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Sorry 'bout the MIA

By: LittleBlueFlippers, 1:37 AM GMT on December 28, 2011

Wow! has it been so long?!

In September when he took me to newport, we had a good time. on the way home his truck broke down and he had it towed for 140 miles, thanks to AAA. The following Friday, I was doing errands around town and my car wouldn't start. I had my car in the shop for about 5 days and gave him rides to and from work. His car remaind in the shop for the better part of 4 weeks. - that was crazy and it got real old, real fast.

The doctors started playing with my asthma controller medicine to see if the fatigue was a sideeffect of that.

since I last posted. I have had a talk with the BF. He's always telling me how set he is in his ways.... I finally asked him if he was so set in his ways that there was no hope for this relationship, or did this relationship mean enough to him to fight for?

He asked if I wanted the answer right away? I said no.
He asked if I wanted the answer in a week? I said no.
When do you want the answer? When you are ready to give it.

two days later, he told me that he realizes that he hasn't done good by me and that he doesn't see himself changing. Then he said that maybe it would be best if we went our separate ways. We both agreed that there was no need for a messy devorce. friends are hard to come by and there is no need to loose a friend just because dating didn't work.

Whew! that went better than planned. - this was just the week before thanksgiving.

My sister was expecting in early January. But things were going a bit scary for her and the wee one in mid December.the afternoon of the 14th. they did an emergency c-section and brought my newest nephew, MM, 3 weeks early.

Christmas eve, we learned that MM won his battle of jaundice and didn't have to use the biliruben blanket anymore. I didn't get to see it, but word has it that it made him look like a glow-worm. Just yesterday, I got to see his eyes for more than a few moments...wow! he does have eyes. He's a good little baby, doesn't fuss much, unless Wee little Lass gets her face too close to his. - don't get me wrong, she is a great big sister, she even supports Mom when she changes the diapers....rain and all!

Got Paperport for Christmas and now I am trying to install it...not going as good as I had hoped. I may have to get Dad over here to help.

Post break-up is great! I feel like I mourned the relationship the last several weeks - in order to get the strength to break up.

Since the change in Asthma meds and the breakup, the fatigue has seemed to improove. I have been spending my month between Thanksgiving and Christmas crocheting slipper booties for me and the older three kids. I think I got the sizing down pretty good on all of the kids and I even gave them a bit of room to grow. Seige is 14 and growing like a weed. I think this past year he shot up from 4'7" to 5'3", so I told him when he out grows them, to let me know and I will make him another pair.

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Burrowing In......

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