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2011 September

Ophelia becomes a Cat 3; Double major typhoon hit for Luzon within a 5 day period

Levi32, • 4:24 PM GMT on September 30, 2011

Bermuda should watch Ophelia; Tropics overall pretty quiet - that should change soon

Levi32, • 4:32 PM GMT on September 28, 2011

Ophelia dead but may come back to life; Reasons to still watch the Caribbean

Levi32, • 4:57 PM GMT on September 26, 2011

Ophelia weak but could bring rain to the islands; Lessons from the western Pacific

Levi32, • 4:29 PM GMT on September 23, 2011

Ophelia forms; Still concerned about the western Caribbean for early October

Levi32, • 4:43 PM GMT on September 21, 2011

98L slowly organizing; Pattern favors threat from the NW Caribbean in early October

Levi32, • 4:52 PM GMT on September 20, 2011

98L to affect the leewards but not horribly strong; Watching Caribbean in long range

Levi32, • 4:40 PM GMT on September 19, 2011

Maria skirting Newfoundland; Atlantic very quiet for the moment

Levi32, • 4:34 PM GMT on September 16, 2011

Maria to stay fairly weak; Still looking at potential mischief in the Caribbean

Levi32, • 4:39 PM GMT on September 14, 2011

Maria still struggling; West Caribbean and SW Atlantic to host mischief next week

Levi32, • 4:29 PM GMT on September 13, 2011

Maria not a big deal; Caribbean about to light up

Levi32, • 4:32 PM GMT on September 12, 2011

Nate taking Option #2 into Mexico; Watching Maria; More trouble down the road

Levi32, • 3:41 PM GMT on September 09, 2011

Nate unlikely to get very strong; Maria likely to miss the U.S.; More trouble coming

Levi32, • 3:00 PM GMT on September 08, 2011

Watching 96L; How do you solve a problem like Maria? Easy - throw a trough at her

Levi32, • 4:56 PM GMT on September 07, 2011

Katia no big threat; We will have a problem like Maria; Nate's coming too

Levi32, • 5:00 PM GMT on September 06, 2011

Watching Katia and Son of Lee in the short-term - Caribbean/Gulf/Bahamas long-term

Levi32, • 4:47 PM GMT on September 05, 2011

Lee stronger and making landfall sooner; Katia a concern for Bermuda; Looking ahead

Levi32, • 4:47 PM GMT on September 03, 2011

TD13 likely to threaten Louisiana as at least a strong tropical storm; Watching Katia

Levi32, • 4:53 PM GMT on September 02, 2011

93L a headache - could be a big deal; Katia struggling but could threaten Bermuda

Levi32, • 3:27 PM GMT on September 01, 2011