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Shelter Animals and weather

By: GardenGrrl, 5:01 AM GMT on July 29, 2008

Good Golly it's been hot here! Yesterday both the weather station and Betty Boop porch thermometer said 108f in the shade. Today at 5:00pm it was only 106.
Currently the garden hose is making the rounds from tree to tree providing an hour or two of drip irrigation.

This blog has become somewhat of an on-line journal lately so here goes, "Dear Diary", I am currently looking for a new dog because the house is just not a home without a dog. I cannot believe how many homeless animals there are. Click on search and hundred come up just in my area. I only have time for one and it is so hard to choose. On a good news, bad news note there are a ton of pure bred dogs up for adoption, any breed I want is available. Business must be good at the pet shops and puppy mills. Then people find out it's work and the dogs go to shelters.

I've narrowed my on-line search down to about twelve dogs. I want a small dog for a change and am split between Welsh Corgis which are basically big dogs in little bodies..and I like big dogs. I also like those little 8lb balls of happy bouncing fluff like Lhaso Ahpso's and Bichons. There are a ton of those up for adoption.

Then there are a couple of adorable mix breeds. One lady from the corgi rescue sent me an e-mail of a corgi-mix at a pound near me that is a kill shelter. Don't know if he's house broke or will eat my bird, but someone from the shelter sent her the e-mail that he is a great dog and the corgi people should try to rescue him before his time is up.

Every day is a life and death emergency to find homes for so many unwanted animals. I can only save one. Who will it be, the "bat dog", a cute smiling corgi or a bouncy ball of fluff? So far all the searching has been on-line, filling out apps and waiting for responses, then to make an appointment to meet the dog. It will probably be the first one I actually see that is housebroke and friendly. Then again, if I go to the kill shelter tomorrow, I may come home with "bat dog" and hope he's house broke.


Home Economics

By: GardenGrrl, 4:08 AM GMT on July 22, 2008

First off, it's HOT outside. The porch thermometer read 105f at 5pm this evening. So while watching the weather report we started doing the "come on Dolly TS cheer" to bring some cooler temps to Texas.

After the weather came the dreaded family finance discussion. I have some simple rules, Live below your means, Pay your credit card balance off every month and don't incur debt beyound a mortgage or car payment. From my mom I learned that buying the best quality can be cheaper in the long run but don't buy it on credit, save your money first.

What sparked this was watching my 401ks go underwater (although statistically the pro managed funds will come back when the economy does...just hard to watch.) And our highest electric bill ever. It was over 200 bucks. Now I realize a lot of people would love a bill that small so here's a hint, when you purchase a manufactured home/trailer and are having it custom built, add all the energy saving options. Trailers are the best housing buy ever if you don't plan on moving.

It was decided by order of the Queen (me) that we will investigate further financial planning options and write a real budget and see if we can do even better than just following The Rules. So it was off to the bookstore dragging ourselves past the Sci-Fi section and heading to personal finance for fascinating research (gag, I'd rather get a root canal, atleast there's nitrous oxide involved).

We got two books: America's Cheapest Family by Steve and Annette Economides and (I hate these titles but it's a good reference book) The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing Your Money. by Heady, Heady and Ottolenghi.

Then we sat on the couch and started reading them to each other. Not as fun as Harry Potter, but quite informative.
Americas Cheapest Family is highly recommended for sound down to earth home finance solutions.
The Guide, is a great reference book for financial subjects and to teach you important things about 401ks, banks and such. If you need a financial tune-up, these are two books that can be your best self-help tools.

Updated: 4:11 AM GMT on July 22, 2008


New Beginings

By: GardenGrrl, 8:19 AM GMT on July 16, 2008

Some days I see God as "The Flying Spaghetti Monster". Some days I see GOD in capital letters. Mostly I just mutter and talk "to whom it may concern, in charge of the universe". If a voice actually spoke back I would probably call 911 and ask them to come get me.

It seems though that God speaks through how we view the world and what we surround ourselves with. Yes I've been quite sad lately with losing a friend and will continue to feel sad. I've learned sometimes love means making very hard decisions. Sound solid reason acted on love for all concerned. With that there comes great sadness, but the guilt fades quickly.

The other morning there was a beautiful sunrise. I grabbed my camera. It was followed by hummingbirds and little baby birds coming to my yard. Then for no apparent reason a rainbow appeared. It was a day started with new beginings and maybe time to start a new chapter in my life.

Blessed Be.


On Pets and Love

By: GardenGrrl, 10:55 AM GMT on July 08, 2008

Pets. I never really thought much about why we have them, it's just something that some of us need to do. Parakeets were my first love. Tiny cheerful bundles of friendly mischief. I loved everyone of my parakeets dearly. I also started to think of them as heart breaks ready to happen.

Parakeets don't live long if they are an active part of a household. Ours only went to their cage to eat or sleep. The rest of the time it zoomed around the house keeping up with us kids. Kept safely caged they will live a long time. But parakeets are social little daredevils that want to be where the action is, right in the middle of it if they aren't shooed away. Our parakeets lived a short happy life usually ended by some unfortunate accident.

Now I'm starting to think of all pets as heart breaks ready to happen. Our life spans are much longer than theirs. We get a young critter, raise it, love it and watch it grow old and die. And then start over. I guess the happiness some how out weighs the tears at the end.

And sometimes there are so many tears and such pain watching them as they age and become ill. Or become lost or have an accident. Each one comes with a heart break at the end. And so many good memories too.

I was talking with my Mom about losing my dog, and shared and cried. Then we started talking about all the other pets that have come before him. We told the same stories again and laughed at the same places we always laughed at. And I realized that love never actually dies, the person you loved or the critter you loved dies but the memories live on and still feel warm and good.

The leaving part hurts. I will cry for days, I've been crying since Saterday. And I will wonder why I bother to love anything or care about something. And my heart, my heart however broken or mashed just won't abide with staying safe inside a cage of indifference. My heart will reach out again and fall in love with another little life and the dance will start again.

Even today as I grieve and dread what is to come I will love and cherish all who are in my life now and all who came before.

I have met many people that fear love and keep their hearts in a cage. None of my pets feared loved and allowed me to offer it freely. Yes, each one of those little creatures is going to make me cry, but my heart has to get out and play. That's why I have pets.


When the right thing SUCKS.

By: GardenGrrl, 4:29 AM GMT on July 07, 2008

When it's the right thing to do, how do you kill your best friend? Corky has been the best dog I've ever had. He was an impulse buy. I was working near the SPCA and would go play with the dogs. I wanted a tiny lap dog but found Corky instead. Here was this calm dog with a spotless kennel amoung rows of barking, jumping over excited canines. He sat up, wagged his tail and waited.

Figuring by his kennel he must be house broke I got a leash and took him to the excercise yard for relief. Yep, definitely housebroke. And a calm dog. Good on a leash, didn't bark back at the other dogs. Very well mannered. So I decided heck with a small dog, how often do you find a well mannered completely house broke dog? A bit large, but they said he was full grown. (Not. He gained another twenty pounds and some size)

Mr. Manners had one little fault. He chewed everything. Couldn't leave him alone for a minute. Then he out grew that and became Mr. Perfect. We could take him anywhere and he was the doggie ambassador of good conduct. And we acted like proud parents whenever other people gushed over what a well behaved and wonderful dog he was.

He was also a good watch dog and would bark when someone came to the door. When I first got him he saved me from being jumped by two men in the early morning hours when I normally went to my car. I took Corky out first before my usual leaving time. They didn't see him until he emerged into sight snarling and barking like he lost his mind. They ran. I thanked God for my furry impulse buy.

Corky has been with us for eleven years. He had his vet check-up in March and is in perfect health. But something is going wrong with his mind. We have tried to rationalize his behavior, find fault elsewhere. It started as him becoming much more aggressive when someone comes to the door. During walks he has "gone off" barking and snarling at people. Perhaps there was something sinister about them I thought. Then he bit the house sitter. Who is a friend who has spent time at our house. Either there is something wrong with Corky or something wrong with our friend.

His aggression towards other people has continued to escalate. It can no longer be rationalized or wished away. My friend, my wonderful friend and companion for eleven years has become dangerous and unpredictable. I feel so terrible. How can I kill my friend who right now is sleeping by my feet. It has to be done. I've been around dogs long enough to know when one is losing the distinction in it's mind between friend and foe. Other people are no longer safe around my dog. Family members are no longer safe around him. This hurts so bad. I feel like I have failed and betrayed my friend. God there has to be a better way.

Updated: 4:35 AM GMT on July 07, 2008


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