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Vacation's Over. I need a vacation.

By: HeavySnow, 2:04 AM GMT on August 09, 2006

Fenwick Island, Delaware is a fantastic beach for a family vacation. The beach is wide and mostly deserted. Other than shore break and a one day jellyfish invasion, it was a perfect beach week. That means that the sand was too hot for lil' heavy and baby heavy wouldn't get near the ocean. Lil' heavy got an early case of inner-thigh chaffing(chafing?) and had to be bribed into going back to the beach for the rest of the week. So there was lots of waterslides and miniature golf. Thank heavens for the pool. ALL HAIL THE POOL!

A suggestion for vacationing parents with young children:
Eat dinner very early or suffer the wrath of exhausted, sun baked children. Ouch. Oh the humanity. How much pizza is too much pizza?

Enjoy the pictures. My honey took most of them, I took the sunrises and moon.

I need a vacation.

Updated: 3:06 AM GMT on August 09, 2006


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