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By: MissMcManiac, 1:31 AM GMT on April 16, 2012

Its breathing down my neck- I see the lightning- hear the thunder start to roar and have already been caught in a few stray showers between wharton and Needville. My dad just called to warn me of the encroaching red and orange blob bearing down on us. I am nervous- to say the least. The shed door is tied shut- but what to do for my chickens- I hope they dont blow away. I hope we all don;t. After such a successful 3rd birthday party- it would be a shame to end the day with a weather tragedy. Pray for us- please- over



By: MissMcManiac, 7:47 AM GMT on April 04, 2012

Today was the first day of the year I was blinded by sweat while running the dogs. No doubt the first of many and only expected to get worse. The mosquito hawks have been especially numerous this year as have the gnats- or 'no-sees'. Today I also got harassed by the mosquitos- I did not miss those. Usually there is a breeze to be found on at least one side of my house, but not this night. The moon is getting brighter and at 2:40 am it already looks like dawn towards the west where the moon is slowly setting. I hope for a summer with gracious rainshowers this year, as the fields are still soaking and recovering from the scorching drought last year that opened up huge cracks in the dirt and made for an anemic citrus season, the grapes were almost non-existent. I did see some sign of renewal in the honeysuckle by the historical marker. When I was a kid some 20+ years ago honeysuckle was everywhere here and all the way up to east texas ark-la-tex, but it has been absent until now. I hope it stays- or returns. The dewberries are growing juicy with the spring dewdrops- just mind the thorns-and the snakes.

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weather wonder

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