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Big Rainbow / HP7

By: GardenGrrl, 5:21 AM GMT on July 27, 2007

There was a big rainbow over the hill behind the house this evening. Stood outside and watched it. I love "SKY TV". Didn't get any rain here, but atleast got to see the show. I'm still chuckling over the story in Dr. Masters blog about the Virginia police that blew up someones weather station because it looked suspiciously like a bomb. Hope nobody confuses my new weather station with being an alien artifact or explosive device.(lol) On a completely different note, I've finished the new Harry Potter book along with a box of kleenex and can't wait to talk about it with anyone else who has finished reading it.

Harry Potter 5/12hrs! Umbrella?

By: GardenGrrl, 4:38 AM GMT on July 20, 2007

Well am looking forward with excitement and trepidation to the last book of the Harry Potter stories. It's funny how a good series kind of intertwines in your life and becomes an anticipated part of it. If it's a good T.V. show, that night becomes "show night" and no other plans must interfer. (Thank goodness for the vcr, although taped programs are just not the same as being there on show night). And books, well I just have pay extra for the hard copy cause I can't wait for the paperback to come out. I'll especially miss the midnight bookstore hoopala, all the little munchkins running around dressed like characters and a few of us old farts that like the book too. It's been what about ten years of Harry Potter? They have also been some of the happiest years of my life and every new book somewhat of an anniversary of all the good times. It's kind of sad knowing that there won't be anymore Harry Potter books. Good-Bye Harry Potter. Hmmm, looks like whats been developing this morning may stick around for the evening in patchy showers. Might need an umbrella for the line tonight.Okay then, gotta go.

Gardening = Strong Bones

By: GardenGrrl, 8:35 AM GMT on July 15, 2007

Read this article in GardenGate Magazine; Researchers at the University of Arkansas recently found that gardening is good for your bones. Women aged 50 and over who gardened atleast once a week had higher bone densities than did those who jogged, swam, walked or did aerobics. It's probably the combination of hardwork -digging, pulling, pushing and being outside in the sun. Sunlight boosts vitamin D production which helps the body absorb calcium. So in purely unselfish interest in helping others, anyone without a garden is welcome to come pull weeds and chase the bunny out of my garden. ;)

Triple Digits in Lewisville

By: GardenGrrl, 5:28 AM GMT on July 13, 2007

According to the "Betty Boop" porch thermometer and sensors from my new weather station, this afternoon at 1630 it was 100.3f. "Mr. Bunny" my adorable new lawn ornament and zinnia muncher is still hanging around. He came out from under the shed to watch us install the "flagpole" for the windspeed and direction indicator. Wind is from the south at 2mph. So far no one has responded to the lost bunny flyers. These were the top stories today from my backyard. Only eight more days until the new Harry Potter book is here.

Rogue Bunny Invasion

By: GardenGrrl, 7:11 AM GMT on July 07, 2007

I have a new lawn ornament. It's a large albino bunny that has escaped from somewhere and thinks my yard is a dandy place to chill. He's a long eared chubby bunny thats just as cute as can be, but the little creep is eating all my zinnias! Really not sure what to do about him. He looks so darn happy. The real kicker is that this little twerp knows, he just knows I'm not going to hurt him. Even when I swat him on his furry little butt and tell him to get out of my garden, he just hops a few feet and starts eating something else. The bunny went all through the garden this afternoon with me trying to "shoo" him until he got bored and went and flopped down in the shade under the pagoda and refused to move. One of the neighbors came over and tried to catch him, but he wouldn't let her come near and ducked under another neighbors house. Ofcourse, when I was by myself taking the trash out this evening, he hopped out from under my car to come see what I was putting on the curb. Just don't know what to do with my cute destructive little friend.

aol ate my web browser

By: GardenGrrl, 7:31 PM GMT on July 01, 2007

I'm on borrowed computers until mine is fixed. Aol did one of those "auto downloads" or something and it didn't finish. Spent hours with their tech support. Still don't have functional internet. Not happy. In the mean time have been to Florida and back. Saw the ARS Rose Gardens and the Avery Island Jungle Gardens. Both very cool. Tried to bring some rain to Gulf states. Rain gauge full at five inches from6/22 to 6/28 in Lewisville when we came back. The bonsais look like "Chia Pets". Probably another week or two before find time to fix home computer. Tip of the week: Tell the people in your life who are important that you love them. Peace Out Ya-All.

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