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By: GardenGrrl, 8:54 AM GMT on November 23, 2009

This Week Is Thanks-Giving

Often met with both whoops of joy for time off and groans from doing the mental list of things that make us approach the holidays with dubious apprehension.

Someone once wrote, "If you woke up this morning breathing, you have another chance". I like that. So rather than count my burdens, (they will still be there waiting for me to wallow in if I wish), I'm going to count my blessings.

Some blessings are big like having a home, enough food, someone to love. Others are tiny but they add up. I call them lifes little victories. Catching a green light, finding perfectly ripe blueberries on-sale, a kind stranger holds the door for you.

Then there are the blessings of the unknown. Think of all the stories you heard about 9-11 where people had something annoying happen that made them late. I count the blessings I don't know about too.

Add to the list all the luxuries I have. My pets, my garden, my electronic toys, chocolate. To be truly grateful I often find myself praying that instead of having all the things I want, I pray that I want the things I already have.

To my friends and lurkers, Happy Holidays from the blog porch.
Blessed Be.

Updated: 9:19 AM GMT on November 23, 2009


Roxie Talks Smack at Doggie Camp

By: GardenGrrl, 8:43 AM GMT on November 10, 2009

When I was a kid frustrated adults used to hurl these words at me like a curse, "Someday your going to have kids and they will be just like you". Never had children. Ha Ha.
Instead I end up with pets that have, uh, let's call it character.

Left town over the weekend to attend a Pinball Convention. Boy that was serious fun! Because little Roxie can be a bit wild and we don't want to pay to replace all of neighbor Amy's fragile glass knick-knacks, we think it cheaper to professionally board her instead of taking up Amy's kind offer to dog sit.

So when we leave town Roxie goes to Doggie Camp. The dogs have eight hours of human supervised group play before they are assigned to their kennels for the night. Give them an time you will pick up and an hour before hand they will wash your pup.

They also give you a report card and play-by-play of how your dog did. While other owners came and went picking up their dogs with comments like, "Oh yours is such a sweetie, did great, bye now", The pick-up lobby started to fill with employees that seemed curious to see Roxies owners and to let us know about her special talents.

Roxie knows how to talk. She only talks smack though. With expressive eyes and varying pitch Miss Roxie knows how to let humans know what she is thinking. She also knows how to wind up all the other dogs until they twist-off. Then she takes cover behind a human while pointing and laughing.

Our report card was, "We have never seen another dog that acts like she does." Before they split the group into one room for larger dogs and one room for smaller dogs like Roxie, our little angel would torment the larger dogs. She would casually walk by talking smack until the other dog would chase her. Then she would run behind or between the legs of the supervising human who would make the bigger dog leave Roxie alone. At first they thought the big dogs were bothering Roxie. Then they realized she was baiting them into getting yelled at by the human.

She didn't bother the little dogs.

I'm just glad they said we could bring here back.

Updated: 12:11 PM GMT on November 17, 2009


Brett Farve

By: GardenGrrl, 7:27 AM GMT on November 02, 2009

I'm an all-inclusive football fan. I root for my local team. I root for my friends teams. And always, I root for my favorite quarterbacks. The Manning Brothers, who can resist those guys. Donovan McNabb and his mom. Having lots of teams and individual players to cheer for makes the season so much more fun.

But Brett Farve, (be still my heart), is an icon. When I lived in Minnesota I cheered for the Vikings, but like many Vikings fans in our rivalry with Green Bay, I always had Brett Farve envy. Secretly, like many Vikings fans, I wished he was OURS. I could growl at Green Bay. Make fun of cheese heads, but could never blasphemy Brett Farve. He was just too nice of a guy, darn it.

Then the unthinkable happened. Brett Farve didn't retire in Green Bay glory, the team managers just went and kicked him to the curb for a younger, maybe hotter player. He became a symbol of what corporate America thinks of working guys that are getting a few grey hairs. Useless. Cost too much money to keep. Let's get a younger prettier one.

Sometimes it is time for older folks to retire. It's sad and never easy if they have to be given a push. But what if someone is still good at their job? What if they still have things to teach the younger ones at the trade? Skills that can be left behind to make an organization stronger when the older worker finally retires with dignity.

Brett still has skills and the fans of the Minnesota Vikings have finally had their secret dream come true. Brett Farve is OURS. Sure he would have preferred to retire with Green Bay, but when you are jilted, you head to the suitor who has always loved you and offers a new home, new respect.

Todays game at Lambeau Field was kind of like, "The First Wives Club meets the NFL". But it wasn't just management that kicked Brett Farve to the curb after 16 years of devoted service. Sixteen years of building a Green Bay dynasty. Traditions. Fun. And yes, fidelity. Brett Farve never trolled for more dollars with another franchise at the height of his career. The corporation sent him away and the Green Bay fans turned their backs on him for wanting to still do what he loves.

To all the people at Lambeau Field who booed Brett Farve throughout the game, I only have this to say; 38 to 26.

Keep Rockin #4!!! I've always been your fan.


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