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By: MrsPerfect , 1:58 PM GMT on April 12, 2013


"The Art of Keeping Your A$$ Alive",

by Cody Lundin ( the hippie on Dual Survivial )

I have been reading his books for awhile....I got into "prepping" after 9/11....it is a major part of my life and has even affected my new career choice....I am going back to school to become a nurse....

Anyways, Cody gives some good advice in his books, and I am going to attempt to share some of it here....

from "When All Hell Breaks Loose":

"In my grandparent's time, being prepared was just something you did and was considered good old common sense. Nobody thought you were paranoid for stocking up on vital supplies; in fact, you were expected to do so. Those in need could be a burden to their neighbors after the next tornado, blizzard or lightning storm rocked the surrounding prairies, causing havoc throughout the state. Nature hasn't changed much, and if anything, She seems a bit more ticked off. Those who are wise still stock plenty of emergency gear when getting to town is not an option, even for the heartiest four-wheel drive."


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