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Peer Pressure, Veggies and Art

By: GardenGrrl, 12:40 PM GMT on January 16, 2009

A mini-entry for the week.
Yes, I'm succumbing to to virtual peer pressure lol. Everyone here has vegetable gardens and for the last eight or so years I've been strictly a flower gardener with a few pots of tomatoes. Yes I was planning a grand raised bed rose garden this year but with expensive dental work pending and a shaky economy I'm going to hold that cash in reserve for now.

Perhaps that too has me in the mood to grow my own food this season. There is also the fact that my flower garden has become predictable, sort of. It's a riot of crowded colors starting with larkspur in the spring and ending with zinnias in the fall all re-seeded from the previous year pushing and crowding the perennials that too have moved to spots they prefer. A wonderful color of chaos.

So looking at the bare open spaces after clearing it this fall I started to wonder how cornstalks would look amoungst the hollyhocks. It has a nice poetic ring.

With Round-Up in hand this week I sprayed all the spring sprouting seedlings, kept my favorite perennials and am planning a different kind of flower show this year. It will have vegetables singing the lead parts with a small chorus of flowers and herbs.

Just for fun, play with your food.
Peace and plant shuffeling from the blog porch :)


Since progress has come to Lewisville and bulldozers are clearing the nearby woods and fields, my feeders have become quite active this winter.

A large flock of cardinals is coming to the feeders, some gold finches, chickadees, a lone junco, purple house finches, then come the pidgeons the morning doves, sparrows and waaaay too many red-wing black birds, cow birds and grackles. I'm worried for the cardinals my feeder may be the difference between survival and starvation until they find new territory.

Now I have a new role "Supreme Queen Of Who-Eats-At-The-Feeder". The Red wing Black birds leave a scout in a nearby tree from morning to dusk. When I fill the feeders a large flock will suddenly appear and suck them dry in no time. Unless, I am there waving my arms. The little birds have learned when the blackbirds fill the tree tops, the feeders are full and some strange creature will fend off the bully birds while they eat.

Early in the morning one can spot me in the kitchen window waving, pounding the glass and rattling the blinds. The feeder is full of cardinals and small pretty birds, the tree tops are full of bully birds and the neighbors own blinds are shut tight. I think I make them nervous too ;)

Here are the links to both on-line Skywarn information and where to find local classes.

Noaa location finder Link

Neat NOAA website of more good websites Link

Protect the small gentle creatures especially if you are one of them. Peace from the blog porch :)

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