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Photo Buddies at it again!

By: LittleBlueFlippers, 4:55 PM GMT on June 08, 2013

busy weekend! My friend from work, Photo Buddy, and I got up at 1:45am and drove 2.25 hours to Mt. St. Helens to get photos of Sunrise at the site. Once we finished that, we went to the car and slept for about 4 hours to wait for the visitors center to open. It was one hour drive to the nearest restroom. Luckily the ranger let us use the facilities an hour or so prior to opening. Cool guy!

We stopped at another center (can't for the life of me recall the name), but it was informative and the lady ranger there was in a social mood. After we left the National Monument, we headed to Lucia Falls for a spell. It was 7pm before I dropped Photo Buddy off and was able to mentally crash.

slept good last night...don't think I moved at all. But with a wind burnt face, it's time to move again. this time I am headed to a living farm for some photos.

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Burrowing In......

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