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By: GardenGrrl, 8:11 AM GMT on September 25, 2008

Okay, just this once I'm going to get political. $700 billion dollars to bail out Wallstreet because they got in trouble with their mortgage pyramid scheme. What happened is someone figured out that you can turn a quick buck by selling bundles of mortgages. Those of you with a mortgage may have noticed who you sent the check to has changed a few times. They started selling these as "secure" investment packages because they were backed with capital (houses). These were so popular that bankers started encouraging loan officers to sell the biggest mortgages they could to anyone with a pulse. They didn't have to worry about the loans defaulting because they were not going to "own" these mortgages for long.

They just didn't figure on so many defaulting and no one to buy the "secure capital"....except maybe the US Government later on.

Most politicians are not economics experts. They really only know how to shmooze and get votes. They rely on "experts" and advisors to tell them what to say about complex issues. Most of these experts are lobbyists. So suddenly we have this financial crisis so big that most people that balance books could see it from space. But, nothing was done.

Now, these experts scare the bejeezus out of some key politicians and try to start a congressional stampede that will cost taxpayers $700 billion dollars and keep the crooks/CEO's who caused this problem out of hot water.

They predicted the market will fall, gloom and doom on ya if you don't pass this bill. Okay, so monday there was a whole lot of selling off stocks. Who are the people responsible for selling off all these stocks and driving the price down? I didn't run to e-trade and sell off my tiny shares. Was it a whole bunch of panicky little guys who caused this sell off? Or was it large institutional investors that have been holding a gun at congresses head and saying "bail us out or else!"

The United States population is currently 305,296,054 people. Not all of these are adults. So how about for three hundred million dollars versus SEVEN BILLION dollars, we give one million to each adult in the United States and ask them to pay their mortgage off and buy a few toys to stimulate the economy. Heck, we could do this every couple years for a long, long time before we reach $700 billion. It makes more sense than this bizarre bailout package that no one really knows the details of. I mean how many of you out there know what this $700billion is going to?

This would be a huge mistake and burden on all of us if congress gives our money away to a small group of really rich guys who are playing games. Either give each of us a million dollars to boost the economy or don't give anyone any money for screwing up. That is what the free market is about. Play smart or go under. Small business has to play by those rules, so should high rolling bankers.

Please e-mail your Congressional House Representative and your US Senator. These links will show you how to find you congress person and have links to e-mail them.

House of Representatives link okay it all went to the bottem of the blog otherwise,

United State Senate link

(And just for SP because I always change my blog usually right while he is commenting in my old blog, I'm leaving the old one:)

Through the seasons my yard attracts different critters. Come late summer early fall is the time of the Garden Spider. Argiope aurantia, the crown jewel of the fall garden. These black and yellow beauties that build the large oviod web with the signiture zig zag down the middle are my favorite beneficial predator to prowl the garden.
Infact, if an Argiope doesn't show up by September, I have been known to catch one from somewhere else and transport her to my garden. Yes, the big black and yellow spiders are all females. The males are small brown and skinny.

This years spider can't decide whether she wants to stay high up on the power pole just below the street light or to snug herself between branches of blue flowering sage. My vote is for the sage if she were inclined to listen. While I think garden spiders to be natural works of art, at night under the street light, she casts a bouncing shadow on the hill over a foot high in the shape of a very much larger than life arachnid. At 2:00am, watering the shrubs, a giant spider shadow is unnerving.

Of course not everyone thinks ornate spiders the size of aunt Betty's silver locket are desirable accouterments to ones garden or blog. So, for you, under the guise of being a gracious and accommadating blog hostess, I find this a wonderful excuse to include another picture of my totally cute new puppy Roxie Hollywood.

There's always some excuse we can use to enjoy life

House of Representatives.LinkLink

US SenateLink

Parts for Fleetwood Mobile Homes?

By: GardenGrrl, 7:01 AM GMT on September 15, 2008

Say, does anyone know where Catfur can get a new window or other parts for her Fleetwood Mobile home? She lives near Houston, Tx. See comment #24

Relief Agencies on Speed Dial
Is it just me or does it seem like we are having more and more natural disasters? Starbucks has been closing quite a few stores. I wonder if it is because people are following that popular saying, "Give up one Starbucks coffee a week and give to a worthy charity". With all the people in just our own country alone needing help, Starbucks is gonna go broke if we keep giving up coffees for donations.

Well, if anyone feels like giving up one more latte or carmel machiatto, here are some links to disaster relief organizations.

The American Red Cross Link

For some reason my Salvation Army and Humane Society links didn't want to cooperate, but Google will get you there if you like those guys.

And sometimes, prayers and random acts of kindness can be even better than donations. Gentle thoughts from the front porch, Gardengrrl.

Carolinagal posted two great relief links in comment 13.
The Southern Baptist group is a great adjunct to the Red Cross offering help on a more personal level to folks. Also the Florida Disaster relief, thats another state that needs help on speed dial too.

Raindance and bookstores.

By: GardenGrrl, 8:54 AM GMT on September 09, 2008

As every gardener knows, when the weather report says chance of rain and the plants are dry and thirsty, leaving the garden to the tender care of mother nature results in sad brown curls of once verdant foliage. Only the strongest weeds survive. The one way to truly call rain to the garden is to perform The Dance.
Not merely a show of haphazard sprinkling, but a true soaking of every inch of ones lawn and garden. Only then will the 20% chance of rain unleash a torrent from the sky.
Or atleast the 4/10ths that is presently gracing my rain gauge.

Rain is always a good excuse to go to the bookstore. Of course there are many other indoor activites one can engage in when it's too wet outside. Say, organize that pile on the kitchen table, vacuum, dust. But like finding an excuse to see whats at the nurseries, any excuse will also do for going to the bookstore. In this case, there was also an e-mail that said a book I had ordered weeks ago and forgotten about had come in.

Not long ago I began listening to National Public Radio in my car. While replacing a corroded battery cable my radio buttons all went to factory default or something. In place of JackFM was now NPR. Out of curiosity I left it there and listened. For this I blame Shoreacres. Anyhow, this high brow academic of something or other was carrying on about his favorite book in the world by Evelyn Waugh. He found it gut splitting funny. More curiosity, and of course, any excuse, found me heading to the bookstore to take a look. They had to order it.

So todays trip to the bookstore found me leaving with three novels. And quite happy! First, one of my favorite fantasy/science fiction writers, Tanya Huff had a new book out. It's called, "The Heart of Valor". Whats more fun than a novel with a strong female lead character that heads a marine platoon and blows $!%! up! Then , in the hardcover sale bin another favorite romance/humor author, Janet Evanovich had a book of hers I haven't read. Hooray!

Finally at the sales counter I picked up the actual book I came to purchase, "Put Out More Flags" by Evelyn Waugh, an Englishman who lived from 1903 to 1966. Apparently he was a wickedly funny satirist of his times. Skimming the book it has a wonderful writing style not seen these days where most vocabularies of even educated people encompass fewer than 600 words. In addition to an assault on upper class mores of WWII England, it uses words like uxorious and sagacity in full sentences. I might like this book and writer.

So, the rest of this week will find me late at night curled up in the comfy chair with a stack of fun novels and not so much on the computer. Have a great week folks, try new things and find joy wherever you can.

Life may not be the party we were hoping for, but as long as we are here, let's dance.

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