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Texas Renegade Radio/Dallas Snow pics

By: GardenGrrl, 6:40 AM GMT on February 04, 2010

This is going to be a multi-tasking blog. Scroll down for pictures of Lewisville Texas 9 to 12inches of snow. Also took pictures of all the birds coming to the feeders.

A flock of robins stopped to rest in the tree, but didn't seem interested in the food I had put out. They are quite shy and took off before I could get my camera for pictures.
Had Roxie with me and the little dog actually stood still while I looked up entranced by the top of a snow covered tree transformed; as if decorated with vibrant orange ornaments in the sunlight like some sort of festive holiday card of robins promising spring.

The snow days were beautiful.

*****Texas Renegade Radio******

My morning commute starts at 5pm. It's an hour to an hour and a half of punching buttons on the radio to hear the same song in various states of play on three different stations.

Then I found KNON 89.3 Texas Renegade Radio. Can I get a hallalujah! You can listen to this program ALL WEEK and not hear the same song played twice. They play talented obscure country and folk musicians that for inexplicable reasons never made it to the top 40. (Okay some as one hit wonders).

Now I keep paper and pen handy to write down names of artists. Have been able to find most on Amazon and my MP3 player has never been happier.

Because most of these are not top 40 stars I couldn't find much on you-tube that was worth posting to show some of the great music played on this station. Here is one decent video by Chris Wall.

KNON streams all it's shows live so even if you don't live in the Metroplex you can still hear these shows. From 4pm to 6pm CST is Texas Renegade Radio followed by Texas Blues Radio (Which I dont get to hear much of because I'm at work by then)


It also just happens to be their quarterly pledge drive right now, so there won't be as much music this week as there normally is. Give them a listen for some fresh country music.

Updated: 10:41 AM GMT on February 14, 2010


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