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Red Moon! Blood Moon! End of the World Soon?

By: GardenGrrl, 3:59 PM GMT on August 23, 2013

The other morning, early early when I was walking Roxie, one of the most amazing moons I have ever seen glowed red on the horizon.

Called both a Red Moon or Blood Moon, outside of a lunar eclipse one does not see these very often.
The scientific explanation has to do with light spectrums, you remember from grade school science ROYGBIV.

Atmosphere plays a huge part in the colors we see. Gases, particulates sort the light spectrum into the colors we see in the sky.

Here is a regular moon. We see these as generally a yellow-white because those are the colors reflecting from earths light to the moon.

(Non Scientific term warning) This picture was taken two days after the red moon. Look how the "belly button" points down and to the right. The red moon belly button is pointing to the left side. This has absolutely nothing to do with color but it is kind of cool. The normal moon was at moonrise and the red moon at moonset.

So, the regular moon shows yellow/white in the sky but from the cameras point of view it is grey. More kinds of light diffusion and light interpretation.

Back to the red moon....

Red moons that are not from the earth light being changed due to lunar eclipse, are caused from atmospheric particulates hovering close to the horizon. These particulates allow mostly the red spectrum through.

These particulates are generally in the form of volcanic ash and smoke from forest fires. It would be more appropriate to call this type of moon, "The Fire Moon".

The shot above was taken with a 15 sec exposure so it looks more like Mars because of how fast it travels during it's orbit. The blur is the moon moving not the camera. I had about seven minutes to get all my shots before the moon disappeared into the horizon.

************************************************* *

Other theories for a Red Moon. Many religions see Red Moons as a sign from God that destruction is coming. Prophesies of global meltdown generally include a Red Moon as the harbinger of doom. Granted this is the first Red Moon I have seen in my life time (the lunar eclipse moons were not this red). I was almost disappointed not seeing it drawn across the sky by the horsemen of the apocalypse. So here is my depiction of the Prophesizing Red Moon.

One thing that did happen which was really freaky, is that a cockatoo moon appeared in my bathroom shower. The cockatoo is quite the trickster so I think it means that many of my bird photos in the coming year will be butt shots and alas I have reached the limit of photos I can post in Flickrs "Bird Butts" photo group. Doom. Gloom and doom indeed.


Editing Videos - Audio

By: GardenGrrl, 6:58 PM GMT on August 08, 2013

Hi All, the latest hobby around here is editing videos. As another blogger will point out, there are no easy, intuitive video editing software products out there.

But wait, on YouTube after you upload your video it offers a simple edit program. You can trim excess footage. It will help get rid of camera shake. You can add text. The best part about it is that it can do this way more simply and faster than I can do it with Premiere Elements.

It also offers a small library of audio that you can add to your video. A caveat they fail to mention, when you use their audio, they own your video. You can not use it with AdSense (YouTube will get the money) and if for some reason you want to use that video commercially you will need YouTubes permission.

Audio is the Achilles heel of video copyright. Unless it is original music written and played by you, someone else has some rights to the video you put on the internet. Even "Happy Birthday" has copyright and royalty issues since some smart jerk purchased the rights after they ran out.

An alternative is to use royalty free music. There are many MP3's and albums called "Royalty Free Music" where that saying is just part of their title. (rotten scammers) The music usually has some type of copyright/royalty issue. This is especially true if the music has been written and played by anyone other than the "Royalty Free" music vendors.

You can purchase legitimate royalty free music online from companies that will take care of the licensing etc for you. Getty Images can get you rights to about anything...but it will cost an arm and two legs.

SonicPro is an audio soft ware program that came bundled with Elements. It is a great program for editing the audio part of the video. It came with a couple free music pieces that are royalty free. You can type in how many seconds or minutes your video will run and it will automatically increase or decrease the score to fit. It really is a cool program. It is also very expensive to buy separately. Even more expensive are the royalty free music selections they offer in addition to the ten free ones. Selections run about $45 dollars per song.

A more budget conscious royalty free music vendor is Square Peach Music Square Peach Music

At around $5 per song they offer original music played by their own musicians. As they own the rights, it makes it easy for them to transfer permissions.

What about an audio editor? Well, there are several on the market but the best one is free. It is called Audacity and it is an open source program which means lots of people have helped make and then turned it over to the public. Audacity has a bunch of how-to's and tutorials that the "pay for" audio software seem to leave out.
Only download Audacity from the Audacity website. This is true for all open source programs. Less than friendly sites will offer "free downloads" and send malware along with it. So, only go with the creators site. The link Audacity It comes from a website called

And now here is my latest creation. It took forever and was not working until I went to a simpler program to make the slide show. Then I went back to the hard program, opened SonicPro and added the audio.

Updated: 7:06 PM GMT on August 08, 2013


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