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By: GRANDMANAN , 9:18 AM GMT on May 03, 2012

An unsual sunrise first thing this morning, the sky nearly blood red at first light, total calm, harbour resembles a reflecting pond with the outline of Ross Island the feature. Temp just on the plus side, expected to rise into double digits. Similar weather for tomorrow then wet for the weekend.

A visit with brother and his other half as they escorted Donna home great to catch up. All hands are busy it seems, but tentative plans to do the family gathering thing this summer mentioned. Once an annual event however as the group become larger hard to make it work with other commitments, etc.

Interesting announcement in the Legislature yesterday, soon will be able to make reservations on the ferry both coming and going, more than 24 hours ahead and online, a positive feature for sure.

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3. chunks
4:19 PM GMT on May 03, 2012
Dear Rob:

I have been wooting to myself here imagining you clocking the time to get to Quispamsis. I actually think Em is about correct because it usually takes about one and half hours to get home to Hampton. So ... well, anyway, try to be firm but not too hard if she is over. Don't forget - they only learn when they get their first speeding ticket o $180.00 and have to pay it themselves.

Jeanne gave me the scoop on the poor gentleman who perrished at sea yesterday. It seems the family have had more than their share of heartache lately. This will definitely be the topper. Feel very bad for them.

I am not sure yet how I feel about the reservation thing. It is hard enough now to get on. I feel a lot of people will make a reservation 'just incase' they decide to go. Thus, those of us who are really going could get a screen that says 'ferry full'. So what do you do - go down to the wharf and wait and see if you can get on? I don't know - have to think that through.

DAVID: I have been thinking about your comment too regarding the study. I feel like your daughter is correct: i.e. that she will be working for 20 years just to pay off her student loans before she starts making any of her own. I have thought deeply about this and now I truly understand how the kids feel. Don't forget, some of the kids are carrying student loans for about as much as we paid for houses 30 years ago - and if you have a mortgage, you know how long it takes to pay off. So imagine being 21, or whatever, having a loan/mortgage payment, car payment, rental, food, utilities, etc., and you are just starting out. How do they do that?

Anyway - your daughter seems very bright and clearly wants to help the world. Why are our girls so adventurous all of a sudden - boys, wimps - staying home?

Today I spent my money on High Altitude Sickness medication for my daughter. Good job I work at a pharmacy is all I can say.

Well, you boys have a great one. Thank God we FINALLY have some sun.

Word. Chunks.
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2. Justapluggin
12:00 PM GMT on May 03, 2012
Morning all,
Gray start to the day thus far with little hope for improvement for tomorrow. Seems as though Monday forward will be dryer and warmer. A number of us will spend the weekend in America taking an EVOC course so we will be licensed to drive the fire trucks. As we become more organized as a fire department we get more rules/ordinances/laws stuffed down our throats and either we obey or we are in violation and the IVFD gets fined.

Today marks the start of 32 years of wedded bliss for Cindy and I. Yesterday was our 31st anniversary.

CHUNKS--Rachel has always wanted to be a DR. She doubled majored in public policy/pre med discipline in college. After college she spent 27 months in Peace Corps in Eithopia as an HIV/AIDS educator/coordinator. Presently she is working on a MPH (masters in public health) in Philly at Thomas Jeferson U. After that whatever she decides she will do. Like all students she is facing the financial reality of borrowing money for higher education and paying it all back one day. To me, the education part would be the scariest part of the whole process. To Rachel, its the money part. I guess I don't blame her.
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9:22 AM GMT on May 03, 2012
MOrning CHUNKS, am on the ferry in a few minutes a meeting in Quispam, will be able to time how long a 'legal' drive to the town will take.

Sara not long in getting out of the country, and by a long ways. I know what you mean, we get in a quandry tracking Emily between here and Quispam.

Reservations on the ferry as of 28 JUN 12, can cancel up to four hours ahead of your trip with no penalty. A step forward for folks on this end with Dr.'s appointments as a big for instance.

Have a good one.

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