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Changed News Networks Today :)

By: Kumo, 3:47 PM GMT on September 12, 2012

Years ago I used to watch Fox News but that was until I got fed up with all of the Right leaning commentary and denial of global warming. CNN was still a relatively unbiased network at the time so that is where I began to get the majority of my news information... how things change over the years. CNN is perhaps one of the most biased networks out there today. Often I have seen interviews with representatives from both parties where the Liberal is allowed to speak freely but the Conservative gets shut down or interrupted the majority of the time. What ever happened to just presenting the facts and letting the rest of us make our own informed decisions?

Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite, the world needs more reporters and journalists like you.

I am going to give BBC World News and C-SPAN a try, both networks seem to get high marks in staying politically neutral among their viewers.



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Political Ramblings and AGW Stuff

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