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2016 September

Tropical Storm Matthew forms, expected to become a hurricane by tomorrow

JohnnyParker, • 11:55 AM GMT on September 29, 2016

Nice Fall-like temps for the Mid-South region; Eastern Pacific continues to be active

JohnnyParker, • 11:21 AM GMT on September 28, 2016

New tropical system likely to form in Atlantic; Typhoon Megi makes landfall in Taiwan

JohnnyParker, • 11:23 AM GMT on September 27, 2016

New tropical development likely in the Atlantic; Cold front to pass through Mid-South

JohnnyParker, • 11:15 AM GMT on September 26, 2016

Midsouth region staying hot and dry over next few days; Active Atlantic

JohnnyParker, • 11:27 AM GMT on September 22, 2016

Tropical Depression Karl hanging on while Tropical Storm Lisa intensifies a bit

JohnnyParker, • 11:24 AM GMT on September 21, 2016

Two active systems in Atlantic and one in the Eastern Pacific

JohnnyParker, • 11:12 AM GMT on September 20, 2016

Tropical Depression Julia dissipates; Tropical Storm Karl to intensify

JohnnyParker, • 11:51 AM GMT on September 19, 2016

Typhoon Meranti dissipates over China; Typhoon Malakas strengthening

JohnnyParker, • 11:36 AM GMT on September 15, 2016

Super Typhoon Meranti headed for Southern Taiwan; TS Ian forms in Atlantic

JohnnyParker, • 11:24 AM GMT on September 13, 2016

Super Typhoon Meranti headed for Taiwan; New tropical system possible in Atlantic

JohnnyParker, • 11:29 AM GMT on September 12, 2016

Newton dissipates over Arizona; Monitoring tropical wave in Atlantic

JohnnyParker, • 11:31 AM GMT on September 08, 2016

Tropical Storm Newton headed up towards Arizona

JohnnyParker, • 11:54 AM GMT on September 07, 2016

Post-Tropical Cyclone Hermine still hanging around; Hurricane Newton making landfall

JohnnyParker, • 11:47 AM GMT on September 06, 2016

Tropical Storm Hermine headed towards Florida; Hurricane Lester to affect Hawaii

JohnnyParker, • 11:54 AM GMT on September 01, 2016