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I Love Pink Flamingos and the Zoo.

By: GardenGrrl, 11:56 PM GMT on July 16, 2010

Some time last week our rain spell ended. Now it is back to beastly hot again. Before the rains left us they offered one final gift. The weather report said it was going to rain the day we went to the zoo. I have a water proof camera and enjoy walking around during thunderstorms.
It didn't rain, but the reports kept the usual crowds away from the zoo. What fun to have the whole place almost to ourselves.

Fort Worth Zoo is rated one of the top 5 zoos in the country. It's my favorite because it has more pink flamingos than an upscale southern trailer park ;-) It also has giraffes, zebras, lots of monkeys and a giant flight cage full of parakeets and cockatiels that will land on your hand and let you feed them.

Our zoo day was made especially fun because at one of the flamingo exhibits (there are two), they were building nests and getting ready for mating season. Flamingos build nests with their oddly curved beaks at about one teaspoon at a time. Scoop. Pack. Scoop. Pack. The finished product resembles a large sand castle that the bird sits a top of.

One more fun flamingo fact. After fourteen years I found out my spouse has been keeping a secret. I am married to a "Flamingo Charmer". At another exhibit my spouse began making strange honking sounds sort of imitating them. This brought EVERY flamingo in the exhibit over to us. They started moving in circles, puffing their feathers, flapping wings. It was the great Ft. Worth Flamingo Hoe Down!

We thought it best to move on to another exhibit after about two minutes of fun. When we got to the elephants I asked my companion to remain silent.

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