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August, 2014

By: JanesVacation , 12:06 PM GMT on August 11, 2014

August is blueberry month in our area. I took this picture last year, but it looks exactly the same this August. My sister, my daughter and my nephew all picked last week and it was great fun. Afterwards, we came back and my daughter made a blueberry "crisp" out of the delicious berries that had been on the bushes just hours before. It was amazing!

My guests have all departed and now I am going to enjoy the last two weeks of the summer break. The mister is taking a few days off this week (**gasp!!) and we plan to swim and hang out. The weather has improved considerably over the past few weeks. This morning is rainy, warm and humid, but we hadn't seen any rain in awhile. It is welcome. I'll have to get busy and mow the lawn when it dries.

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17. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
1:04 AM GMT on September 04, 2014
JanesVacation has created a new entry.
16. sandiquiz
1:38 PM GMT on September 02, 2014
We have been promised warmer weather for the end of the week, too...it has been decidedly chilly for a couple of weeks, but the new month beginning, (Happy September), seems to have brought high pressure, so warmer, drier weather for a day or two!

Hope school is going down OK :)
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15. JanesVacation
12:42 PM GMT on September 01, 2014
Labor Day weekend here has been warm and humid. We drove over to my parents and helped them out a bit around the yard. Enjoyed lunch together and then came home. Did some swimming in the pool, could be the last time for the season? Warm weather promises to continue into the work week. Weekend looks cool (70's.)
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14. JanesVacation
11:53 AM GMT on August 21, 2014
Summer is back...hazy hot and humid is predicted for the next 4 days. I'm heading to school this morning with a car packed with stuff. Time to get set up for the first day next week. It will be nice to see my coworkers and possibly a few students will wander in.
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13. JanesVacation
12:09 PM GMT on August 19, 2014
Rainy, warm and humid here today. Summer has made a return with warm temperatures (80's) predicted for the rest of the week. We have A/C in our home and also in my school, so we will be cool and comfortable.

I will head over to the school on Thursday to put up a couple of bulletin boards and get things ready for the first day on the 25th. This is my 9th year in this teaching position, so I am confident a few hours will get me up and running. It is always nice to see the others and share our summer vacation adventures.

One more job to finish here at home is my garage wallpaper. I seemd to think in the 1990's it would be good to put up a decorative wallpaper border in the garage - afterall it seemed all the rage in the new homes. Anyway, after 20 years the colors and style were dated. The 20 years of hot and cold weather in the garage has also bonded the border tight to the painted wall. I bought some stripper at Lowes yesterday and I'll try to peel it off with that today so I can just paint the wall. Sounds like a rainy day project.
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12. SBKaren
9:03 PM GMT on August 17, 2014
Hi Jane -

It looks like you and your daughter had a nice weekend (or a few days) together! We are taking our last get away tomorrow. Only going to be gone 3 days, 2 nights. But, it will be nice. I will return to work the following Friday (8/22).

I also keep my media center closed for the first week and a half of school. I spend the first few days, probably like you, getting all the teachers ready supplying them with their consumable/textbook needs. Then I deal with my needs! LOL I service over 800 students and over 30 teachers, so it takes a bit of time. Thank goodness for parent volunteers and a retired husband!

My daughter, on the other hand, has to be ready for students the very first day of school. She supplies release time for teachers. I used to, but I don't anymore. I supply some extra release time for some grade levels, and small group time for mostly the primary levels.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to stop by again before the busyness begins!
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11. PugetSoundPost
3:42 AM GMT on August 17, 2014
Hi Jane, So nice to see your photos and also especially your daughter doing something so creative and obviously fun for her! I am pleased to see that she took time to paint nature for you! It seems that all people do these days is electronic related.

We have had a hot summer and it isn't our norm. No, we don't have any A/C, most people don't in houses here. Some people add one of those you put in your window, but for the most part I think regular electric fans are the biggest help for us, and fans are what we use in a couple of places in the house. The season is beginning to turn now, however, and I wonder if we will have any more 90's. This past Monday topped at our high for the year of 99. The very next day was cloudy and so much cooler. The switch flipped overnight. It has stayed cooler ever since, 70's, with more clouds, some periods of rain (although that is behind us for the time being) and just the general idea now that it is "late summer", or the beginning signs of fall. Probably really only a hint of that so far, but the wheels are beginning to turn just ever so slowly in that direction. The shortening days are probably the biggest change so far.

Our deck has the post foundations complete and we have done a bigger job last weekend on where the deck attaches to the house. We were thinking of moving on a little more this weekend, but unfortunately some of the ordered hardware (special bolts and screws) did not arrive yesterday as we thought. So without those we can't really move on. But, perhaps it is for the better right now, as a lot of time has been spent so far this weekend working on trip details for our cross-country journey, which just today we realized we need to move up a day sooner, leaving in one week from today. There is a lot to do in the next week! My moving daughter still has things in this house to sort/decide on, much needs moved to her apt before Wed when the movers come to pack her things up, and I need to get us ready to go too. Plus our other daughter has a birthday we need to celebrate this week before leaving! I think it is going to be a crazy week. Oh, to complete my thought on the deck, it looks like the whole project will be put back on hold now at least until we get back from Maryland, with hopefully a little more work possible through some of September. This surely hasn't worked out as we originally intended.
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10. GardenGrrl
7:31 PM GMT on August 15, 2014
Hi, sounds like you had a great summer and are now in the count down mode. Nice sunset pics.
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9. JanesVacation
4:41 PM GMT on August 15, 2014
Karen, Good to hear you are all set and ready to go back. I'm starting to get my head in the game, too. Students return on the 26th and 27th and then have a long Labor Day weekend. Shouldn't be too hard to get up and ready for a 2 day week! I won't open the library until the following week. I'm the only library person/teacher/checkout, so opening the library doors always makes my weeks a lot busier!

Sandi, Thanks for all of the good wishes. It is very quiet here, my sister and daughter were more lively than the mister!

PSP, I think you took all of our warm weather this summer. I hope you are enjoying it! Do you have A/C in your home? How is the deck project progressing?
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8. JanesVacation
4:38 PM GMT on August 15, 2014

She is also a talented photographer...she took this on our evening visit to the beach.
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7. JanesVacation
4:33 PM GMT on August 15, 2014

The result was a beautiful sunflower painting that I have hanging by my desk.
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6. sandiquiz
1:14 PM GMT on August 15, 2014
Dropping by to wish you a very Happy Weekend... hope the sun shines on you, and you enjoy a relaxing time.... only one week left. Sorry :(
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5. SBKaren
1:10 AM GMT on August 13, 2014
Hi Jane,

I always do a lot of planning over summer too. I teach research skills to 3rd, 4th and 5th when they come to the media center, and since we create a project, I kind of have to map out the year long plan to make sure I can get all the lessons in. I always have so many things to print up in the beginning of the year too. I always do a lot in the beginning and then hardly any the rest of the year.

I think I told you (maybe I didn't) that we met over summer to map out a curriculum map for keyboarding for elementary school. The middle school was telling us where they'd like us to have the kids, and with the Common Core keyboarding is taking on a life of it's own!

We also did a lot of talking about Digital Citizenship and Web Site Evaluations. I've done the evaluations for a few years, but I'm going more into Digital Citizenship this year.

That put me in the mode for school work for a couple of days (end of July), but it quickly slipped away!

I'm like you. I'm pretty set for the first few weeks of school, and have sketchy (but could be firm) plans for the rest, but I've learned over the years that things always get in the way of the best laid plans!
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4. sandiquiz
2:56 PM GMT on August 12, 2014
Yes, I go back on the 25th.

The 25th here is a Bank Holiday... known as "late Summer Bank Holiday". It is the last day anyone who works will get off before Christmas. C gets four weeks a year, and has used two weeks at the end of June when he went to Canada. He has saved his other two weeks for Christmas and New Year, so it will be a long haul from the 25th of August until Christmas! (And we haven't Thanksgiving in November to look forward to! lol)

Enjoy your last two weeks, especially the few days with hubby:)
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3. PugetSoundPost
1:52 PM GMT on August 12, 2014
Hi! It looks like you had a good time with your family! The time flew by I am sure. Blueberries are wonderful and isn't it great to have places to pick? We have a yard full of wild blackberries now. They grow wild and they do just invade a yard. It takes work to keep them pushed back. But we have a lot, lot of them that ring our property. This year seems to be a bumper crop and they are early. Usually it is late Aug/early Sept when they are at their prime but it has come a few weeks early this year and there are LOTS of them. We have picked and made some use but there are way too many for our needs. You often see people just picking along city streets in open areas where the vines have really filled in. Our apple tree is also early and producing copiously. The apples are small but the quality has improved quite a bit in recent years and this year seems to be the best. Very crisp and tasty too! And to round out this topic, we also have a peach tree that is new, actually a memorial gift to us, and this is the first year that it is producing and doing pretty well too! This year has been an amazing summer for us for the weather. It has been hot, hot all summer - yesterday was the hottest - 99.6! This can occur but is far, far from usual. We had a great thunderstorm last evening, which also isn't too common for us. Your pool sounds pretty good right now! Enjoy these last summer days to the fullest!
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2. JanesVacation
9:52 AM GMT on August 12, 2014
The weather and science geek in me loves the Google doodle today. Perseids meteor shower could be visible if it weren't for all of the clouds these past few nights. The clouds brought much needed rain, so I guess that should be alright!

Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I go back on the 25th. I guess I will be ready to see the kids and do my job again, but it is always hard to adjust to the routine. Also, so many details at the beginning of the year. I worked on my lesson plans at the beginning of the summer break, so I think I have 4 weeks of planning all set to go. I decided to do that this year, we will see if it is a time saver in the fall or if I have to redo. I can be too ambitious when school begins. (That doesn't usually last!)
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1. SBKaren
6:21 PM GMT on August 11, 2014
Rain, well we got some, but not enough. I just hope it holds off for our next quick get-away. We are staying in a cabin again and I have checked the forecast and for now it looks good. Although that's what I said before we left for Tahoe too......what a difference a couple of days make!

I go back in a couple of weeks too! Doesn't summer always go by so fast!
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