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Bird Watching

By: GardenGrrl, 5:35 PM GMT on December 29, 2007

Winter bird watching is a great pastime in Texas. Every morning is like a box of chocolates because you never know what you'll get. Yesterday the little cedar wax wings came through and I got a few pictures of them. Quite a few chickadees were present too. Now different folks have different ideas on what constitutes being a "birder". The gardengrrl school of birding only requires that you take the time to look at natures gifts and enjoy them. In my school I am an advanced birder. I know the true names of about 40 species world wide including those found in pet shops and barn yards. Everything else is scientifically catagorized as "finchy things", "wrenny things" and "Oh pretty!". Then of course based on these observations they are assigned a name of my choice. For example, tan and brown stripey finchy thing, probably female, I'll call her Ruth. For a long time as a child I refered to bluebirds as "little robins".
Once on a nature trail I met a group of serious birders. They carried rucksacks full of birding stuff, several binoculars, notebooks and cameras. And they were all very serious. I didn't reveal my identity as the founder of the Gardengrrl School of BirdWatching because I was afraid my methods would leave them pounding their heads on the nearest tree and getting concussions. One should always be respectful of others.
So to all of you that enjoy birds, happy birding however you choose to do it.

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We Got a Weii!!!

By: GardenGrrl, 2:53 PM GMT on December 20, 2007

We got a Weii! ne-ner-ne-ner-ne-ner! lol. My spousal unit just called from Best Buy to say while picking up some work related items, a clerk mentioned they had 3 Weiis left. We've been looking for one since late October as that is our "together" gift this year. What a great day. My Christmas cookie bars have all turned out, I'm buzzed on sugar, the weather is beautiful and now I'm going to play outside until the Weii comes home. Have a great day folks! oh yeah, check out the malware warning below. Hugs to everyone!

More creative computer nasties to look out for. This one is called Ransom Ware. According to a Korean newspaper, the latest malware off the internet affecting Koreans is one that high jacks your media files and holds them for ransom until you send a payment for the encryption key.
Typically it comes in the guise of a "free" media player or as part of an "add" that wants you to download a media player to use a game. Once downloaded it will take your media files and hide them somewhere inaccessable on your computer or encrypt them so they are useless without an encryption key. A "user license" pop-up appears and tells you where to send money so you can get your files back.
Currently this has been a localized problem in Korea, but the internet makes it a small, small world so careful what you click on. Be safe Ya-all.
Warm Holiday Greetings to Everyone Who Visits Here :)

Updated: 6:22 PM GMT on December 21, 2007


Christmas Lights. Sorry no pics.

By: GardenGrrl, 5:35 PM GMT on December 14, 2007

The rain cleared up and left yesterday bright and crisp. Which means...pile in the car with overly sugared hot caffinated beverages to explore the twinkly world of Christmas lights in my beloved burg of Lewisville, Texas. (Okay and a bit of Flowermound as we were meandering in a westerly direction). We remembered to bring the dog, (someone has to fog the back windows), but forgot the camera. Oh well, priorities. It was a fantastic evening of color and sparkle as many people in our little suburb are afflicted with a compulsion to decorate their yards for all the holidays. Christmas and Halloween are the two most popular, but you will also see the occaisional, St Patty's, Valentines and Ground Hogs day yard decorations. The best were in neighborhoods where entire cul-de-sacs vied to outdo each other in how many lights and Christmas icons can be fit on the house and front yard. And then, THE BIG SCORE, we found a house that had a computerized dancing light display set to music broadcast to your car radio! We sat through TransSiberian Orchestra and Snoopy's theme just mesmerized. Thank-You decorators and Merry Christmas!

Updated: 4:14 PM GMT on December 15, 2007


Toasty Inside.

By: GardenGrrl, 5:04 PM GMT on December 10, 2007

It's cold and misting a bit outside, but it's warm and toasty in the house. Another good day to count blessings. Since yesterday about 3/4 inches have accumulated in the rain gauge. The front porch weather station says it has warmed up to 38f with 30.18hg and no wind. The DFW "Soup bowl" effect has kicked in I think. Also called the "Dome", it's an area around DFW that produces all kinds of microclimates in the area and gives our local meteorologists night sweats. Fronts literally jump or go around wherever the dome comes up. In our "little bowl" I can stand on the hill during storms and watch an amazing thunder show hit to the north and south while it just slides around or jumps over this spot. I get some good "Sky-TV" from the backyard here. (Hi Mom!) Now that it's cold by southern standards, it's a good time to fill the travel mugs with hot cocao and drive around the neighborhoods to look at all the Christmas lights. Life is good.

Updated: 5:17 PM GMT on December 10, 2007


Hard Frost Finally Comes.

By: GardenGrrl, 4:26 PM GMT on December 04, 2007

Today is December 4th in North Texas. We finally got a hard frost. During this mornings (late) dog walk, I noticed the canna leaves had turned black. Further along in the sunshine the tomatoe bushes were melting into a pile of tender plant goo dotted with red and green balls of lost fruit. (Okay they belong to a neighbor a few houses up. If they were mine we would be having fresh spagetti sauce with the last of my scruffy sweet basil and garlic.)(Hmmm, still hungry, think I need more breakfast)
Anyways, winter may or may not be coming to North Texas this year.(HI Mom) I'm guessing a cameo appearence in the guise of an ice/snow storm that melts within 24hours sometime in February, probably on one of my work days. Other than that, it will most likely be a mild winter with pockets of cold here or there. And thats my extended forecast.

Updated: 4:39 AM GMT on December 05, 2007


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