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Butterfly Convention

By: GardenGrrl, 1:18 PM GMT on June 16, 2007

I was calling them "kamikaze butterflys". There were hundreds (okay maybe only eighty or ninety) of them zooming around my yard chasing each other in crazy "line dances" of three to ten butterflys, and buzzing past my head like fighter planes. There are big groups of them feeding off peaches that have fallen to the ground. I told my Dad about them and he says they must be drunk! So for the last week my yard has been a varitable "las Vegas" for the drunken butterfly convention. So, if your a butterfly, this is the happening spot right now. I've had a great time watching these guys. My roomates mom came to pick peaches and dubbed them "mariposos locos". Don't know what they are. I'm thinking same species, but males are colored differently from females. One type is a tan spotted almost dalmation like on both sides of wings. The other with wings closed looks like bark. Wings open, a burnt orange on top and dark brown/black bottom. Anybody know what they are?

Updated: 2:39 PM GMT on June 17, 2007


new rain gauge

By: GardenGrrl, 4:19 PM GMT on June 07, 2007

Came home from work this week and found a new rain gauge sitting on the kitchen table. I've been wanting one that sticks in the ground so it can be moved. Lowes was always sold out of those. What a thoughtful present :) Then, the sky cooperated by letting us stand on the hill and watch the front come rolling and boiling in. Really neat clouds. Then came the wind and rain. When it was done there were 3.5 tenth inches in the rain gauge.


Good-Morning World

By: GardenGrrl, 2:30 PM GMT on June 01, 2007

The sky looked a little dark and rumbly to the west so I thought I'd log on quick to see how to plan my day. The ground is nice and soft, so I'd like to spend the morning weeding and thinning out the larkspur that has gone to seed. There was a nice chorus of frogs last night. The rain has brought my little amphibian buddies back in droves. So far spotted two frogs and one toad in my yard.


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