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By: GardenGrrl, 9:58 AM GMT on July 28, 2009

Hello North Texas, are you enjoying all this much needed rain? Caught about an inch and a half in the rain gauge as of the afternoon.

Just got back from Las Vegas. It rained there too. The way lightening fills the open desert sky is beautiful. We were exhausted and took a cab from the Mirage back to our hotel New York, New York. The strip traffic was backed up so the driver took the freeway. It was the most amazing sight to see lightening crackle across the big dark pyramid of the Luxor Hotel.

My new schedule will leave less time to blog, but I will check in and do some lurking here and there.

Peace from the blog porch. :-)


Cute Kitten Needs Home N. Texas

By: GardenGrrl, 8:29 AM GMT on July 11, 2009

The worlds sweetest kitten needs a home.
Earlier I wrote about the most adorable kitten that followed me around the yard all night. Little grey tiger striped cutie with a big purr motor. Against my better judgement and allergies I let the kitty inside for awhile to cool off and sleep.

Apparently several of the neighbors have been caring for this kitten too. We are all trying to find him/her? a home. Currently neighbor across the street is keeping the kitten in her bathroom. She has a large dog and an older grumpy dog so kitty can't run in the house.

We are in Lewisville. If you would like a little kitten with a big purr that is very personable and affectionate, this is the kitty. She is also very quiet. Neighbor said the kitten hasn't made a peep all night long in her bathroom, but is ready to cuddle the minute she opens the door.

This really is a great kitten. We would all like to keep her but can't because we all have too many critters. If you want a little bundle of love, this one is it!

Making Home Made Yogurt Blog down here
Hi and thanks to all who stopped by to see the balloons in the last blog. Well, North Texas has been continuing with it's heat wave. The airport reported 102f yesterday. My two thermometers in the shade both reported 108f. It is officially freakin hot.

The good news is that when it is hot outside it is really easy to make yogurt. Some of you may be going; "eeew, don't like yogurt". However, I know that for those of us that do like this versatile and yummy dairy product your curiosity is piqued. Yes, Virgina you can make great yogurt at home.

Below is a link to website that I have found to be the easiest to follow with regards to making yogurt at home. The one thing I do different is that I don't use a double boiler, I just hold the candie thermometer off the bottom of the pan and stir constantly with a rubber spatula.

No incubator is necessary. If it's hot out (over 85f) you can wrap your covered container of yogurt mix in towels and set it on the porch for three to four hours. Do not put in direct sunlight! The longer you incubate, the tarter the yogurt gets. Refridgeration stops the process.

Hints: I like to use corning ware with heavy glass covers for my yogurt. Have used plastic (well washed) "country crock butter" containers and lid and that works well too.

The more powdered milk you add, the creamier the yogurt. I use 1/3cup to 1/2cup nonfat powdered milk in my mixture.

Use only PLAIN yogurt with live cultures as a starter. Flavored yogurts don't work. Dannon is a good starter, so is Brown Cow (really creamy).

Even a teaspoon of sugar or honey will add taste to the yogurt. If you don't want sweet yogurt, don't add even a small amount of sugar.

Homemade yogurt develops "water pockets" after you scoop some out of the container. This doesn't mean your yogurt has gone bad. Just carefully spoon or pour out liquid.

Most important, play with the recipes after you master your first batch until you create the perfect yogurt for what you are cooking or eating.

Some of my yogurts I make with extra powdered milk and then let set 4 1/2 to 5 hours so it's like low calorie sour cream for dips.

Other yogurt I only incubate for 3 1/2 to 4 hours and I add fresh fruit, chopped walnuts and other goodies for a meal.

You can also make a sweet yogurt and add honey, sugar and maybe a touch of vanilla towards the end of cooking and before you add the starter culture.

What ever you come up with, have fun and play with your food!

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Also check the link Sandi left, there are many ways to make your own yogurt. Link

Updated: 1:06 PM GMT on July 14, 2009


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