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Wet Day

By: JanesVacation, 8:01 PM GMT on June 25, 2008

I got wet today. I tried to stay beneath the canopy of trees, but the rain showers discovered me anyway. It wasn't unpleasant, since the temperature was around 70F. I was surprised how soft the rain made my hands and hair feel. My neighbor was quickly mowing his lawn and some children had stopped their bikes briefly under a tree. It just kept on raining lightly. A few teenagers walked to the beach, but no swimming today.
The best part was when I got home there was a Michigan painted turtle on my sidewalk. I ran inside for my camera, but when I returned it had crawled away. I hope I see it again sometime. We live on dry sand dune, I have no idea why I have seen two turtles here this year when I have never seen them before. Actually, that isn't true...I do have an idea. It has been a cool, wet spring and early summer. Better weather for a turtle than for a person on summer vacation.

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