Invest 98-L

By: HurricaneAndre, 9:55 PM GMT on July 22, 2013

We have 98-L,could be Dorian by tomorrow.It's rapidly organizing and it is getting better defined,wouldn't be suprised to see code red tonight.ait currently has a 30% chance from the NHC of developing.

Hurricane Season 2013


Tropical Storm Chantal

By: HurricaneAndre, 2:52 AM GMT on July 06, 2013

We have Tropical Storm Chantal and it has winds of 40mph and there are tropical storm warnings and watches for the lesser Antilles.There is a possibly of this becoming a hurricane and possibly hitting the US.We have to pay good attention to it.

Hurricane Tropics Hurricane Season 2013 Tropical Storm Chantal

Updated: 3:31 AM GMT on July 08, 2013


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