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Torrential rains of 40+ inches deluge Thailand

By: Dr. Jeff Masters , 4:47 PM GMT on March 31, 2011

Torrential rains in excess of 40 inches (1.016 meters) deluged Thailand's Malay Peninsula this week, triggering floods that have killed at least 17 people. The floods submerged 61 major highways, affected 840,000 people, and forced the helicopter rescue of thousands of stranded tourists. Late March is usually a fairly dry time of year for Thailand, but near-record cold air settled in over the region this week, dropping temperatures to 5 - 10°C (9 - 18°F) below average. Heavy storms accompanied the cold air, and downpours with rainfall rates of up to 2 inches/hour affected the region for many days in a row. Sea surface temperatures of the waters surrounding the flood regions were near average, but were plenty warm enough to supply copious moisture to feed the storms. Flood recovery will slowed by additional moderately heavy rains of 3 - 5 inches expected to fall over the flooded region during the next week, according to the latest precipitation forecast from the GFS model.

Figure 1. The Multisatellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA) analysis above was made using data that were calibrated using data from NASA's TRMM satellite. This analysis shows that rainfall for the past week over the Malay Peninsula was particularly extreme with totals of almost 1200 mm (~47 inches). TRMM satellite data revealed that rainfall in that area was frequently falling at a rate of over 50 mm/hr (~2 inches/hr). Image credit: NASA.

Jeff Masters

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Quoting PalmBeachWeatherBoy:

So you just proved my point, this is pretty early for such a high temperature, thanks
That means that those water tempetures will be warming up nicley,and will be ready unfortantly for hurricane season.And if 2011 is going to pose a big hurricane threat....then that's not good.
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Severe Thunderstorm WarningSEVERE WEATHER STATEMENT
505 PM EDT THU MAR 31 2011

505 PM EDT THU MAR 31 2011







LAT...LON 2744 8247 2758 8235 2762 8222 2762 8211
2756 8206 2738 8251 2739 8257
TIME...MOT...LOC 2105Z 254DEG 43KT 2750 8225



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(CNN) -- A powerful storm including a lightning strike in the
launch pad area caused minor damage to the space shuttle Endeavour, a
NASA official said Thursday. Continuing bad weather has prevented
further inspection of the shuttle scheduled to launch on its final
mission on April 19, said Allard Beutel, a spokesman at NASA's Kennedy
Space Center. The storm Wednesday included a wind gust of 90
miles per hour at launch pad 39A, as well as a lightning strike "inside
the pad perimeter," Beutel said. "We didn't take a direct strike
on the pad," Beutel said. "Anytime you get that much electricity inside
the perimeter you have to check things." NASA officials so far
know of minor damage to insulation foam at the top of the shuttle's
external fuel tank, according to Beutel, who said a full assessment of
damage won't be possible until further inspections take place. NASA says the storm that included high winds, lightning and hail blew in at about 5:20 p.m. Wednesday. "No
one was injured and initially no obvious damage was observed. The storm
moved through the area quickly," said a NASA news release Wednesday. Endeavour
is scheduled to blast off to the International Space Station on April
19. The space shuttle's six astronauts are at the Kennedy Space Center
for their launch dress rehearsal.

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Quoting weatherboy1992:
West Palm Beach has been 93 as early as March 7 2003 and March 13, 2001. Also been 94 on March 22, 1977 and March 27, 1928. And 95 on March 26, 1928.
The old Fujita scale F-4 wind speed-207 to 260....Very strong tornado.
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Quoting weatherboy1992:
West Palm Beach has been 93 as early as March 7 2003 and March 13, 2001. Also been 94 on March 22, 1977 and March 27, 1928. And 95 on March 26, 1928.

So you just proved my point, this is pretty early for such a high temperature, thanks
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Quoting CybrTeddy:

Heh, I remember when the ECMWF predicted that a 901 MB Hurricane Fiona would hit SWFL last year.
Aww man I remember that,and I for one am happy that it didn't happen.Becuase in late september I went to a wedding on the beach of North Carolina.And the way the high was behaving last year it was hard to belive.....
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According to WPTV, the severe weather isn't supposed to get into South Florida for another 3 hours.
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93 degrees in west palm beach, wow is it mid-august all ready?
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When you cant collect the dead due to the radiation level,,and when you do you cant cremate them as per tradition, cuz the burning bodies would release the radiation to the atmosphere,,well things are not so good.
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Quoting Patrap:
I use various sources from reuters,AP,RT,NHK,,and others.

They having serious problems recovering the Dead in the Fukushima area as the radiation on many bodies and in the rubble has become too dangerous for the recovery teams to work in.

From Communications & Governmental Affairs:

INL's efforts to assist in Japan extend beyond charitable contributions from employees. The lab will be sending special robotics to assist the Japanese government in the wake of events at the Fukushima nuclear plant. The robot, a commercially available TALON, will be equipped with a suite of sensors, detectors and cameras that can help map radiation. While the Japanese will need to determine how to best use the equipment, the robot will have the capabilities to perform a series of operations to help safely characterize and assess the situation through video footage in high-radiation areas.

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Radiation Fears Leave 1,000 Bodies Unclaimed Near Japan Plant

March 31,2011

Authorities in Japan say they are unable to collect up to 1,000 dead bodies lying within 20-kilometers of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant because of fears the corpses are too contaminated with radiation.

A Kyodo news report Thursday says the victims were killed in the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disasters, and that their bodies were exposed to high levels of radiation after death.

Police sources warn that if the families of the victims cremate the bodies, as is the tradition in Japan, it could release more radioactive materials into the environment.

The confirmed death toll from the twin disasters is above 11,400, with more than 16,500 still missing.

Meantime, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called for the world's nations to establish common nuclear safety standards to make sure there is never a repetition of the Japanese nuclear crisis.

Appearing alongside Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan in Tokyo Thursday, Sarkozy said there is no viable alternative to nuclear power at this time, but that improved safety standards must be negotiated by the end of this year.

Kan said his priority at the moment is to stabilize the situation at the nuclear plant, which has been spewing various forms of radiation since its cooling systems were knocked out.

The leaders spoke as radiation levels continue to rise in the ocean near Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, raising fears of an undetected radiation leak into the sea.

Officials at Japan's nuclear safety agency said radiation in the latest sampling from the ocean near the Fukushima plant's discharge pipes was at 4,385 times the legal limit.

Japanese authorities are considering expanding the 20-kilometer evacuation zone around the Fukushima plant, after the International Atomic Energy Agency detected levels of radiation at twice the standard for evacuation in a village 40 kilometers away.

Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano told reporters the radiation level still was not considered threatening unless it persists over a period of time. In that case, he said, the government will have no choice but to consider a wider evacuation.

About 70,000 people have already been evacuated from the 20-kilometer radius around the plant. Expanding the zone to 30 kilometers would require moving another 136,000, adding to pressures on a government that already has almost 200,000 earthquake victims living in temporary shelters.

A nuclear agency spokesman said most of the residents of IItate have already left, but about 100 refuse to leave their homes.

Radioactive materials have also contaminated vegetables and milk from farms around the Fukushima plant, prompting several foreign governments, including the United States, to ban imports from the region.

U.S. officials say very low levels of radiation also have been detected in milk samples on the U.S. west coast.

Operators of the plant reported some progress in pumping highly contaminated water out of the basements and adjacent utility tunnels at three of the plant's six reactors. The water must be removed before workers can complete repairs to the pumps that run the plant's vital cooling systems.

Some information for this report was provided by AP, AFP and Reuters.
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Quoting weatherboy1992:
Darwin award wannabe?

I wonder in Japanese if the characters for Daini and Daiichi are similar.

Heh. He tried breaking into Daiichi first, got turned away, so he went to Daini.

Maybe he just wanted to take a swim or something...
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79 reports in Florida, 2 out of state

Lets take a look at some past reports...

February 1, 2007

March 29, 2001

Just a note that I said SEVERE weather outbreak for a reason instead of tornado outbreak. Sure, more people died with past outbreaks but when you look at the number of damage reports, there's literally no comparison with yesterdays major severe weather outbreak.
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Quoting RastaSteve:
Tremendous rainfall right now across C FL with rates of 1" to 2" an hour. With now 6.5" and counting I'm sure flooding warnings will be issued soon as the ground can't hold anymore. Lot's of flooding starting to occur.
Like I posted earlier. Very similar to the June-95 event that occurred south of your location.
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I use various sources from reuters,AP,RT,NHK,,and others.

They having serious problems recovering the Dead in the Fukushima area as the radiation on many bodies and in the rubble has become too dangerous for the recovery teams to work in.

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Quoting Jax82:

If you think thats bad, wait until hurricane season and a model 244 hours out has a FL landfalling hurricane. Then read the hype, its classic!

Heh, I remember when the ECMWF predicted that a 901 MB Hurricane Fiona would hit SWFL last year.
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Hi Everyone. Hope you all are having a great day.
happy cuz it's raining.
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I just link um,I dont write them.

I posted this one as to include the mental Health issues that begin to show this far out from the event.

PTSD,,and other ailments begin to manifest as time passes.

I saw the post earlier.

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Japan Update 3/31: Death Toll Nears 11,500, Mental Health Concerns
March 31, 2011 09:10 AM EDT

The death toll from the Great Quake-Tsunami in east Japan has increased by 185. As of 10:00 Thursday, the total dead numbered 11,417, with 16,361 listed as missing, 88 fewer than yesterday. Unless the thousands missing from Miyagi who have not been reported by name are counted at some point, the number of missing will continue to decline as bodies are identified. The total of dead and missing stands at 27,690.
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Quoting weatherboy1992:
According to the Tornado History project the March 1993 storm had only 5 tornado fatalities in Florida. I thought it was more.
I try again..:)...Check this out...Link
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123. HadesGodWyvern (Mod)
Tropical Cyclone Warning Center Darwin
Tropical Cyclone Advice #8
5:00 AM CST April 1 2011

At 3:30 AM CST, Tropical Low (999 hPa) located at 12.4S 130.4E or 50 km west of Darwin and 225 km north northeast of Port Keats has 10 minute sustained winds of 20 knots with gusts of 45 knots. The low is reported as moving west southwest at 4 knots.

Dvorak Intensity: T1.5/1.5/D1.0/24 HRS

There is a possibility of a tropical cyclone developing on Saturday morning as the tropical low moves further southwest into the Timor Sea. GALES are not expected on the coast within 24 hours. However, GALES are expected to develop along the Kimberley coast between the NT border and Kuri Bay during Saturday. GALES may also develop on Saturday on the coast between Daly Mouth and NT border, if the tropical low takes a more southward track.

The Territory Controller advises areas under Watch that now is the time to put together your emergency kit, clear your yards and balconies and commence home shelter preparations.

Tropical Cyclone Watches/Warnings
A Cyclone WATCH continues from Daly Mouth in NT to Kuri Bay in WA, including Port Keats, Kununurra, Wyndham and Kalumburu.

Forecast and Intensity
12 HRS: 12.7S 129.3E - 30 knots (Tropical Low)
24 HRS: 13.4S 128.5E - 30 knots (Tropical Low)
48 HRS: 14.5S 125.2E - 40 knots (CAT 1)
72 HRS: 15.8S 122.5E - 50 knots (CAT 2)

Additional Information

Circulation centre has been hard to locate, with possible multiple centres, and a mid-level circulation associated with convection to the west of the Tiwi Islands. Analysed centre has been located with radar feature west of the Cox Peninsula, which is most consistent with surface observations.

There have been a number of convective blow-ups overnight in the Timor Sea, including deep convection associated with the Cox Peninsula centre. Dvorak analysis on this feature yields DT of 1.5 from 0.25 wrap curved band. MET/PT agree. Environment remains suitable for development apart from moderate NW vertical wind shear over the area, and expectation is for development at standard rate, which would indicated TC development on Saturday morning over the
Timor Sea.

Mid-level steering is dominated by ridging to the southwest and east, with a weak trough over central NT. The ridge to the southwest is forecast to strengthen producing a forecast track towards the southwest, passing close to the northwest Kimberley coast during Saturday.

The next tropical cyclone advice from Tropical Cyclone Darwin on Tropical Low 25U will be issued at 1:00 AM UTC..
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Yesterday I read back on some of the comments,and let me tell you.....some of you truley deserver an Oscar or Grammy.Like really some of you act like you were getting killed(rolling eyes)when the storms were passing through.oh! look ligtning just flashed over there,oh! look a branch is on the ground,ooooohh no no no no oohhhhhh! look the leves are all over the ground.I just couldn't continue on with the over-dramatic-top-notch picture some of you were painting with your words.Anyway we have more of the same weather we did yesterday.Still raining and chilly on top of that.
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This was the worse we had in St Augustine. I can attest.

03/31/2011 0734 am

6 miles NNE of Bakersville, St Johns County.

Hail e1.00 inch, reported by public.

Hail up to quarter size reported around the world Golf
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Quoting weatherboy1992:
The April 1966 Florida tornado outbreak 11 dead.
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Quoting Jax82:
The sun is out in North Florida, looks to be a nice weekend ahead. Hopefully the storms you guys in central and southern FL are experiencing will weaken.

Hoping those isolated cells passing east of I-75 from Lake City southward maintain or intensify with the heating. Only had 1.5- 2.0 inches here and would like a little more.
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Quoting weatherboy1992:
The 1998 Florida tornado outbreak in more detail.
The strongest Florida tornado I could find was on 04/04/1966. It was an F-4 which crossed the entire state.Killing at least 11 people, injured 530. It made landfall less than 20 miles from Tampa. Check this out if you have time..Link
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RastaSteve: Anyway hard to get on the blog right now as the site seems to be having problems.

IF you are using EI, try Firefox. I have been having nothing but trouble with EI and the blog. Someone yesterday (recently at least) suggested FireFox and Chrome. Firefox fixed all the issues I was experiencing.
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Quoting RastaSteve:
Over 5" of rain now here in Longwood today and it's still raining!

Call Guiness
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