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Texas Hill Country Wild Flowers

By: GardenGrrl, 8:45 AM GMT on April 19, 2010

Just returned home from a roadtrip through the Texas Hill Country. After suffering through several years of hard drought, the Hill Country finally began to recieve life giving rain complements of an El Nino system.

From this rain came a new resurgence of wildflowers. The bluebonnets are back. So are the tourists, the crops and peoples livelyhoods. Even through the drought however, Fredericksburg, Texas, where we stayed, has grown and changed since we were last there. An article several years ago in Newsweek put it on the map as one of "The" best places to retire.

In the 1800's Fredericksburg was the final stop for German pioneers coming to the New World to follow new dreams. Now it is the final stop for older babyboomers pursueing Life; Act III. A generation has decided to not go quietly into the night. Taking all their savings, some boomers have decided to stage a Grand Finale for Life; Act III, they are becoming artists, farmers, boutique owners. They are coming to the Hill Country shedding their corporate mantels to try out new dreams.

It's not the retirement golf community of Florida where people drive their golf carts through the streets. In the Texas Hill Country the silver set rides Harleys and makes wine. New vineyards have sprung up with the wildflowers. Old farmhouses are sporting huge art sculptures in their fields as some new pioneers grow art instead of grapes.
And there very few people in Fredericksburg that speak German anymore.

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