Tropical Storm Isaac

By: Joshfsu123, 12:49 PM GMT on August 23, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac continues to struggle in the Caribbean Sea this morning. It will be interesting to see if he starts to strengthen today.In regards to future landfall, my prediction as of now would be:Louisiana: 5%Florida Panhandle: 30%West Coast Florida: 40%East Coast Florida: 25%North Carolina: 10%We shall see what will happen soon.

Tropical Storm Irene

By: Joshfsu123, 4:39 PM GMT on August 21, 2011

People in Florida should continue to keep a close eye on the progress of this system.Probabilities:Florida hit: (35%)South/North Carolina: (25%)Georgia hit: (20%)Miss United States: (10%)Eastern Gulf of Mexico: (10%)

Updated Probability Forecast on Ernesto

By: Joshfsu123, 2:54 AM GMT on August 28, 2006

People in Florida, from Pensacola to Miami, should continue to keep a close eye on the progress of this system. Model runs at 2am and 8am will include atmospheric samplings and will provide us a better idea on where this system is going. However, I do not expect any significant changes in the forecast track.Probabilities:West(Tampa)/Southwest(Punta Gorda) Coast of Florida: (60%)North Eastern Florida(Big Bend): (25%)Atlantic Ocean(Missing Florida): (10%)North Central...

New Probabilities for Ernesto: Big Changes!

By: Joshfsu123, 3:26 PM GMT on August 27, 2006

Probabilities:West Coast of Florida: (35%)North Eastern Florida: (28%)Atlantic Ocean(Missing Florida): (20%)North Central Gulf: (15%)Texas: (2%)Mexico: (0%)This is a major shift, due mainly to the NHC shift as well as the model shifts. It should be noted that the GFS and GFDL has shifted the track back west towards the Big Bend of Florida. If this continues at 2pm models, an adjustment back west may be needed. However, the NPGAPS continues to shift east.All people s...

Updated Probability Forecast

By: Joshfsu123, 3:17 AM GMT on August 27, 2006

Updated Probabilities Forecast. As mentioned earlier this morning, I will post these 2 times a day, once at 11am and once at 11pm, until we have landfall. I am not an expert but just stating what it looks like according to what the NHC, the Computer Models and my own opinion is stating. In the past 2 years I have been very accurate in my predictions and you can ask people on the board for verification. This should be used as an opinion guide and do not take it too s...

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