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By: GardenGrrl, 10:41 AM GMT on December 30, 2009

It's 01/07/10 01:30
They were calling for a deep freeze to come in around sundown. Winds came from the south and it actually felt warm outside. Then some light rain AND Thunder!

Presently it is quite wet outdoors. I am hoping this deep freeze holds off or we may have "The Great North Texas Skating Rink" for the morning commute. That never goes well for many people.

If there is ice on the side walk when you wake up, go back to bed for another hour or two.

Tell your boss that Gardengrrl said you could do that. lol.

First off cause I will be at work the rest of the week,

It really looked like it was going to snow and freeze again here in North Texas, but the temps climbed up and the snow did not stick. More of a blessing, all this moisture did not freeze to the roads.

I actually got up "early" to go play in the snow with Roxy this afternoon. We walked around and watched big flakes fall and melt into the ground and on Roxy's fur. She finally had enough of getting wet and pulled me back to the house.

That little dog has some stinky feet. One would think all the water from outside and a good towel drying would help. Nope. Looks like it's going to be time for a b-a-t-h when I get back from work.

Peace and Happy New Year from the blog porch.

Trailer Park Christmas

By: GardenGrrl, 6:18 AM GMT on December 24, 2009

In North Texas we may get a little rain for Christmas, but who knows, perhaps some snow too.

Here in the park with our long skinny houses, people are getting ready for the big day. We drove around to look at how people decorated. It's nothing real fancy, but it's home.

Celebrate what you have and who you have this season.
Peace And Happy Christmas
from the blog porch.

N. TX Christmas Light Alert

By: GardenGrrl, 10:44 AM GMT on December 07, 2009

For all you North Texans who haven't heard about Frisco Square (I hadn't until this week), here's the 411 on good Christmas light productions.

The City of Frisco (North Dallas Tollway and Main St, head 1 block east) Frisco Square has decorated ALL it's buildings and synchronized the lighting to dance with music broadcast to your car radio. Really cool to see. Then keep heading east up the road past Pizza Hut Park, keep going until you find the main Frisco Fire Department.

They have a Christmas Village set up with lights, mini-buildings and all the holiday trim.

Up on Preston some church had a live Nativity with live animals.

I forgot my camera.

Anyhow, it was worth the drive from Lewisville.
Merry Christmas to All, from the blog porch.

In an amazing display of restraint, Mother Nature delayed her first hard freeze to the North Texas area until December. Those from the frozen north may laugh, but I am officially COLD when going outside now.

With the new lower temps I have resumed efforts to keep the bird feeders full.

The Chia Pets that are growing over the tops of my rain gutters have halted their advance. Some day, hopefully before spring they will be evicted before this mass of humus and green sprouts turn into small trees edging their roots under my roof shingles.
Dang the dark at five thing around here.

In an effort to capture the first frost and get back inside to sleep enough for the evening shift, I took the follwing pictures bare handed without gloves. Ohhh such an extreme sport garden photography is.

Was back indoors sporting numb fingers and increasingly blurry pictures within ten minutes.

Peace from the toasty indoors
Instead of the frosty blog porch.

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