Road Trip!!!!!

By: JDinWPA, 1:21 AM GMT on June 03, 2009

Two weekends ago, hubby had to travel to northern Virginia to pick up a piece of equipment for work. (One of the marvelous ‘perks’ of being salaried!) We decided to take advantage of the fact and turned his have-to trip into a weekend excursion for the two of us. The road to Virginia passes through the Laurel Highlands, a section of the Allegheny Mountains, which is chock-full of interesting places. There’s Seven Springs, Laurel caverns, Fort Necessity, Oh...

Updated: 1:23 AM GMT on June 03, 2009

Last Saturday Morning/ Barbecued Asparagus

By: JDinWPA, 8:20 PM GMT on May 04, 2009

We had been planning on going to one of the gorges along Slippery Rock creek, hubby to fish and me to explore, but with all the rain during the past two weeks, the creek was running too high to be safe. So, in a quest for blog material, I just wandered the yard Saturday morning, recording the sights.With almost two and a half inches of precipitation during the past two weeks, it is green, green and greener here. Spring is currently a force to be reckoned with ~ b...

Updated: 8:29 PM GMT on May 04, 2009

Enchanted Mill Creek, Venango County

By: JDinWPA, 2:58 AM GMT on March 31, 2009

Ever since hubby ‘inherited’ a vast quantity of fishing gear from my late mother’s late husband, he has become a man obsessed. Granted, there are stories of his fishing obsession from his childhood, but that desire has never manifested itself during our marriage and we have been married a long, long time. But what good is fishing equipment without a place or two or ten to drop your line in. Hubby has some very fond memories of Mill Creek, just off the Alleg...

Updated: 2:52 PM GMT on March 31, 2009

Spring, Birds and Garden Seeds

By: JDinWPA, 1:47 AM GMT on March 11, 2009

SpringThe first tendrils of spring have started to gently grasp western PA in its grip and there is only one thing to say ~ Whoo Hoo!! It’s about time! For the past week each day has been either wall-to-wall sunshine or very warm or sometimes both. The brown grass now has an undercurrent of green, the formerly semi-green grass is now definitively green and the grass over the septic field is verdant and growing. Weeds are sprouting, the first spikes of the day...

Updated: 1:53 AM GMT on March 11, 2009

Happy Spring Dance!!!! February Thaw and River Ice

By: JDinWPA, 1:31 AM GMT on February 16, 2009

Today the first robin sighting of the new year occurred. Happy, joy and giddiness! A good number of them showed up this morning, in the company of a few grackles and a larger number of red-winged blackbirds. Odd traveling companions for sure, but still a grand sight for frost-bitten eyes! More signs of spring – today I also watched a chipmunk scurry across the neighbor’s back yard. I haven’t seen one of those little guys since November. AND yesterday I s...

Updated: 4:21 AM GMT on February 28, 2009

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Road Trip
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