise as the totals mount.
1. Narrowing of streets,whole lanes of the road are disappearing as they are unable to push the snow back anymore,which makes for nervous times as cars are very close to each other as they pass by.
2. Roof collapses,more and more roofs are collapsing under the weight of the snow as it gets heavier with the rain and sleet and wet snow of recent storms.Luckily no one has been hurt so far.
3. Where to put all the snow,parking lots are becoming dumping grounds and turning into mountains,literally.
4. People are getting tired and edgy,this includes plow drivers who are making money hand over fist,becoming exhausted
5. Covered storm drains,Any type of melting or rain,the water just sits in the middle of the roads.

down the road,I fear some horrible flooding as all this snow has to run off somewhere,hopefully we won't get a quick melt.


winter storm

By: NEwxguy, 2:33 PM GMT on February 02, 2011

Wow,wake up and find a new look to WU,maybe this will bring us a new weather pattern too.It snowed about 2.5 inches before dawn and now its transistioned to sleet and freezing rain,with little or no accumulation expected the rest of the day.
Working from home again today.
Will have to check in with Jus to see how she made out,as the midwest really took it on the chin with this storm.
Watching the major hurricane slam into Australia this morning also.
Another storm may effect us on Saturday,but doesn't loo major at this time.A little warming trend next week,yes I said warming.


New month,same story

By: NEwxguy, 1:53 PM GMT on February 01, 2011

Heavy snow has set in quickly and at work,but will be shifting home this morning,as weather has gone downhill a lot quicker than expected.So we are in for 5-9 inches today,before the main event hits late tonight and tomorrow.This is going to be a huge event for central and eastern US.with blizzard conditions around the great lakes icing in the Ohio valley severe weather potential in the South. heavy snow and ice and sleet and rain here in the east and northeast.
I'm going to be close to the mixing line,but not before a foot of snow falls tomorrow ontop of todays 9 inches,so when all is said and done,15-20 inches north of the Mass pike.Where do we put it.


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