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By: MLJenkins , 12:30 AM GMT on January 27, 2014

Some quick thoughts on upcoming weather. I haven't really looked too much at the models for this week because it is pretty obvious it is going to be colder than [fill in your favorite saying]. Tuesday and Wednesday morning are going to be the worst, with temps way below 0F and wind chill values in dangerous zones. Thursday it starts to warm up, but we may see some snow flurries Thursday into Friday.

Saturday (Feb 1) is where things get interesting. It appears the winds start shifting and we start getting fed air from south. Right now we will probably have a minor snow/slush/rain event on Saturday that will turn over to rain by the end of the day. The northern panhandle may see more of this and my bet would be it will start as snow and end as a rain mix.

The first week in Feb, Monday-Wednesday, the models are showing a significant amount of precipitation. However, by this time we are being fed a lot of warm air so I believe these events will hopefully be rain. This could, however, be a bit of a problem. We have almost a foot of snow on the ground, and depending on how fast the temps come up over the next week, may have to worry about localized flooding if we get too much water. Unfortunately it is pretty far out to predict, but the models keep pulling this event up in time, so this will most likely occur Monday or even Sunday if the trend continues.

Currently there is about a foot of total snow on the ground, with drifts up to almost 2' against walls and such here. The temp keeps going up and down like a yoyo as this new system pushes in and drives arctic air into our area tomorrow. We should have some rain/snow tonight, which could make things slick if it does come down as rain.

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