Hurricane Jova....A wild ride on the Mexican Coast...IN THE DARK !!

By: Mike Theiss, 6:41 AM GMT on October 14, 2011

A wild ride on the Mexican Coast....IN THE DARK !!!My first Pacific Hurricane chase is in the books. Overall it was an intense experience and I learned a lot about this part of Mexico for future Hurricane chases. I'm disappointed I was not able to document more of it to share with everyone. This chase reminds me of Cat 4 Hurricane Emily in Playa del Carmen, Mexico because all of it happened in the darkness of the night. If Jova had sped up or slowed down in forward ...

Updated: 7:14 AM GMT on October 14, 2011

Dark in Mexico...waiting for Hurricane Jova !

By: Mike Theiss, 1:11 AM GMT on October 12, 2011

Quick update ! Found a small building north of La Manzanilla directly in path of Hurricane Jova's eye. No power, only iPhone battery and still cell service for now. We will get a direct hit here but no lights to see anything to film. Waves are large and crashing on building. Only going to get worse !! Sorry no photos yet, today was actually nice all day and right at dark wind picked up and knocked out power.Mike Theisswww.UltimateChase.comwww.ExtremeNature.comFollow...

Hurricane Jova...My FIRST Pacific Hurricane less than 24 hours away !

By: Mike Theiss, 4:23 AM GMT on October 11, 2011

Here we go again ! Another Hurricane chase underway ! Today was a long day for sure. Flew in Guadalajara, Mexico and rented a car and drove 6 hours through the beautiful countryside. I am currenly in Barra de Navidad just north-west of Manzanillo. I have a feeling I won't be able to do many blog updates because we are staying at a hotel with no generator. I doubt we will have power and internet after mid-day tomorrow.Locals are prepping and getting prepared for the ...


Hurricane Irene Final Report !

By: Mike Theiss, 5:16 AM GMT on August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene Final Report!!My location at Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas.The lowest Barometric pressure I recorded on my handheld barometer was 982mb during Irene's closest approach.Chase Account: Hurricane Irene was a tough decision and very stressful in the early stages of my planning but ended up to be one of the most comfortable chases ever... I knew I wanted to see Irene in the Bahamas but also wanted to document such a potential historic event in the New...

Updated: 5:19 AM GMT on August 30, 2011

EXHAUSTED !! Time to rest up for possible second landfall !

By: Mike Theiss, 1:18 AM GMT on August 26, 2011

Intense Night and Morning !!This morning Hurricane Irene made her closest approach to my location in Nassau, Bahamas. I estimate wind gusts around 75-80mph but could be wrong, have not heard the official high wind report. I was on the beach of the north coast and had wind coming straight off the water and it was thrashing the palm trees all day. The resort I'm at is not letting us out so I am not sure of the damage but I think this damage will be minimum here. I do ...

Updated: 6:18 AM GMT on August 28, 2011

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