Febuary 2012 forecast for the canadian praries.

By: Mikeman444 , 5:49 AM GMT on February 01, 2012

A look back:
January was very mild overall at 5C above the norm, Not quite as extreme as December 2011.
The slightly smaller anomaly was due to the 6 day cold snap mid month that saw temperatures dip well below -20C. The first week by far was the warmest with 10-15C maximums over many areas.
Much like December the month was dry with only a 3rd of the normal precipitation.
My forecast had called for the cold to last well into February, this did not happen and thus January was warmer than expected, and February will be warm instead of bitterly cold

The Forecast: Very mild and very dry for Alberta, relatively mild and dry for Saskatchewan and southern Manitoba, somewhat normal temps for northern Manitoba

1-10: Very mild, record temps over 15C in some areas in Alberta on at least one day, some freezing rain and we snow in more northerly locations but overall very dry.

10-20: Cooler but still milder than normal, short bouts of bitter cold in eastern locations, some snow, freezing rain, and showers over most parts.

20-29: Very mild with a small chance of a short cold snap in most areas. Very dry

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