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By: GRANDMANAN , 11:10 AM GMT on June 07, 2014

A nice change in the weather, westerly 15-20KPH, sun moving the clouds off, temp already 15C, might make it to the low 20's as the day moves along. Similar conditions for next few days, rain in the forecast by mid-week.

Moncton coming to life once again, the outpouring of support for the members from the community is great. Notice a bouquet of flowers left at the base of the flag pole here at our local detachment. Similar acts of acknowledgement at other detachments in the Maritime Provinces also being reported, all good. The members in uniform appreciate such positive feedback from the general public.

Rob remaining in St. John this weekend, seems he has sufficient laundry, plus the ask for a bit of cash works for him. Returns to the classroom on Monday for the final run to exams and graduation.

Emily hard at it with the lobster tank house, still doing pretty good numbers on a daily basis, the crew have got it to a routine that works well for all hands. Lots of physical parts to the job, she seems to enjoy all aspects, a crate of lobster quite a lift when the crate just about matches her in weight.

Boat hauling traps in the harbour, along way up in, quite something to see this much gear in such shoal water, must be worthwhile, certainly lots of them being caught in other locations.

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5. WunderAlertBot (Admin)
11:06 AM GMT on June 08, 2014
GRANDMANAN has created a new entry.
4. chunks
3:20 AM GMT on June 08, 2014
Dear Rob:

Just getting caught up on the blog. It has been nuts here. Everyone is talking about the mounties that were shot. I think I rambled on about it before so I won't bore you but one thing --- I was right. The little B****** didn't have a clue how to move around in the woods or survive so as soon as it started to rain - he was toast. Thank God! Cody was freaked out - his comment: Mom, maybe you should show me how to survive in the woods just incase we get invaded. WHAT???? :)

So glad Rob has a job. I asked hubby who works at Bayview and has a small shop in Hampton? He wondered if it was Chris Pierce? If so, he and Cody have been friends since the age of 4. Wasn't that yesterday? HaHa So, if so maybe the three will meet up at some point.

Cody continues at Bretts and boy is he saving me money ---- AT LAST. I have had to get three things fixed in 3 weeks. Without him, I would be out $1,500.00. Cody finally took the plunge and bought -- or shall I say he will be paying for for the next four years - his Snap on tools Tool box. He paid more for that than he did for his car. Just rediculous. Arg

Well, I am sitting up at 12:19 watching this dumb hockey game with my husband. Why? I don't know. Togetherness sucks sometimes.

Supposed to be an awesome day tomorrow so I hope you have some time to get out and enjoy it. Have a great one.

Word. Chunks.
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3. palmettobug53
4:04 PM GMT on June 07, 2014
Rob, I was quite shocked when I realized where the news of the shooting was coming from. I saw the tail end of a film clip after it happened but didn't catch where it was. All I caught was "officers" and "Brunswick." There's a Brunswick in Georgia. I first thought it happened there. It wasn't until yesterday that I discovered it was Moncton in New Brunswick.

My heart goes out to their families, their fellow officers and the community. Those three officers were so young and had their whole lives in front of them.

It's hot and humid here today. It looks like we might have some rain in the offing. I've got clothes on the line but I may have to snatch them back inside before long.
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2. Justapluggin
2:10 PM GMT on June 07, 2014
Another weekend away, this time to family wedding in western Maine. Up at 5 AM in Weeks Mills to bright sky and hint of sun, as sun came up the fog came down but disappeared in short order. Weather on Islesford reported as wonderful. We will be back tomorrow.

The need still exists to have those cross border talks between lobster men on both sides of the border. My guess is that we in Maine have fewer fishermen who fish year round than one would think. Out of 25 of us in the coop only 5-6 fish all winter. Most of us are 8 month a year lobster catchers. The small lobsters, our over size lobsters, all female lobsters with eggs, all female lobsters with a V-notched tale all go right overboard. Escape vents and panels in all traps let the smallest lobsters out. If it takes about 8 years for a larval lobster to reach our minimum size then I am catching the great, great, great, great grand children (lobsters) of the first egg lobster I caught and v-notched in 1975. Imagine the glut on the market if we had closed seasons and our season opened the last week of November, or the first week of May.

Quite an uptick in those from away visiting our state and hopefully getting up your way. Tourism remains a valuable business and a lot of tourists eat lobsters.

Cindy and I will never go through Moncton without thinking of the senseless deaths of those serving their community, province and country. Prayers for all.
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11:20 AM GMT on June 07, 2014
Morning David, assume you folks are enjoying the change in the weather, will be a bit of wind offshore, but don't believe it will be uncomfortable, might be an asset to keep the guys a bit cooler in this temp rise.

Appreciate the info on your fishery regs, the general consensus is that things are wide open on your side of the Bay with no rules to conserve. As I mentioned seems your Jumbo is a Select in this part of the world. The large ones, as I understand, are appealing to the Asian market, the producers don't like them as they don't work well within the production line.

Tony will be done on 29 JUN, his son, is taking a boat to the 'Grey Zone' for the summer, will be lots of boats working the area, one can only hope all is peaceful on the limited bottom they work, has been some conflict, and not only gear conflict, will soon know.

Seiners doing their thing, fresh bait is readily available, weirs ready for twine, and more getting prepared all the time, haven't heard of any with twine on as yet, reports are lots of fish around, but quite small, might be a good summer, such is the nature of making a living out of the salt water.

Have a good one.

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