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By: GardenGrrl, 9:09 PM GMT on March 31, 2008

Saw the tornado forming while sitting on the porch having "morning" coffee. It was headed north east over to Lake Lewisville. Called MIL who lives over there she didn't see the tornado but said they had high winds and hail. She is okay. Very exciting start to the day. Now the sky is clear and sunny. We are going to go out and get dinner/breakfast. Stay Safe folks.

One thing unnerving about this is the sirens didn't go off until five minutes later. After the radar showed all clear around us we went to the local IHOP restaurant. If someone had looked out the window of the IHOP during the storm they would have gotten a great view of the tornado. As it was the employees had been arguing with our waitress who had just come on shift and told them about the tornado. They didn't believe her. She finally got her digital camera and showed the pictures she took.

Isn't that something that a large funnel cloud can go by and hardly anybody noticed it.

Dallas Pooch Parade/Bird Alert

By: GardenGrrl, 4:24 AM GMT on March 25, 2008

The Hummmingbirds are back!
Was having my morning coffe on the porch (yes I know it's 3:00pm, I work nights) and saw my first Black Chinned Hummer of the season. So for all you North Texas Folks that enjoy feeding the hummers, if you haven't got your feeder up, it's time. Hooray!

Cool Event Alert; The Fort Worth Botanical Garden is putting on a show called; "Butterflies in the Garden"
They have released a few thousand butterflies from Asia, Africa and South America inside the conservatory. Really fun! I used up four sets of batteries in the camera and will post pics when I get around to picking the top ten out of 100+ pictures.

The Fort Worth Butterflies in the Garden Show ends March 31st. for more info.

Dallas Pooch Parade
Sure the weather report threatened cold temps wind and rain. Sure most of us believed it would happen. And yes the Dallas Symphony moved their Easter concert venue from the outdoor park to the indoor Meyerson venue after the parade. But still, hundreds of people believed in Easter miracles of good weather. And they showed up.

The 23rd annual Turtle Creek Pooch Parade and Easter Symphony Concert went on. Like the first robin, the Pooch Parade is a glorious sign of spring. Folks and families who love their dogs show up at Lee Park in Dallas on Easter Sunday afternoon to show off their pets, picnic and see a concert by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Colorful groups of men wearing "easter bonnets" that often defy gravity and should probably require building permits set up elaborate camps. Oriental rugs laid on the grass surrounded by billowing open air tents encasing silver buffet service atop linen cloth tables is not uncommon.

It's a zany wonderful spectacle of colorful people and pets cheered on by the rest of us who appreciate the show.

Here's a few pictures that don't include the owners (who quite often were more decorated than their pet.) because I'm not comfortable posting peoples pictures on the internet. Someone even brought a kangaroo this year.

I love parades.

Can I borrow some dirt?

By: GardenGrrl, 7:34 AM GMT on March 17, 2008

You know your a gardener when the neighbor comes over and asks to borrow a bag of dirt for their planter. She had pulled out all the cannas and suddenly found herself short of dirt. And yes, I have some extra bags of top soil and potting soil in the shed. Cause ya never know when you will need to pot something.

I got a bunch of daylillys and iris's in return.

My yard is full of my neighbors cast offs. I don't know why I actually bother to buy plants. Martha Stewart of the trailer park lives across the street from me. Her yard is amazing. She can cut a twig off something stick it in the ground and it grows. That's where several of her shrubs came from.

So every year or two she completely re-designs her gardens and I take all the big healthy plants she tosses out.

My neighbor is the embodiment of good taste and design sense. The inside of her house could be photographed at any time for Better Country Homes and Gardens. It's always immaculate. Beautifully furnished with lots of things she refinished or made herself. (Quite professional looking too). It could also go on unsolved mysteries. How does someone with a large dog, a small white dog and white cat have dark blue carpeting that doesn't have hair balls on it. Ever. And of course, my neighbor is so cheerful and sweet natured you can't even hate her a little bit for being so perfectly good at everything.

Me, I was born scruffy. My design sense falls in the catagory of "Get everything I ever liked and fill every available space with it. No particular order." While I will always admire other peoples neat clean ways of doing things, I really like living with my colorful kalaidoscope school of design and housekeeping.

And it's great having a perfect neighbor that gets rid of really nice plants every year.

LAWNMOWER Tip; If it won't start, pull the cap off your spark plug. If it looks a bit brown inside the metal tube that goes over the top of your spark plug, clean it with a rolled up piece of fine sand paper. (Or, if you are in a hurry just run your shed key around in it, bang the rust dust out by tapping it on the side of your mower, replace the cap, prime your mower again and start 'er up.)

Happy St Paddy's Day to BG from TD

Happy Bird Day!

By: GardenGrrl, 7:51 AM GMT on March 13, 2008

Today was the perfect day. 76f, light breeze and sunny. And all my favorite birds showed up. Corky got an extra long walk as we followed the Cedar Waxwings around the park. Saw a Downey Woodpecker and some Bluejays.

Sat on the porch with my morning coffee and couldn't be happier with the regulars that have started coming to the feeder. I have a little troop of House Finches that have taken to calling the feeder their own. Ofcourse, they have to share with Mr. Cardinal who is now bringing a lady friend with him to dine on black sunflower and safflower seeds. The general purpose seed in the next feeder keeps the sparrows happy.

And finally, someone is eating the nyger seed in the finch sock! I was afraid it would start molding or sprouting like a Chia Pet soon from the rain and lack of diners. But today a tiny grey finchy thing came to cling to the side of the sock and eat the seeds it pulled through the holes. Hope the little grey bird brings it's friends.

Good day in the garden too. Got my mail order plants in the ground along with some ranunculus I started indoors and a ton of gladiolas bulbs everywhere.

Then off to downtown Dallas.
We saw "Menopause, The Musical" at the Majestic Theater. That show is absolutely hilarious!!! Highly recommended if you are menopausal, know someone that is or will eventually be there yourself. Laughed my butt off.

Life Is Good.

Tonight America Wins.

By: GardenGrrl, 7:12 AM GMT on March 05, 2008

Right now I'm not thinking about who our next president is going to be. Right now I'm thinking how much the world has changed.

And the change has been good.

As a small child in the South I asked a lot of questions about the world. Mostly I noticed differences between types of people. Words used for people. And sheer meaness towards certain people. Sometimes my questions got careful simple answers one would give to a child. Sometimes they got hate filled angry answers. At a young age I learned what bigotry was, though it would be a few years before I added it to my vocabulary. At the time the word "mean" would suffice.

I got kicked out of Brownies for not being "ladylike". The troop leader had us sit in a circle and say what we wanted to do when we grew up. Other girls wanted to be wives, mothers, maybe a teacher. I didn't care for those career options. I watched cowboy movies. There were not a whole lot of good female role models, but the ones that sometimes rode horses or got to do things and have fun were often refered to by the snotty women in the movies by a certain name. Which I thought meant fun independent woman. Those were my female role models of the time so I told the Brownie leader quite proudly that, "I am going to be a shameless hussy". Mastercard could not have invented a more priceless moment.

If I were a little girl today, I would have had a much broader range of career choices to declare.

So tonight as I watched a woman and a black man campaign for the most powerful office in the free world it was with a heart full of memories and powerful emotions. This could have never happened in the America of my childhood.

For the first time there is really some truth to the saying that in the United States of America, ANY child can grow up and become president.

This isn't about who my favorite candidate is. It's about WHO can now be a serious candidate. A lot has changed in my lifetime. Sure there are more glass ceilings to shatter but tonight,

Tonight we all win.

Math Help Please!

By: GardenGrrl, 6:07 AM GMT on March 04, 2008

I need some help with a math problem but first a word about tonights local weather...IT SNOWED! For a couple hours we has a mini-blizzard that stuck to cars and covered the trees with white frosting. We played, bombed the neighbor with snowballs and enjoyed it the way snow should be enjoyed. A couple hours worth and then it melts.

Okay, that math question. I'm taking a correspondence course by a guy my co-workers dubbed "Dr. Evil" for some of his practice questions.

Todays stumper is what function key(s) on the scientific calculator do I need to press to get this answer;
........-0.02 (this is written like an exponent on 26280)
(26,280) equals (0.8158447)

So here is the example of the whole problem

Expected flux decline slopes must be obtained from membrane manufactures and generally run around -0.02 to -0.030 Roughly, what is the expected NPF after three years for an RO unit which had 100gpm of NPF at start-up with an expected flux (fancy word for the 100gpm NPF) decline slope of -0.02?
____________________________b (superscript to "t")
Step1 : write the equation Zt = (Zo)(t)

Step2 : Fill in the known;............................-0.02
Zt= (100gal/min x 1440min/day)(3yrs x 8760hr/yr)

Step3 : Solve..(written like exponent)..-0.02
______Zt = (144,000gal/day)(26280)

= (144,000gal/day) (26,280)

= (144,000gal/day)(0.8158447)

= 177,500gal/day = 81.6gpm

So exactly what function key on the calculator will get me the (.8158447) number. Both my calculators won't accept using the EXP or (-)EXP for the (26,280) -0.02
Help. I'm stuck.
oh yeah, this course is supposed to be geared for highschool graduates...unfortunately when I went to highschool I was told "not to worry about learning higher math". If you know what the function key I need to hit is called, could you write what kind of math it is so I can look it up.

Spring Fever

By: GardenGrrl, 6:23 AM GMT on March 03, 2008

Little sprouts of life are emerging from the soil. The tree line is starting to sport a faint hint of green. Every morning at dawn I come home greeted by a chorus of birds. I love this time of year when they are so active but the tree branches are still bare enough to spot who is singing. Life is good.

The humming bird feeder is up. Geese are flying north and the tiny hummers follow behind. Have added another bird seed feeder. This one is just sunflower and safflower seeds. The house finches have taken to calling it their own.

Had a good rain all day. It is threatening to snow tomorrow but even if it does the ground is too warm now for it to stick. There is a 24 hour Walmart nearby, think I'll go see what's at the garden center. When Lowes, HomeDepot or Calloways become 24 hours around here my life will be perfect. (lol)

Okay, the dog just crawled up under the desk here. Maybe that storm line is a bit closer than it looks on the radar. Guess Wally World is going to have to wait.

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