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Spring 2014 forecast for Alberta, Sask, and Manitoba

By: Mikeman444, 7:04 PM GMT on March 26, 2014

After such a nasty winter we all want spring! At this point were looking at a fairly close copy of last year give or take a week. Snowpack should be gone by mid April over Much of Alberta but will stick around in Sask and Manitoba at least until early May. Flood risk is rated at high to extreme over large areas. After the snow goes away the effects of the unusually warm Pacific and western drought will take effect. May have the first heatwave of 2014 around the May long weekend or perhaps the first week of June and be most intense in Alberta.

2014 Spring forecast
Issued 12:50pm Wednesday March 26 2014.

Overall spring will finish off near normal in Alberta to below normal elsewhere. Precipitation should be higher than normal over the southern portions of Alberta, Sask, and Manitoba.

Rest of March: very slow to warm up if at all. more rounds of heavy snow in southern Alberta.

April 1-15: remaining cold with heavy snow, a warm up in Alberta, but not enough to completely melt the snow. higher than normal snowfall over most areas.

April 15-30: Significant Warm up in Alberta, may see the first 20C weather of the year. The mountains of snow to the east still melting. Flooding likely

May 1-15: Brief period of high fire risk as things are slow to green up. Some 25C days in store for southern areas of all 3 provinces

May 15-31: Mountain snowpack in Alberta still slow to completely melt. Intense heatwave may poke it's way into Alberta before being stopped by remaining snow and frozen ground to the north and east. Good chance this heat will stay south of Calgary. Leaf out during the 2nd last week of May

June 1-21: Risk of blocking over the area funnelling Gulf and pacific moisture into the area and building up. Any system that forms may get pinned up against the Rockies(sound familiar), rivers should already be running high from the fast melting snowcaps. Any major rainfall event may result in a repeat of the 2013 floods, not likely to be as severe but may still cause significant damage. High Humidex, heat index likely to come with any heatwaves that build into the area.

Updated: 7:05 PM GMT on March 26, 2014


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