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By: KoritheMan, 12:24 AM GMT on March 26, 2014

I've known for a long time that I have an issue with arrogance; it's becoming even more apparent with time. Some of you have probably already noticed it, while a couple of my friends (and my brother) have outright reaffirmed it.

The typical thought processes inside my head when I'm talking to someone I think has inferior opinions or views is "I'm better than you. Let me trample you beneath my foot." I don't actually say those things, but that it is hardly an exaggerated paraphrase of what I'm thinking at any given time I'm interacting with such people.

I had a conversation with my friend last night. I'm a person that doesn't care at all about putting his stuff on blast; it's never bothered me, and I don't sympathize at all with the unspoken rule to adhere to that philosophy, at least when it comes to applying it to myself. However, I do respect my friend, and I'm naturally a little more reserved to put the business of my friends on blast, especially lacking permission. I don't have his permission, nor do I think he's the type of person that would give it to me, so I'm not going to copy/paste the nitty gritty. I will at least summarize, though.

Now, anyone who's perused my blogs (and even my blog posts on Masters' own blog) knows that I'm not exactly big on social graces (I swear I did not mean to quote the awesome Garth Brooks song containing those lyrics, but hey... :)); I've considered that it may be a form of autism, but not only am I not fond of self-diagnosis, to my knowledge social inability wrought by autism isn't normally willful; people with autism tend to just... not comprehend... social barriers and norms. I comprehend them, I just choose to ignore them due to me seeing the majority of them as illogical and not well-constructed.

Anyway, the little mini-rant I did there was primarily for backstory. Context is important, you know? ;)

To summarize the conversation I had with my friend, it ended up boiling down to social rules and morality. What we talked about isn't exactly WU-friendly, so unfortunately I can't really talk about it (I value my account! :P) in as much detail as I would like. However, my friend considered this topic to be a highly immoral one, while I submitted that the supposed immorality that seems rampant is only another of many societal byproducts lacking logical basis. The way I delivered my comments throughout that half hour conversation was said in my usual tone; but because I was thinking the entire time how I thought I was superior (even though I didn't actually say it) because I didn't hold views that were traditional or driven by society, I can't help but think that my mental arrogance/inflated self-worth/superiority complex contributed greatly to the way I presented my arguments.

I have no intention of apologizing to anyone for being a social retard. But... if I can be reasonably certain (and I am) that the way I present myself to my friend is due to my personal arrogance and over-inflated sense of self-worth, I have no reason to assume that the same mentality isn't bleeding over into every interaction I have with people whose views I see as inferior. And if that's the case, I think it's time for a change. I have no idea how to go about it, though. But I'm really upset. And I'm open to suggestions, should anyone want to give it.

In summation, I have a huge arrogance problem. I freely admit that. And in the end, that arrogance was created through and is solidified by what I perceive to be rampant illogicality in the world. If someone holds a view that falls under the "no just no" spectrum, I find it immensely difficult to respect that person. I know that's wrong, and that's why I want to change it. I want to better myself.

Comments are welcome. I don't even care if they're not constructive or the least bit positive.


Prosperity gospel.

By: KoritheMan, 5:04 AM GMT on March 21, 2014

I really hate this rampant "prosperity gospel" stuff that some Christians adhere to. It completely lacks Biblical basis. The entire premise of Christianity is that we're supposed to exalt god; any doctrine that makes man the focal point needs to seriously be reevaluated.

If Paul the Apostle, arguably the greatest arbiter of Christianity, did not live a prosperous life (the dude was shipwrecked, imprisoned, and more), what makes those kinds of Christians think THEY will?

Sorry, but it is a heretical doctrine, formulated because material wealth makes for a less inconvenient life.

Updated: 5:08 AM GMT on March 21, 2014


Do titles demand respect?

By: KoritheMan, 12:48 AM GMT on March 11, 2014

Now, this is a bit of a complicated subject (as most matters are), but... title says it all. For example, does my grandmother being my grandmother demand my unconditional respect toward her? I would argue that titles don't automatically = respect; the person has to earn it themselves. I can respect the managerial staff at my job, for example, without actually respecting some of them as people.

My grandmother is getting extremely old, extremely quickly. Since I still don't have a place of my own (and possibly won't prior to joining the military), I live with her and my aunt in the interim. However, it's getting very near to the point where it's literally bordering on impossible to live with her. The incidents are way too numerous to list, so I won't bother creating such an exhaustive list, but in essence, it's hard for me to tell from one day to the next when she's going to get angry about... stupid stuff that's only a big deal to her... and when she's not; the former normally ends up winning. The most recent example of this actually occurred today. I am planning on sending an extra 3DS my brother had to SouthALWX, who used to be a frequent poster on the WU blogs a few years ago (my brother didn't want the DS anymore, because again, it was just an extra). My grandmother found out about it today and started going on about how it was a gift to my brother from my aunt (ironically it wouldn't have even come to this if my aunt hadn't decided to randomly get my brother another 3DS for Christmas last year because of a random comment he made about wanting one), blah blah blah. But at this point, it's my brother's 3DS, not my aunt's or my grandmother's. And hey, if my brother decides he doesn't want it, and tells me I can give it away it, fair game I say.

So anyways... I guess in closing... the question I want to ask is: Do titles earn respect? Respect as people? Be those titles parental, managerial, what have you -- do you feel compelled to respect people with fancy titles just because? I am a believer in reciprocation, meaning I dole out respect if you extend it to me. Do you disagree with my position? Why or why not? Let's try and have a conversation here. :)

Updated: 12:52 AM GMT on March 11, 2014


Are you an open book or a private person?

By: KoritheMan, 7:02 AM GMT on March 07, 2014

I was talking to a friend just now, and she tells me her stalkerish ex and her crazy family has made her more weary of divulging personal information to people. It made me wonder how private people here consider themselves.

Me personally, I fall under the spectrum of "open book", pretty much down to the letter and quite literally. I'm a little more reserved on telling people my friends' affairs, but that's another issue.

I've never felt a need to hide anything from anyone, even if people hated it, found it weird/creepy, whatever. Nor do I particularly care if what I tell people circulates false rumors about me; it's not my job to curb them unless asked directly.

How do you guys feel here?

Updated: 7:03 AM GMT on March 07, 2014


Atheists fasting for Lent.

By: KoritheMan, 2:56 AM GMT on March 06, 2014

This is actually something I've seriously considered on more than one occasion; in fact, there's been nary a year since I became an atheist where I haven't thought about fasting for Lent. I obviously don't feel any obligation to do so out of some misguided devotion to a (in my mind) likely nonexistent deity, I just think it could be an interesting experiment. I guess a somewhat nerdy (but hopefully accurate) analogy would be like the intensive devotion and rigor a Jedi must undertake in the Star Wars universe; getting rid of attachments, as it were.

Anyone want to chime in with their thoughts and opinions? I'm not yet sure if I'm gonna do it this year, but I might. Not sure what I'd fast, though, nor am I completely certain if one is officially required to fast exclusively food.


Why is dry wit so incomprehensible to people?

By: KoritheMan, 5:47 AM GMT on March 03, 2014

I'm lucky enough that most of my friends understand it, but I still get the occasional straggler who doesn't. In fact, I even had one particular friend tell me "It's hard to tell when you're being serious or if you're just joking; it's a good thing I've gotten to know you."

I always wonder if my humor is off-putting to some, even my friends. Oh well, can't apologize for being me, now can I?

/end rant /end random blog


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