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Bake Sale for Flood Relief

By: GardenGrrl, 8:33 AM GMT on June 19, 2008

Update, Americans in the Midwest still need help.

In the last blog I mentioned that I really like midwesterners. These are the folks that work hard to put food on our tables. Right now because of the floods a lot of them don't have homes or tables to put food on for themselves.

Currently the American Red Cross is out of money. Heck, I've already used up my "charitable donation" budget for the year. Seeing as I don't live close enough to help sand bag or clean-up after the water recedes, I've decided to help by asking, cajoling, nagging everyone to donate to a relief agency.

Thus, the Internet Flood Relief Bake Sale.

Year after year these people help us by putting food on our tables. Let's help them.

Here's what I'll do, if you can prove you sent a $100.00 donation to a relief organiztion after June 19th, 2008, I will send you a pan of my famous PMS Brownies. Picked because they provide relief and have probably saved lives.

For a $20.00 donation (honor system) you can copy and use my brownie recipe.

If you would like to help with the bake sale, include your recipe in the comment section and be willing to actually make it and mail it if someone contacts you and proves they donated $100.00. Otherwise, honor system, wuba members need to donate twenty dollars for every recipe they copy and use from the bake sale. If you don't want to mail it, just specify in your posting that it is not available by mail and only as a copy-for-honor-donation recipe. Thanks.

PMS Brownies
Need one package of your favorite brownie mix.
A bag of favorite chocolate chips.
Package of those flat caramel apple wraps (caramal disks).
Prepare brownie mix according to package.
Pour half the batter into 8" cake pan.
Sprinkle a few chocolate chips (1/4 cup) evenly.
Take flat caramel disks and place on top.
Cover with the rest of the batter.
Sprinkle 1/2 cup chocolate chips and maybe a few more if the mood strikes you on top.
Bake. Keep an eye on it so it doesn't burn. This works in different ovens differently.
Remove when done and let cool. Takes about 2 1/2 hours to cool. Have big glass of milk while eating as an antidote to all the sugar. Enjoy!

Here are some good relief organizations.

The Salvation Army Link At this link towards the bottom of the form you can specify where you want your donation to go to.

The Mennonite Disaster Service. These people show up and help people clean up, rebuild etc. Really good folks. Link

The American Red Cross Link

The Animal Humane Society. They help with peoples pets and livestock. Link

Thanks for helping.

Iowa Needs Help

By: GardenGrrl, 8:26 AM GMT on June 16, 2008

It was 102f by the shaded porch thermometer this afternoon. A quick walk of the dog around the house revealed one of my Italian Cypresses had somehow become covered in bagworms. Was miffed and grumbling about spending the rest of the evening picking and squishing hundreds of bagworm caccoons. Some were even too high to reach with a ladder so was forced to go to Lowes to get some bug poisen in a spray bottle to shoot at them from the ladder. My problems are small.

Listening to NPR on the car radio Iowa's Govenor Chet Culver was being interviewed about the plague of disasters that have ravaged his state. His was the voice of tired midwestern stoicism. Shouldering the pain and grief ever marching on because, dang it, things still have to be done. I love mid-westerners.

A tornado wiping out a Scout Camp and killing young people full of promise, crops and live stock devasted, over 24,000 people left homeless in one city alone. More water coming. No fresh water for many. A whole state in ruin.

This is the state where a lot of our food comes from. Normally these people are busy feeding the rest of us.

Hardship truly defines the character of a person. Looking at news images of the massive areas of flooding, I was also taken by the massive efforts of volunteers. All types of people standing shoulder to shoulder filling sand bags and doing what needs to be done together.

These are Americas Heros. They will help themselves because that is the kind of people they are.

But, what can we do to help them?

Here are some organizations you can volunteer for or send money to help volunteers aid the people in Iowa.

Mennonite Disaster Service. These people actually show up and help people clean-up, rebuild etc. Good folks.
Their phone number is 1-800-241-8111

If you live in Iowa and want to volunteer call the Iowa Concern Hotline at 1-800-447-1985

The Humane Society is also active in pet and livestock rescue. They need donations and/or foster homes.


And of course there is always the Amercian Red Cross and Salvation Army. The Cedar Rapids, Iowa Salvation Army can be contacted at 1-319-378-0337

Here is the link to the Mennonite Disaster Service.


N.Texas Weather Question

By: GardenGrrl, 5:38 AM GMT on June 10, 2008

Monday, June 9th
Today apparently out of no where it rained significantly in DFW. Recieved 9/10th in my rain gauge this afternoon.
The weather forecasters were calling for rain today at least two days prior. At our house we have the "junior weather man station" with a life like anemometer that generally reads 5mph below what other stations are reading.
But we love trying to predict the metro-plex weather where local storms are heading and how big.

So, does anybody have an idea how they came up with the rain prediction for today? We were certain it wasn't happening.

And just cause it has taken me close to a year to get a not even good photo of the Red Baron, here he is, the hawk that has been leaving piles of pidgeon feathers in my yard. Taken through my kitchen window it is probably the only photo I will ever get of this bird.

Finally! a photo of the Red Baron.

By: GardenGrrl, 5:48 AM GMT on June 04, 2008

Update; 06.07.08
Okay, after nearly a year of chasing this guy I finally got a photo of him before he flew off. He is in the neighbors tree and I took the photo through the kitchen window. Definitely need to take the screen off the window so I can get better pictures.

Oh the heron photo, saw that in the wunder photos, is that a cool picture or what!

Earlier this year I put up a bird feeder and told of my dismay to find the "circle of life" doing it's thing in my yard and leaving piles of pidgeon feathers, feet and goo. Quite often I would walk up on the culprit as he was dining and the Bloody Red Baron would fly away with his dinner clasp in big yellow talons to the brushy field across the street.

Finally I guess he tired of being interupted during meals and just went away.

This morning at daybreak I raised the kitchen blinds a tich so I could peek out and enjoy my early morning bird show. But, there were no birds.
Fully opening the blinds to get a better look and scanning the grass for perhaps a feral cat, I felt the malevolent stare of someone giving me "The Hairy Eyeball".

It made my head pop up like a prairie dog and look to the direction it was coming from. Up in the neighbors tree was a Coopers Hawk with it's head cocked sideways and one beady eye shooting a laser in my direction as if to say, "You've got your nerve being there".

I grabbed my camera popped the lense cap and as I started on the zoom ring and getting a focus, that hateful bird flew off. Curse you Red Baron!

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