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Winter Storm Boreas and Rain

By: N1DN, 5:54 PM GMT on November 28, 2013

Winter Storm Boreas has come and gone, leaving a good bit of rain behind. Here in Central Connecticut, I logged 3.60 inches of rain over a two day period associated with the storm. Temps were seasonably warm with a high of 53 degrees Wednesday at noon. Things have cooled off since then, with some icy patches to greet the morning. We didn't get to enjoy any of the snow, but were also spared high winds and any damage. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

31 degrees
Winds from the North at 8
30.19 inches and rising

Phil, N1DN


First Accumulation of Snow

By: N1DN, 3:14 AM GMT on November 24, 2013

29 degrees
Winds from the East at 7 mph
29.92 in and steady

Tonight began with a nice surprise. We're experiencing light snowfall here in central Connecticut, with a light 'dusting' of snow in the yard. The temperature is dropping and the wind is feeling quite cold.


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Wx at Amateur Radio Station N1DN

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