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Farmer Branch Rose Garden

By: GardenGrrl, 9:39 AM GMT on October 20, 2009

Early this spring I posted photos of the new rose garden in Farmers Branch , Texas. Now it is autumn and Texas roses are in the peak of second bloom. I was amazed at how well they are all doing because most of the garden is for trial roses.

Besides being very beautiful, this garden is unique to any other rose garden. This is the National EarthKind Rose trial garden in the United States. It has all 100 varieties of the EarthKind cultivers. They are being bred to be disease and drought resistant, for less chemical use.

Knock-Out shrub roses of all varieties are looking very good in the garden this autumn. Healthy foliage and abundant blooms on large rounded shrubs seem to be the rule for these plants. Another rose called Belinda, with large pink double blossoms, has also stood out as a rose that has done well through the season.

If you love roses and live in North Texas, make the drive to see this amazing public garden.

Updated: 9:43 AM GMT on October 20, 2009


Whooping Cough is Still Around.

By: GardenGrrl, 8:52 AM GMT on October 05, 2009

Driving in the car early Sunday mornings I am held hostage by the option of listening to the public information shows that radios are forced to air once a week or silence.

This morning the subject of Whooping Cough aka Pertussis caught my ear. Did you know that your childhood vaccination for it wears off. According to this doctor, 600,000 people in the United States contract Whooping Cough every year. Most of these are teenagers and adults.
Whooping Cough can cause broken ribs and death.

Most babies/toddlers are given vaccinations so the disease rarely affects them. Generally children of new immigrants or parents with religious reasons against vaccinations are the only youngsters who get the disease here. The majority of the cases are teenagers and adults whose vaccinations have worn off.

The next time you go see your doctor for a check up, it might be a good idea to check and update your vaccination records. Pertussis vaccinations can be given alone or with a shot called DTaP. The DTaP vaccine is for Diphteria, Tetanus and Pertussis.

Excercise, eat your vegetables and stay healthy.
Life's too short to waste it feeling cruddy.

On the weather front, North Texas is supposed to have rain all week. No surprise really, historically October is one of the wettest months of the year.

The Happy News is that the Hill Country finally seems to be part of the pattern again. Cross your fingers, there may be a wildflower extravaganza this spring!


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