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By: GardenGrrl, 5:01 AM GMT on February 06, 2008

...So it's February and it's cold. Time to pull out those little gems of summer, the butterfly pictures. With the exception of some tomatoes and kitchen herbs, my garden is for hummingbirds and butterflys. The summer of 07 was one of the wettest in a long time and my peach trees had bumper crops. Lot's of fruit fell to the ground and fermented. The yard smelled like a winery.

...So started the butterfly summer of love and keg party in my yard. The Emperor Hackberrys and Question Marks flocked to my yard. At one point there had to be over a hundred butterflys attending. And they were drunk. And they were rowdy. Groups of butterflys would fly in a crazy conga line doing circles and turns narrowly missing the humans who came to watch. An aerial square dance where groups would merge, change a few partners and continue the revelry. Then they would feed in mass on the fermenting peaches before starting the party again. This has changed my whole perspective on the sedate world of butterflys.

...Some butterfly facts from the "Beginners Guide to Butterflys" by Donald and Lillian Stokes. (Highly recommend for pocket ID guide.) Butterflys and moths come from the Order of Insects called Lepidoptera. This is Latin for scaled wings. Their wings are covered in fine dust like scales that create the colors and patterns that give them their visual appeal. Did you know that butterflys need to be warm in able to fly. They need to get their body temperatures up to 85f to 100f in order to fly well. Butterfly viewing is best on warm days.

...Feel free to add your own pictures of butterflys or cool insects.

Updated: 5:07 AM GMT on February 06, 2008


DFW Hawkfest

By: GardenGrrl, 5:39 AM GMT on February 04, 2008

Last saterday I saw the most amazing sight. At a large open field was a hawk festival. There were hawks in the air, hawks on posts, hawks on powerlines, hawks everywhere.
Went back this saterday and although there were not as many I certainly wasn't dissappointed. Saw a female Kestral, a pair of meadow larks by the fence line...although I'm wondering how they made it through last saterdays hawk flock. Also saw about eight red tail hawks, maybe more hard to tell if would be counting same ones. Some were in the air engaged in an aerial dance with each other. Others stayed sedately in trees.
This area is fast being developed so this might be the last year to see this here. If your interested go to Beltline and Hackberry road Coppel/Irving and park about half way down Hackberry. Most of them are visable at fenced in field. The other side of the street is under construction. Camera with tripod and telephoto would be a good thing. Binoculars a must.


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