Broken Anemometer

By: LesCimes , 8:57 PM GMT on November 23, 2011

Time for a belated update on the Gracewood Weather Station.

Discovered a few days ago that the directional component of the anemometer has not been working. Checking the data back through the weeks on Weather Underground, I surmise that the last day the wind vane was working was August 5, 2011. I guess my weather eye pays closer attention to the wind speed than the wind direction. Would have thought I'd notice a dysfunctional instrument sooner than three months after it quit working!

Called Davis Instruments for help on troubleshooting the problem. The diagnostic cable which Davis supplied enabled me to pinpoint the problem to the transmitter board of the anemometer rather than the wind vane itself. This is a good thing because the anemometer is on the top of 40 ft mast which would require renting a lift in order to service it. The transmitter is at the bottom of the mast and easily reached on a step ladder.

Have ordered a replace transmitter circuit board and hope to have the problem resolved in a week to ten days.

Meanwhile, weather this day before Thanksgiving is delightfully clear, windy and a balmy 68ยบ F. Very nice. Peak gust today has been, so far, 25 mph.

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