Potential Trouble in Tropical Atlantic; Karl Brushes Bermuda; Megi Eyes Taiwan

By: Jeff Masters and Bob Henson, 5:23 PM GMT on September 24, 2016

A tropical wave located a few hundred miles south-southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands on Saturday morning was poorly organized, with only a limited amount of heavy thunderstorm activity and spin. This wave was under low to moderate wind shear of 5 - 15 knots and was over warm ocean waters near 29°C (84°F), but was too close to the equator (near 9°N) to be able to leverage the Earth’s spin and acquire enough spin of its own to develop into a tropical depression...


Updated: 5:45 PM GMT on September 24, 2016

Karl Approaches Bermuda; Trouble in the Caribbean Next Week?

By: Bob Henson and Jeff Masters, 4:14 PM GMT on September 23, 2016

After nearly a week as a lackluster system, Tropical Storm Karl is finally gaining strength as it heads toward a close encounter with Bermuda. As of the 11 am EDT advisory, Karl was located about 250 miles south of Bermuda, moving north at 12 mph. Karl’s top sustained winds were holding at 60 mph, its peak intensity thus far. Karl is continuing its multi-day struggle with vertical wind shear that’s tended to push its showers and thunderstorms (convection) east o...


Updated: 4:28 PM GMT on September 23, 2016

TD Karl Headed Towards Bermuda; Record Rains in Norfolk From Julia's Remnants

By: Jeff Masters and Bob Henson, 3:42 PM GMT on September 22, 2016

A Tropical Storm Watch is up for the island of Bermuda, as Tropical Depression Karl steams northwest towards the island at 17 mph. Karl continues to remain disorganized due to moderate wind shear of 15 knots, but the shear is forecast to fall to the low range, 5 - 10 knots, on Friday. This may allow Karl to strengthen enough to spread tropical storm-force winds to Bermuda before the storm turns to the northeast and moves away from the island on Saturday.



Updated: 6:47 AM GMT on September 23, 2016

Karl and Lisa Fail to Impress; Paine’s Moisture Spritzes the U.S. Southwest

By: Bob Henson, 4:49 PM GMT on September 21, 2016

The possibility of two hurricanes--or even one--in the Atlantic this week is diminishing, as the two tropical storms far out at sea are falling short of model projections and forecaster expectations. Meanwhile, two new systems in the Pacific could end up being significant, especially one in the Northwest Pacific that could threaten China and/or Taiwan as a typhoon next week.

Karl now a depression
Downgraded on Wednesday morning after six days as a tr...


Updated: 6:49 AM GMT on September 23, 2016

August Extends an Exceptional String of Record-Warm Global Months

By: Jeff Masters and Bob Henson, 9:24 PM GMT on September 20, 2016

August 2016 was Earth's warmest August since record keeping began in 1880, said NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) on Tuesday. In the NOAA database, August 2016 came in 0.92°C (1.66°F) warmer than the 20th-century average for August, beating the previous record for August, set in 2015, by 0.05°C. NASA also reported the warmest August in its database, as well as a tie with July 2016 for the warmest absolute temperature recorded in any mon...

Climate Summaries

Updated: 5:14 PM GMT on September 21, 2016

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