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Roxie's Anniversary

By: GardenGrrl, 4:15 AM GMT on August 24, 2009

Wow, can you believe it's been one year since the road trip to far east Texas to pick up Roxie Hollywood, Pembroke Welsh Corgi with attitude ;-)

The previous owner wasn't kidding about that. She has been a handful and quite a grin for this last year. I don't think I have ever met another critter as stubborn as myself. She has taught me quite a bit about letting go, acceptance. One should always be careful about what one prays for.

Mostly though, Miss Roxie has brought many bouts of laughter to our home.

To celebrate our doggie anniversary we drove to the far side of Dallas to an indoor dog park. Dog owners, let me tell you, an indoor AIR-CONDITIONED!!! dog park in Texas, in August, is about the finest pet invention since the kong toy filled with peanut butter for having fun with your rambunctious pup.

This place is called "Unleashed Indoor Dog Park" off Hwy 30 Fergusson exit to Samuel. That area has cleaned up quite a bit since when I lived in Dallas some ten years ago.

We had an absolute blast with Roxie running around with all the other dogs and humans. They have several play areas. One is for small timid dogs. One is for all groups and one is called "body slammers" for really big hard playing dogs.

We started out in the little dog area and ended up in the huge all sizes dog yard. By the end of the evening Roxie felt at home and confident. Then she was chasing around with the big dogs.

If you want a nice climate controlled place to let your dog play, Google "Unleashed Indoor Dog Park" in Dallas.

It has Four Paw approval by Roxie Hollywood.

Updated: 4:17 AM GMT on August 24, 2009


Las Vegas and Lawn Maintenance

By: GardenGrrl, 9:00 AM GMT on August 04, 2009

Mom had mentioned earlier today that perhaps my blog could use a little updating. Sure I've been busy but today has been a catch up day. Laundry done, bills done, photos down loaded from camera to computer then sorted and uploaded to WUBA.

My proudest accomplishment today is the lawn. It looked near death prior to the Vegas trip. 100+ heat, no rain. Then the rain came. Lot's of it. Added a bit of high nitrogen fertilyzer and because of rain and work schedule let it grow as high as mid calf.

Started getting notes on the door from people offering to cut my grass. Waited until the temp fell from 101f today to 98f and finally went outside and mowed the lawn. Twice actually. The first pass involved popping a wheelie with the lawn mower to raise the deck above stalling level and cutting about half the length of the tall verdant grass crop.

The lawn hasn't looked this nice in a long time so I'm including a picture. That's my foot wearing the yard work tennis shoes.

Oh yeah, and a few pictures from the Vegas trip. We went to darn near every hotel/casino on the strip just to see what they all looked like. That is a lot of work actually.

Should you decide to go to Vegas here are the three funnest and bestest places to go. New York, New York; this place is the whole package. You never really have to leave your hotel if you stay here. It is done up as a replica of NYC both inside and out. Has great restaurants, dueling piano bar, night club (Coyote Ugly), and a big honking roller coaster. The pool is so-so. Very vibrant, active and crowded.

The Paris. This place is pure eye candy. Wander around the exterior and take in all the fine details. It looks like down town Paris condensed. Inside it has a casino that is open and spacious. The ceiling is painted like a blue sky with fluffy clouds giving one the impression of being outdoors. Along the walls and through the market areas are wonderful replicas of Parisian store fronts and apartments from it's old town area. It is quite pleasant and relaxing to spend time there.

The Flamingo. This is the classic "old school" casino. It has a great vibe to it. The Flamingo is Vegas before Disney took over. It also has a great outdoor garden with live flamingos, koi and assorted exotic birds. Nice place to have breakfast early in the morning before the desert heat really sets in. It also has two very nice pools. One is a family pool with water slides and the other is a secluded european style (read topless)adults only pool.

Honorable mention goes to the MGM Grand for it's free lion exhibit. If you get there when they first bring the lions out they are very active and you can get real close to them.

Oh yeah. Hi Mom!

Updated: 9:18 AM GMT on August 04, 2009


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