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By: GardenGrrl, 3:47 PM GMT on February 20, 2012

It's that time of year. Gardening and home improvement. Feel free to post before and after pics of your projects. If you have tips to make things easier, please post.

My current project is to wallpaper and paint the kitchen. My walls have a vinyl covering that rejects paint but will take wallpaper. Soooo, am covering with a textured white paintable wallpaper.

Here's the rub, this is a very flimsy when wet wallpaper. I have wallpapered before with more robust coverings. This stuff becomes very much like wet newspaper. I use a metal straight edge to press the wet paper into the "trim line".

So while trying to trim the excess to fit instead of cutting, it bunches up and tears even when using the razor knife against the metal staight edge that is pinning the paper down.

Any ideas?

The Love Song Blog

By: GardenGrrl, 4:58 PM GMT on February 12, 2012

Ah yes, Valentines Day is fast approaching. I love this holiday because it's a chocolate fest.

In our house, Valentines Day is February 15th because that is the 1/2 price chocolate holiday. Who cares about the 14th. Everything is over priced.
With our work schedules we celebrate on a day thats conveniant. The 14th is actually conveniant this year, but swag comes on the 15th.

Everyone has their own way to celebrate. It's all good as long as both sides are happy...but beware guys,
if your wife or girlfriend says "Don't make a fuss or get many anything" That is girly girl speak for "Buster, if I don't get flowers, a mushy card and dinner, at the minimum, you sir are toast".

Anyhow, I thought a blog full of love songs would be fun. Or if your not feeling it, go ahead and post "Love Stinks" by Huey Lewis and the News.
Just be sure to use the "old embed code" from You Tube.

Here is my most recent favorite love song dedicated to you Bear, after 14 years I still look at you and feel like this :-)

Goldfinches & Hummingbirds #4

By: GardenGrrl, 4:30 PM GMT on February 07, 2012

About the hummingbirds, it has been such a strange winter that if you live in the South, now may be a good time to put the hummingbird feeders up.
I already have one out.
Addendum, LowerCal added an interesting link about hummingbirds that stay over winter. (#4)

Now the Goldfinchs. These are my favorite birds. They come through here in their winter colors, start changing to bright yellow and move on up north.
When I lived up north it was wonderful to see the bright yellow birds clinging to stems of purple thistle flowers and eating the seeds.

I liked these birds so much that once I spent nearly a weeks pay on a porcelin goldfinch figurine.
(Still have it 20 some years later).

Someone also sent me a collectable plate with goldfinches on it. It's in the glass front "treasure' cabinent.

But still my favorite goldfinchs are the ones I see outside. Here are this years pictures of goldfinchs in their transition colors.

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