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By: MTWX , 2:05 PM GMT on September 04, 2013

Given how slow this season has been so far (and may continue to be), what do you think will happen to the weather this winter?? spring?? summer?? next hurricane season??

Was thinking about it last night (couldn't sleep)...

Hurricanes are a natural mechanism to release the heat built up in the oceans to keep the climate in balance. If we don't have any storms large enough to significantly release said content, how will the weather compensate?? Larger winter storms/noreasters in the winter?? More frequent/violent severe storms in spring??

Or are we looking at a "earthquake senerio" where the lack of, for lack of a better word, smaller hurricanes will cause a massive storm (hurricane, noreaster, etc...) beyond epic proportions to form to force the dissipation of heat back into the norm??

(See what happens when I can't sleep!!!)

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