By: GRANDMANAN, 12:10 PM GMT on November 30, 2013

A weather change in the offing, now total calm, partial overcast, a cool -7C, to rise on the plus side with a southerly flow, precip to be rain for most of next week, temps on the plus side.

Rob in the Big Smoke for the weekend, no call for cash as yet, or any other call for that matter. Emily has had a week at the 'tank-house', quite enjoying it, also the payday is of great interest.

This evening a community gathering in honour of Donna's great uncle Smiles(Oliver) GREEN. He will be hitting the Century Mark in a couple of weeks, a truly amazing individual, lives alone, drives wherever he wants to go,if he desires a feed of clams digs them himself. A surprise for him, people are gathering, from all parts of North America, he is one of those rare individuals you meet once and are his friend and you are enriched by the contact. When Alice was alive they made a great couple, any accolades they receive this evening well deserved.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:54 AM GMT on November 29, 2013

A colder, clear day in commence, currently -8C, a slight westerly draft, temp to remain below the zero mark for next few days. Wind finally relenting lots of traffic this morning as the boats are going to work.

Emily has had steady work this week, she enjoys the prospect of a cheque, plus the group are having a good time working together, a new experience for all hands.

No word from Rob, he is not travelling this weekend, anticipate a 'laundry money' request sometime over the next couple of days. He is fast approaching half way mark of the Course, still enjoying the group and looks forward to going to school, a welcome change for sure.

Nova Scotia boats have a much better chance to get traps in the water than has been the case all week, hopefully traps in and no one hurt.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:51 AM GMT on November 28, 2013

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to the folks south of the 49th, a change in the weather underway. The n'oreaster of yesterday moved off, currently overcast wind shifting from SE slowly getting to westerly direction. Temp down to 2C will be below zero by dark, clearing, cool, clear with some wind over the next few days.

Rain yesterday steady, no great deluge, lots of wind, ADVENTURE made the first trip of the day then tied up, she is back on the schedule this morning. High tide now, looking over on the Ross Island shore quite a run evident, long swells nothing breaking just a bit of moustache can be seen on the shore.

Emily learning the art of sexing lobsters, weighing and grading at new tank house, today will be tubing the animals before they go in the water for holding till time to sell. She is the youngest in the group as a consequence getting some attention, and dare say a bit of an education.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:53 AM GMT on November 27, 2013

The weather forecast is correct, SE 25-30KPH, to increase 70-75KPH by early afternoon. Temp a mild 7C, heavy rain not too far off, wind to shift overnight to westerly temp to gradually drop but wind to remain high for tomorrow.

Some of the larger boats got the day in yesterday, wind dropped out later on in the day. Reports of catch remaining high not uncommon. Novie has held off till Friday before getting traps in the water, marine forecast advising of 6-8 metre wave height as this n'oreaster makes its way through the Bay of Fundy.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:51 AM GMT on November 26, 2013

To use the Wood Island weather descriptor a "catouse" this way comes. Temp currently 4C expected to rise slightly, wind SW coming on as the sun comes up, currently 25-30KPH will increase as the day moves along. Overcast with moisture expected by this evening. Storm Warning issued for tomorrow followed by Gale Force winds for Thursday. Travel on the East Coast iffy for the next few days, American Thanksgiving Travel for the northeast will be treacherous to say the least.

Lots of traffic going by the house before daylight, no wind at that time, some boats might be attempting to take advantage of the small weather window to get come gear overhauled. Rumour has it Novie has delayed their Opening Day till Friday due to weather, not a common occurrence by any stretch.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:44 AM GMT on November 25, 2013

Cloud cover relenting a bit at a time, the westerly wind refuses to let up, a cold -8C giving a windchill of -16C, uncomfortable is a word for sure. A mixed bag for next few days, moderation of temps, a swing of the wind to the south giving 'wintry mix' back to wind and cold by end of the week. Marine not giving any let up in the amount of wind, no matter what direction it is coming from.

Rob returned to the Big Smoke on 3:20PM trip yesterday, snow squalls and high wind make for night driving a bit more of a concern. He would at least have most of the trip complete by dark.

Emily on the side, filling a few shifts between the Transfer Station and Redemption Centre, any opportunity for cash flow works for her.


By: GRANDMANAN, 12:11 PM GMT on November 24, 2013

Sun is showing through some of the cloud cover, westerly wind persists, expect to be in the 40-50KPH range again today. Temp a cold -6C giving a winchill in the minus -14C range. Moisture by mid week, however wind and cool temps will prevail as the week unfolds.

Rob had a full day yesterday, back early this morning, imagine shipping lobsters. Can't imagine it, but a few boats were out yesterday, catch remains on the good side, will be a tough week on the water if the weather forecast materializes as indicated.

Did manage to get the upperhand on the outside decorating yesterday, may be able to get a couple of pieces nailed down this morning, turn on next weekend is the goal.


By: GRANDMANAN, 12:14 PM GMT on November 23, 2013

Rain overnight, overcast with the sun attempting to make an appearance now and again. Westerly wind increasing as the day moves along near 50KPH by this afternoon. Temp to drop back below the freezing mark by late this afternoon.

Temps and weather conditions about right now to get the ladder out and finish up by outside lights and animals to stake in the ground. Have managed to get some of the lights up in decent weather, however just not the same if not complaining about the elements.

Rob home, has a call to work at MG for the day, smiled started his day with coffee and ROSE & POPS, spend the day with his other family they are close knit bunch for sure.

Lobster catch remains positive, no report of decline in levels of catch price come in @$4/lb, a welcome start to the season. Nova Scotia season opens next week big competition for the market share once that happens.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:53 AM GMT on November 22, 2013

A grand one across the harbour this morning, total calm, red sun showing up over Ross Island, temp -2C, expected to rise mid single digits as the day unfolds. Similar conditions for the weekend should allow some outside decorations to be set up.

Donna and her crew returned from a day in the Big Smoke, led to believe a success, now the "majority" of purchases for the festive season now complete. However a few final things are required, to insure all hands are equal in loot.

Haven't learned the Opening Price for lobster as yet, catch remains high at this end of the island. Tractor trailers going and coming each trip. Donna mentioned last trip they were on last evening had seven coming this way. Deck of ferry completely full of vehicles.

Rob and Rachel coming home supper boat this evening, he managed to rundown Nan for gas cash after school yesterday.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:48 AM GMT on November 21, 2013

A grand one this morning, red sun coming up over Ross Island, 10-15NW, temp -2C wind to remain light and temp to rise into mid single digits, appears the remainder of the week gives similar conditions.

A visual from our sun porch almost no evidence Ross Island(Fluke Point) Light ever existed. The wind took her down and distributed the remnants rather than in a large mound.

Swallowtail on the other hand coming to life, the windows are now in the tower, having been removed decades ago, tower is painted, work in progress to restore the wooden walkway. Now have a counter on visitors to the webcam, these stormy days folks having a look. Pictures have been good quality, certainly cab see the wave action in Pettes Cove and the Sawpit.

Donna off with a group to insure her Xmas Shopping is not fallen behind. A good day to travel, believe plan is wait for the late boat so as not to have a more leisurely opportunity to see what is looking.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:49 AM GMT on November 20, 2013

A bright red sun showing over Ross Island, about the only positive from looking outside. Temp a cool -2C being pushed around with NW40-40KPH, giving a wind-chill of -10C, winter not far away.

Fleet fishing yesterday, by afternoon a tough spot to be due to high wind. Wind to be a factor for remainder of the week. Catch appears to be holding, in some cases still on the increase, not the norm after First Day. Soon will know the price for last week, a bit of optimism in the community with the prospect of good catch and a better price, still not near what was a few years ago.

Rob now eighteen and in possession of his personal COSTCO CARD, a right of passage that I was not aware of till yesterday, times they are a changing.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:44 AM GMT on November 19, 2013

A grand looking morning underway, the red orb just up over Ross Island, a slight draft from the west, a cooler 2C. To remain clear, temp to decline, and wind to pick up as the day moves along. The forecast 40-45KPH of yesterday not evident at the moment.

Traps will be checked today, near gale force yesterday kept the fleet tied up. Still some pent up need to get at it to be disposed of before things fall into a routine, weather permitting. The few indications of second day catch remains high and quality excellent.

Rob crossed another milestone today, he is now eighteen years, qualified to vote. Nan has suggested more cash into his account is a good way to celebrate the occasion. Appears his laundry load must be getting high, they plan on returning for the weekend.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:49 AM GMT on November 18, 2013

The start of the week as promised by the weatherman, rain, SE35-40KPH, conditions to remain near gale force for today, a swing of wind to the west, but still very high for tomorrow, clearing remainder of the week could be similar conditions, typical fall Bay of Fundy.

No reports from those in the know, however observations would suggest no shortage of lobsters being landed. Tractor trailers going by the house yesterday in the morning, any wharf same activity. Be some tired bodies about, but also a sigh of relief, been along time between paydays for quite a number of the crews.

Wind SE no place for anyone to haul gear and not fight the elements at the same time.


By: GRANDMANAN, 12:18 PM GMT on November 17, 2013

A strange start to the weather day, cool at -2C, causing a fog over the water. Calm, gradually to warm near double digits, wind shifting to south for rain by this evening. Strong southerlies for tomorrow, wind change and northerlies for the remainder of the week, less wind by Tuesday.

My annual Lobster Fishing contract now complete, we set on Friday, hauled yesterday. Weather almost ideal, just missing some sun, for the day, more catch than last year, left before the tally was made. Critters looked good, no sign of one clawed or too many berried animals this time around. The boat is fishing today, but tomorrow looks like an iffy chance at best. Not aware of too much problem with boats or gear, usually takes a day or so for the trawls to be put where they don't interfere with one another.

Rob couldn't be in need of laundry money this weekend, no contact for past few days. Must assume he budgeted properly, for sure.


By: GRANDMANAN, 9:53 AM GMT on November 16, 2013

Clear, calm, temp -2C to rise low double digits for a few minutes by this afternoon. Similar conditions for tomorrow, moisture and cooler temps first of the week.

Yesterday finally got the traps in the water, three trips at supper table shortly after dark. Weather clear, by afternoon a bit sloppy with surprisingly small draft of wind. will have a peek at them this morning at daylight. A few hauled by other boats, reports they looked good, bigger boats will be hauling overnight. Never know the opening price, however said to be at minimum $4/lb if anymore will wait and see, and how long it holds at that price remains to be determined. At least report one breakdown, but not aware of any incidents involving fishermen.


By: GRANDMANAN, 9:59 AM GMT on November 15, 2013

A few clouds calm, temp 0, temp to rise high single digits, wind to pick up a bit as the day moves along. Similar conditions for the remainder of the week.

At the moment conditions are ideal for getting the gear in the water, hoping it is similar conditions off shore for the guys that go a fair distance. A few cars heading to the wharf already. Allowed to get things underway at 0700. Our pattern has been three trips to get things overboard, an all day event. First load is ready to go, the largest, shortest distance and should be back to the wharf in a couple of hours loading and ready to go again.

Rob has made no noise about this weekend, must be making plans for a weekend in the big smoke. Haven't heard anything, yet at least, for a few bucks for a laundry.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:46 AM GMT on November 14, 2013

Sun attempting to make an appearance, northerly breeze making a shift to the west, this will clear the sky, Temp has moved from the minus to plus mid single digits with wind remaining high for next twenty-four hours at least.

Made it to the wharf, boat must wait till 0700 before can set traps. Wind outside high, a definite safety issue. All hands at Ingalls Head and Seal Cove stayed put, a couple of boats from North Head left, but peer pressure had them return prior to any traps hitting the water. Decision made to stand down again today, will look at what tomorrow brings by mid-day. Boats in lobster areas bordering on ours managed to set, they would have the protection of the mainland for quite a bit of the time. Gives those guys quite a job, but we still have all hands accounted for, possibly tomorrow will allow traps to go in the water.


By: GRANDMANAN, 9:52 AM GMT on November 13, 2013

Setting Day a cool -4C, at the moment a draft NW, to increase as the day moves along. Wind swing to SW overnight with strong winds in the forecast for tomorrow, weather improving as the week moves along.

Traffic heading for the breakwater beginning to pick up, all boats to leave at 0700. Seems majority of the boats now fishing off in deeper water, not many fish single lines these days. Will be good to see the fleet back at it, lobster fishery now the main economic driver for the community.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:47 AM GMT on November 12, 2013

A miserable morning, overcast, seems much colder than 5C, drizzle, a slight westerly draft, forecast for Strong Winds for next day or so, clearing possible by tomorrow.

Setting Day delayed for at least twenty-four hours, looking out the window one would have to wonder about the decision. However looking across to the Ross Island Shore white water breaking with the run coming from outside. Similar wind conditions in the forecast till tomorrow, a slight change to the good at the moment, improving as the week moves along. Best to come down on the side of safety rather than chance a change to the better hoping it turns around.

Boats are loaded, some seems way too much, especially if any heavy weather going on when the first few traps hit the water.

Rob has returned to school, did get to see him for a bit, he does his reconnect with school cronies, but for the most part sticks around the ranch.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:12 AM GMT on November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day is a cool 2C. NW 15-20KPH increasing as the sun comes up to Small Craft Advisory until Wednesday, a combination of rain and snow a possibility.

Hauling traps. baiting and loading this morning, must be prepared to go if weather allows. Believe we were three days waiting last year, becoming an annual event, poor weather.

Emily still on the side, doing some babysitting gigs, nothing to steady as yet. Rob on late boat returning to St. John this evening. Appears things are going well for him, he is enjoying more as the Course moves along. As can be expected making new friends and showing signs of maturity, on occasion at least.


By: GRANDMANAN, 12:16 PM GMT on November 10, 2013

A miserable one underway this morning, easterly 15-20KPH, temp -2 with rain hitting the window, nigh unto being snow, temp may increase a bit however weather conditions to remains for next day or so.

Tuesday is Setting Day, temp to be cool, wind westerly 35KPH with higher gusts is what is forecast. Will wait and see, believe there is a plan in place to call to the Setting Day if wind above certain level, don't know what the wind is set at.

Rob at home, laundry in hand, first thing yesterday water wouldn't drain. Septic overloaded, did manage to get it pumped out, fortunate next week he will be on the water. Things working fine for now, a strong indication field is suspect and in need of replacement.


By: GRANDMANAN, 12:17 PM GMT on November 09, 2013

A typical fall morning in commence, NW 15-20KPH, a cool 2C giving a windchill of -3C, not much improvement can be expected as the day moves along. Rain for tomorrow, with wind, cool temps and possibly moisture for first of the week.

Morning coffee in sun porch checking out the harbour found at least two seals getting airborne and putting lots of water splashing. Not a common sight to see them that far up in the harbour, couldn't tell if they were playing or possibly chasing something.

Rob and Rachel on boat this morning, home for the weekend.

Time to locate my oil clothes, Rob used them last they are probably strewn between here and M.G. FISHERIES.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:28 AM GMT on November 08, 2013

Southerly changed to northerly, cloudy, temp a cool 2C, not to rise by any degree for the next few days, with some moisture possibly as early as Sunday.

Rob just txted nan, needs gas money to get home this wknd, just a little will be a big help. Travelling in the morning will be home for an extra day as Remembrance Day on Monday.

Wharves are beginning to fill up with traps, we will be at it on Monday, getting some moved and all baited. Long range looking to be cold and windy, amount of wind is at least dropping back some in the forecast.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:48 AM GMT on November 07, 2013

Overcast, mild 12C, rain not far away, wind 30-35KPH SW. Wind to remain high all day, rain for most of the afternoon, wind changing to NW temp to drop to low single digits.

Long range weather showing poor conditions for Setting Day, NW wind, cold, rain or snow, might suggest typical for the start of the season.

Ladies returned from assisting the U.S. economy recover. Had a grand time, 'saved' lots of money with the deals they found. The hospitality at the usual high standard, and worthy of comment. Lots of Canadian folks of same age doing the tour, a success for sure. I did find a bottle of red wine with my name it a grand gesture for sure.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:43 AM GMT on November 06, 2013

A different stat to the day, from a weather perspective, a mild 5C, overcast, calm. May see a bit of the sun, temp to rise into double digits then drop back higher single digits overnight. Rain for tomorrow with clearing in the forecast by the weekend.

Quick trip to Fredericton yesterday, late afternoon, in the boardroom by 4PM, back in the house at 7PM. Final decision on ferry still in the hands of the government, can expect some decision in the near future. Our meeting with bureaucrats who then convey our thoughts to the decision makers, a process for sure, just how the system works.

Ladies heading for the border this morning, to all accounts a good time had by the shoppers. Very relaxed, got everything on my list type of trip. A stop in Calais for a last minute gander before catching a boat home later on this afternoon.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:43 AM GMT on November 05, 2013

A cool -1C, a few clouds, total calm, similar conditions for the remainder of the day with temps making it to mid single digits, moisture and warmer temps by Thursday.

A quick flight to Fredericton this afternoon as part of a delegation to meet with Provincial folks concerning the possible change in ferry service in the New Year. Negotiations/dialogue have been ongoing for several months, good exchange of rationale each position, bottom line is monetary or attempt to save money during the operation of the service.

Donna and Patsy had a successful day, another today, early in the week no crowds to contend with, again no husbands to heave and sigh as they tour the stores.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:27 AM GMT on November 04, 2013

Weather more seasonal with a skiff of snow greeting one at daylight yesterday. This morning clear -!c, a chance of temp might reach mid single digits, a draft from N will continue for today, a carry over from yesterday.

Unable to get on this page yesterday, working fine this morning.

Long range looking not too bad for the Opening Day of the Lobster Season next week. Still a long way to go, last year we were on the side for at least two days before the weather let up enough to get the gear in the water.

Donna and Patsy have some nice weather to travel to Bangor, don't believe there is a plan as yet, other than to discuss where they will take a break to eat. Hospitality in Bangor has always been on the top end, no matter which establishment you choose to visit.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:50 AM GMT on November 02, 2013

A great contrast from yesterday, currently calm, bright sun, 6C to make into double digits before dropping back and possible snow on the mainland showers for us overnight and tomorrow. First of the week looking good with cooler temps and moisture by mid-week.

Blew hard all yesterday, boat didn't make her final run, first of the winter season. Haven't had any reports of damage, consistent 50KPH SW with higher gusts at the house. The windows grey with salt, temps well in the teens overnight had window open and could hear run on the beach, not a common occurrence. Must be a good run offshore to make it up in the harbour.

Rob wouldn't have made it home last evening anyway, so he has lots of time to get his laundry under control over the weekend.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:56 AM GMT on November 01, 2013

Weatherman appears to have it correct, rain has been the order of the day since last evening. Wind from SW 25-35KPH more rain and higher rain the order of the day. Clearing by evening, breezy warm and sun for tomorrow and more rain on Sunday. Temp a balmy 14C to rise near 20C and remain high for next couple of days.

Halloween quiet at this end of the road, possibly a dozen goblins, come early and shut down as the weather become less friendly. The kids that visited here certainly having a grand time.

Rob remaining in St. John for the weekend, did ask "Nan" for some money to do his laundry. His modest request topped up off course, 'just in case'.

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