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Sorry 'bout the MIA

By: LittleBlueFlippers , 1:37 AM GMT on December 28, 2011

Wow! has it been so long?!

In September when he took me to newport, we had a good time. on the way home his truck broke down and he had it towed for 140 miles, thanks to AAA. The following Friday, I was doing errands around town and my car wouldn't start. I had my car in the shop for about 5 days and gave him rides to and from work. His car remaind in the shop for the better part of 4 weeks. - that was crazy and it got real old, real fast.

The doctors started playing with my asthma controller medicine to see if the fatigue was a sideeffect of that.

since I last posted. I have had a talk with the BF. He's always telling me how set he is in his ways.... I finally asked him if he was so set in his ways that there was no hope for this relationship, or did this relationship mean enough to him to fight for?

He asked if I wanted the answer right away? I said no.
He asked if I wanted the answer in a week? I said no.
When do you want the answer? When you are ready to give it.

two days later, he told me that he realizes that he hasn't done good by me and that he doesn't see himself changing. Then he said that maybe it would be best if we went our separate ways. We both agreed that there was no need for a messy devorce. friends are hard to come by and there is no need to loose a friend just because dating didn't work.

Whew! that went better than planned. - this was just the week before thanksgiving.

My sister was expecting in early January. But things were going a bit scary for her and the wee one in mid December.the afternoon of the 14th. they did an emergency c-section and brought my newest nephew, MM, 3 weeks early.

Christmas eve, we learned that MM won his battle of jaundice and didn't have to use the biliruben blanket anymore. I didn't get to see it, but word has it that it made him look like a glow-worm. Just yesterday, I got to see his eyes for more than a few moments...wow! he does have eyes. He's a good little baby, doesn't fuss much, unless Wee little Lass gets her face too close to his. - don't get me wrong, she is a great big sister, she even supports Mom when she changes the diapers....rain and all!

Got Paperport for Christmas and now I am trying to install it...not going as good as I had hoped. I may have to get Dad over here to help.

Post break-up is great! I feel like I mourned the relationship the last several weeks - in order to get the strength to break up.

Since the change in Asthma meds and the breakup, the fatigue has seemed to improove. I have been spending my month between Thanksgiving and Christmas crocheting slipper booties for me and the older three kids. I think I got the sizing down pretty good on all of the kids and I even gave them a bit of room to grow. Seige is 14 and growing like a weed. I think this past year he shot up from 4'7" to 5'3", so I told him when he out grows them, to let me know and I will make him another pair.

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36. LittleBlueFlippers
11:06 PM GMT on May 03, 2012
finally got a break in all of the craziness here.

Last week I had three friends who had family members with serious health issues and a fourth who's father in law passed away.

My prayers to all who are dealing with health issues.

Amungst all of that, I have been working a lot of OT at work, and getting ready for my much needed vacation begining at the end of the month.

Oh, I cannot wait!!
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35. LittleBlueFlippers
1:29 PM GMT on April 19, 2012
I am sorry to hear about your uncle. My prayers are with you and your family.
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34. sandiquiz
8:00 AM GMT on April 17, 2012
Love the photos, thanks for posting them.... but I either forgot, or didn't know, that Wee Little had a new brother!

My visitations will be intermittent over the next couple of weeks... a dear uncle died last week, but there has to be a inquest, so it is prolonigng the closure :(

You sound to be well prepared for your holiday.
I do hope you have a wonderful time... some time next month, isn't it?
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33. LittleBlueFlippers
12:24 AM GMT on April 13, 2012
I am stuck between 17 and 18 pounds. We have a new lady at work who is looking for a place to live. When she gets settled, we will start walking together...maybe by then the weather will actually look like spring.

Wee Little Lass is growing up. She is now four.

Been planing the vacation to Southern Oregon/Northern California. I have made all three motel/hotel reservations. I have printed all information, placed them in page protectors in a three ring binder. This way we will have all of the confirmation numbers and addresses on hand when we need them.

I have even searched things to do in each of the towns that we will be staying in and passing through, gathered the info of time of operation/ price and directions with phone numbers onto a word document and printed it up to also place in the three ring binder. We aren't necessarily going to stop by each place, but it will show us our options so that we won't come home saying "Gee, I wish I had known about that."

trying to get some OT at work to help finance the trip, but the boss is slow in putting them up.

Easter was great! I spent Saturday evening with my roommate at the parish. Then on Sunday I went over to Dad's and we learned how to use our iPhones, then we played the Wii before joining with Mom and going to my brother's house for dinner. Wee Little and MM didn't make it, they spent the day with their Paternal Grandparents.

MM lets Wee Little know that diaper changing time is private time.

MM & Big Sister, Wee Little are all dolled up for Easter. He will be 4 months on the 14th.
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32. sandiquiz
6:23 AM GMT on April 07, 2012
I jumped on the scales the other morning and I had made it down to 20 lbs..... then ate the Chocolate egg the visitors brought me and today I am back to only 18!!! Shucks!

Do you find it fluctuates? Up down up down! As long as the general trend is downwards I am happy..... but still a **** of a way to go:(

Hope you enjoyed the GofT - you should have come last week when it was sunny!! lol

Stay busy - it keeps you out of mischief!

How how is Wee Little ...bet she is not so little any more:)


Easter Prayer

May all happiness be yours,
Your troubles fade away,
And only gladness reign within
Your heart, this Easter Day.


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31. LittleBlueFlippers
8:58 PM GMT on April 05, 2012
I am now at 18 pounds lost!!

Just now got the desktop computer hardwired into the internet. Whew...had to string the ethernet cable through three rooms to get the job done, but I am so very glad it is. Now I can do some serious vacation planning.

Work is crazy. Someone on other day shift was let go. one of our guys moved to the other shift. our new trainee is jumping three tool certifications to do different training (usually the last tool to certify on)we have a new lady joining us...and lots of Overtime to work. I am hoping to get a few days (maybe one or two per pay period) between now and the end of May.

lots to do...will visit GoT very soon....extremely soon....promptly. HEY! I am already there!! Yowzers!!
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30. sandiquiz
8:52 AM GMT on April 01, 2012

A happy, healthy and settled April to you .... frost this morning in the GofT when we had over 70 last week! Go figure!
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29. LittleBlueFlippers
6:11 AM GMT on March 22, 2012
still getting settled.

had to get a new phone...couldn't get the other one to accept the power needed to get more than 2 bars on that little buggar.

got an iPhone 4s. It is a wonderful thing when it doesn't self delete my contact list A-L. That really Sucks!! took about 4 or 5 hours, but I was able to recover most everything. (haven't yet discovered what I have missed).

roomie and I are planning our vacation for late may/early june. we are planning to see the lower 4 or 5 Oregon Lighthouses and two of California's Northern most Lighthouses. The redwood national forest is also in our sights. I am trying to get my Auntie to join us for the lighthouses near her house...and to also join us for a fun night at the community theater. It's one where you boo! the villain, cheer the hero and sigh for his girl. Lots' of fun for $12.50 - what more can we ask for?

lots of planning to do, a few more boxes to unpack...gotta run!
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28. seflagamma
4:22 PM GMT on March 17, 2012
Hello LBF,

It has been awhile glad your internet is up again..
you are so right, we are all addicted to our computers!

Happy St Patti's Day!

Rainbow image
St Patricks Day Graphics
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27. sandiquiz
10:19 AM GMT on March 14, 2012
Quoting LittleBlueFlippers:
On the weight loss - 17.0 pounds down in 10 weeks.

Great going.... I am not far behind you - 14 lbs since the New Year...
Let's keep it up and then we can toast our success in the GOT with a G&T !!! lol
Hope you are sleeping well :)
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26. LittleBlueFlippers
3:01 AM GMT on March 14, 2012
Oh, after the day I just had....that looks sooo very relaxing. we are a bit short handed at work, then someone went home ill in the third hour of the 12 hour shift. That left just me to do the inspections. Just after he left, the work was dumped on me.

to give a little reference, our goal is to do 12 lots of wafers and 300 wafers. I had the new person in our area do the first inspection so that I could stay on the microscope. With her help, I did 19 lots and over 400 wafers.

I hope I don't have to do that again tomorrow - but I sure will sleep real good tonight.

On the weight loss - 17.0 pounds down in 10 weeks.
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25. sandiquiz
7:24 AM GMT on March 06, 2012
Hope it is all coming together .... I changed the GofT last week and made a gravel garden. By the time you get chance to visit the wall should be a mass of clematis and the pots full of summer colour:)

Look after yourself:)
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24. LittleBlueFlippers
5:05 PM GMT on March 01, 2012
white bunnies back to you too!

I have been without internet since the 15th of Feb. I just 20 minutes ago got it restored. for basic internet connections, I have had to go to Starbucks (sometimes after they have closed) for basic stuff.

It has been crazy coming to the realization that I am so dependent on the internet. It has been like withdrawals.

I am still getting settled into the new place,the bedroom is looking pretty good. the craft room on the other hand...another story.

still have to call to schedule my sattelite to be xfered over here, but in the meantime my friend is sharing her cable with me. I sure miss my dvr.
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23. sandiquiz
9:02 AM GMT on March 01, 2012
How is it going... are you "moved" yet??

Wishing you "white rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits and a very happy month of March"
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22. sandiquiz
7:04 AM GMT on February 15, 2012

GOOD luck!!!
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21. LittleBlueFlippers
3:39 AM GMT on February 15, 2012
too late on the advice to not over do it.... My legs hurt so bad for the last three days... hauling all that JUNK down stairs and then having to go back up (at least I was only carrying me up those stairs).

Treadmill? How do you know when you are done? You can't return to somewhere you haven't left. LOL!!

I think I am two days (Thursday & Friday) from being 99% out. Then it's just cleaning. Whew! I see the light.
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20. sandiquiz
9:14 AM GMT on February 14, 2012
Oh, do I have to move house to lose weight!!

Well done you ! That's twice as much as me!! But now I have a treadmill!!! lol

Don't over do it and knock yourself up :)
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19. LittleBlueFlippers
6:19 PM GMT on February 11, 2012
moving has been crazy & I am not done yet. I am so very tired and my legs have so many bruises on them....they don't look like they belong to me. However, the activity has been great! I am now down to 12.6 lost.

I think that next week I will finish this mess. I have one room plus one wall of another to paint. finsish the kitchen,bathroom and bedroom, and start the cleaning phase.

with all of that in mind, I plan to take it easy today. Like a reward for all the hard work I have done the last three days and losing 1.6 pounds this week. Yeay!!
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18. LittleBlueFlippers
5:43 AM GMT on February 09, 2012
i cannot wait until the move is over. my new room at the new place still has her daughter's things in it. I hope she gets on the ball soon. my current craft room has the computer desk and....nothing.

The boxes in the dinning room is really stressing me out. I got everything down stairs and staged by the patio door. quick into the sportage. then it goes down into the new place and down more stairs. Everything into one room for now.

The ultimate goal: to set up the craft room into something that one would find on HGTV. If you like pansies.... I have an idea. (just hope I can find the fabric print that I have in mind) - scan in ALL of my loose papers, recipes and stories & 86 the rest. set aside the money to aquire new sofa, dinning room table with chairs and dishes. I got rid of all of those just becaue I don't want to store them... My sister got the lazy boy recliner (to her hubby's dismay).

If I can get the dinningroom cleared out tomorrow, then Friday or Saturday, I plan to paint the small bedroom and the green wall in my room...then let it air out.

16,17 & 18: bed, dresser, computer and the 2.1 cubic foot freezer.


then the REAL work begins....settling in. no time for GoT - the biolocation attempts are failing.

I have lost a total of 11.2 pounds since new year's eve. I made my 5% goal!!! It's celebrating the little milestones along the way that keeps a person focused on the ultimate goal!!
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17. sandiquiz
9:24 AM GMT on February 07, 2012
It is too cold to come to the GoT ....:(

OOPs - photo glitch!!
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16. LittleBlueFlippers
4:16 PM GMT on February 02, 2012
I will try my hand at biolocation....while I am moving, I will try to be relaxing in the GoT.Heck! maybe I should also try that while I am also at work. Lol
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15. sandiquiz
7:05 AM GMT on February 02, 2012
Oh, sorry - I forgot!

Happy RELAXING month of February!!!
Hope it all goes well, and I shall leave a light on in the GoT for you!!

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14. LittleBlueFlippers
5:23 AM GMT on February 02, 2012
they will be with a group. Evidently, it's an elite group and you only get to participate by invite only. I am proud of them for being invited!!

White bunnies to you too!!

I noticed that you didn't wish me a relaxing month of February. LOL!

The big move starts tomorrow...whenever I get up. Okay, offically, but tonight the first few items went over. The Peace Lilly needed to be watered and I didn't want to water it until it was moved...so the violets went to keep it company.

I am so overwhelmed right now. I am going to take what I can from the ground floor, then hire my neighbor's 14 yearold to help shuck the boxes down the stairs, both here and at the new place. that should be good for a gift card. right?

so, if I am quiet this month, don't worry...as my mother says, "I will be too pooped to pop!"

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13. sandiquiz
10:35 AM GMT on February 01, 2012

LBF - Wishing you a very Happy Month of February :)

Great news about your brother's children coming to the UK - do you know where they will be based, or are they on a tour with a group? -
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12. LittleBlueFlippers
6:26 PM GMT on January 28, 2012
you know I enjoy the GoT at all times of the year, Don't you?

I just got off the phone with my brother. Both of his kids will be spending 3 weeks in the UK in late june to mid july! It is a program through the school district. I am so happy for them both!

I sujested to my brother thay they go to google earth and check out York. It's not on the list, but they will fall in love with the town. I am so glad that my good friend Miss Sandi suggested it to me.

I also told my brother that they will be required to send the Auntie a postcard from each location on their tour. I am serious about this one. seriously.
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11. sandiquiz
8:37 AM GMT on January 26, 2012
LOL - not my cat, probably the neighbours' moggie who wanders through! My cat stays indoors.

The GoT is not very colourful at the moment, but there are signs of Spring, with little stars of yellow in the celandines, forsythia and primroses beginning to show :)

I am proud of your loss.... I think you sent the spare ones to me!!!!! lol
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10. LittleBlueFlippers
6:15 PM GMT on January 25, 2012
as of last Saturday, I have lost 9 pounds, only 81 to go!!

starting to pack the craftroom/office. and it is so overwhelming! I started with the junk drawer and just DUMPED it into the box. One down. LOL! then I came online to reward my hard work. right now I am just greatful that I don't have to be out by the end of this month....I wouldn't make it.

why can't moving be done by Samantha Stevens? You know, let her wiggle her nose and then I would be at the new place with everything in order....Oh, the dream of it. (sigh)

back to reality....going to pack another box, then I will sneak over to the GoT and suprize my buddy Sandi. (tip toeing through the garden sneaking style) lol!

sneak.....sneak.....sneak.....sneak...OOps! was that your cat's tail that I stepped on? sorry.
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9. sandiquiz
8:42 AM GMT on January 18, 2012
Well hello .....

Life seems to be a muddle for you ... one day all will go swimmingly!

Hope you are back to sleep!!

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8. LittleBlueFlippers
8:26 AM GMT on January 18, 2012
alarm goes off in less than 3 hours, there's snow on the ground and it's reflecting light into my room. Here comes that pirate again. ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!

will be moving again by the end of February. Rent is going up for the second time in less than 7 months. (my paycheck hasn't). Will be renting my friend's basement and saving almost half of what I am paying now.

sure wish I could sleep about now!
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7. sandiquiz
6:40 AM GMT on January 06, 2012
Quoting LittleBlueFlippers:
i cannot believe the weather here. It's more like March or April than January. Just a light jacket and the rain didn't start until late afternoon.


Same here... I was just thinking the same yesterday... I have only worn a coat, or needed gloves, twice this winter!!! The rest of the time I have only needed a body warmer!
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6. LittleBlueFlippers
6:02 AM GMT on January 06, 2012
i cannot believe the weather here. It's more like March or April than January. Just a light jacket and the rain didn't start until late afternoon.

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5. LittleBlueFlippers
8:41 AM GMT on December 30, 2011
Sandi -

Enjoy the new year - Okay, enjoy your Fiscal New Year! LOL! My prayers are with you as always.

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4. sandiquiz
12:12 PM GMT on December 28, 2011
Hello :)

Great to see you up and about again, although sorry the camping bf came to nought!

Sounds as though you have kept busy, on the computer and with the crocheting. It helps to keep busy, I know.
As to your 2012 resolution, it is something I want to do as well. by the end of January I will be ready to start my new year, and enjoy a new lease of life.
I will send you mail :)

Take care, and it is warm enough in the G of T to come and sit - such strange weather!!
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3. LittleBlueFlippers
10:13 AM GMT on December 28, 2011
Shore -

Good to see you too!

Paper port is a program that helps you to store and organize information. For me, I have oodles of 3 ring binders that I want to migrate to my terabyte drive and 86 the hard copies. My spare room is busting at the seams.

Today, Dad looked around and said that I have more junk than he does, but in reality, I just have it all consolidated into a smaller space.

I also mourned a person prior to their actual departure. My Grandfather had 3 anyurisms (sp?) in less than 7 days and it still took 18 days for him to decide to let go. I remember almost being relived for him when he went. I knew that he wasn't suffering any longer. I was sad, but so exshausted from those 18 days and what they did to my Grandmother, Mother and her sisters...

Got the new years resolutions yet?

this year I am going to focus on my health. I am hoping to reduce the fatigue and possibly my weight too.Mom said she'd pay for me to do Weight Watchers and I did buy a Wii. I also purchased the Country Dance 2 in hopes that it might help get me moving.

I just have to remember to build up so I don't end up back on the sofa again. - that would be regression, not progression. LOL!
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2. shoreacres
3:16 AM GMT on December 28, 2011
Gosh, what a great lot of news you have! I'm glad things are going well, all things considered. Now I'm going to have to go google Paper Port, to see what in the heck that is. I'm truly uneducated when it comes to so many of these computer peripherals - it must be a computer thingie. I'll look.

It's a fact that you can mourn some thing "ahead of time". I know I did that with Mom. When she died, I grieved, of course - but it had been coming for such a long time, and both of us knew it. It didn't make it easy,but it helped.

It sure is nice to see you around. Keep us updated - it's always fun to read your posts.
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1. LittleBlueFlippers
1:38 AM GMT on December 28, 2011

Finally got Paper port 14 to work! I have been working on it for over 9 hrs! Dad came over for an hour to help; I called India twice for two different products!

All I had to do was uncheck two boxes! Arrrgggghhhh!

Oops, the pirate is back!
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