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If wind (mph) > temp (F) then sadface

By: MrMixon, 9:08 PM GMT on December 10, 2013

As we've endured several days in a row with single digit temperatures (positive and negative) and double-digit windspeeds I've been developing a theory that people start getting really grouchy any time the wind (in mph) is greater than the temperature (in degrees F)...

Well, the good news is that our temperatures have finally started to creep back up. Indeed, our temps started rising about 5pm yesterday and continued to rise through the night, bucking their typical diurnal trend.

Weather station plot from yesterday showing the start of the upward temperature swing (the weather yesterday afternoon was particularly nasty with very low temperatures and very gusty winds):

Same weather station plot for today showing the continuation of that upswing through the night:

The upward trend in temperatures is supposed to continue throughout the week and no major storms are in the forecast for the week.

I'm keeping this blog short for now, though I may add to it as time allows.

Have a great day!

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