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By: GardenGrrl, 7:40 PM GMT on September 19, 2011

Hi All, thanks for coming to visit.
This is my catch-all blog while I'm working on "The Chocolate Blog" project.

So let me show off some of my new and old treasures.

This is Roxie Hollywood in the first picture ever taken with my new Raynox 2025pro 2.2 teleconverter lense. Attached to my camera it gives me a 66x optical zoom. As you can see, indoors it can't go to full zoom but the round vignette effect looks cool.

Here are some Lindt Chocolates that came in a big box with a bunch of Lindt bars and an everything you wanted to know about gourmet chocolates book but were afraid to ask.

Here is a picture of the moon I took after taking one of Roxie. Sadly I did not get the blue sky pre-twilight moon shot. I've found that more detail shows up if it is moone rise and blue sky. When it's full dark there is so much reflection it is hard to get detail. Made heavy use of the camera's light balance feature to bring in detail. Also used a regular shutter speed because slow speeds just yield a big bright blob.

I am so stoked to use this new lense during a moonrise. It's going to be fun!

Here is a picture (finally) of some skittish migratory grass sparrows. They are very small, hard to spot and fly off when you get too close. The new lense got 'em :-D Oh yeah, for perspective, the grass is only two inches tall.

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Dallas World Aquarium

By: GardenGrrl, 12:41 PM GMT on September 01, 2011

Hi, My name is Laid Back Lenny, I'll be your finny fish guide through the Dallas World Aquarium.

This is Rock Fish. His interests include playing statue, impersonating coral and eating whatever swims by.

Nestled in a dark corner and lit with UV light is the jelly bowl. It is full of undulating jelly fish. Be sure to tip the dancers.

Dragons, yep we have those too.

Swim along through the tunnels of illusion where it's hard to tell who really is on display.

Enter the diver.

Oh my! Look close, the diver has brought a friend. Can you spot the man on the moon?

Next there be sharks and stingrays in the tunnels of illusion...enter if you dare...and hang on to your children.

Photoshop has nothing on tunnel reflections.

And for my final trick, I will transform into a bird with lips almost as kissable as my fish lips.
Smmmmmack ;-D


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