By: GRANDMANAN, 11:22 AM GMT on June 30, 2013

Thick fog, near drizzle it is so thick, a SW breeze 20KPH, no indication conditions are to change till mid week. Once in awhile weatherman gives an indication might clear for a bit tomorrow, lets hope for the CANADA DAY celebrations.

Emily off to Quispam for an overnight visit, returning late tomorrow afternoon. Rob below decks this morning, will soon have to look for suitable accommodation for him, his next adventure not far off.

Trap gear ashore as of last night, still lots of fellows working well into the evening getting the traps on land. The bulk of them will not go back to work till 2nd Tuesday in November. These dates seem to be rolling out all to quickly this past little while.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:33 AM GMT on June 29, 2013

Visibility less than 1/2 mile, calm, temp 15C expected to rise very little during the day. Threat of showers and Tstorms now till Tuesday, still not looking good for any part of the CANADA DAY celebrations. Our neighbours a bit to the east of us might see the sun for 4th JUL.

Emily has her wards for this morning, Rob doing his thing with MG, final day to have traps ashore, they have been going by the house since daylight. Some boats have gear ashore, some will be going back to the 'grey zone' for summer fishery.

Obvious no lawn mowing will accomplished this weekend, it will have an opportunity to get longer, more cleanup as a result. A positive note
some new sod and seeding areas getting the water they require to thrive and get a good start.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:41 AM GMT on June 28, 2013

Nasty morning underway, soaker rain, NE 25KPH, temp a cool 12C, with the wind much cooler. The long weekend looks similar, not a hint of sun till mid week, then only for a day. Not much weather for the holiday weekend.

Rob out the door early this morning, Emily not so for today.

Weather will certainly impact on the hard work the volunteers have put into getting a program ready for Canada Day celebrations. Lots of activities to watch and participate in the works, hopefully will see sun for Monday at least.

Traps must be on shore by Saturday, lots going by yesterday, and well into the evening. Would not be a grand day getting them home today, similar to winter conditions only a bit warmer for sure.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:45 AM GMT on June 27, 2013

A different weather morning than a couple of days ago, rained overnight, now overcast, a breeze from NE, temp a modest 10C to rise high teens by this afternoon. Showers and rain the forecast for next several days, hanging in there for the Long Weekend.

Lots of gear going by the house this week, a number of boats will remain in the game fishing in the 'Grey Zone' till fall fishing in November.

Both kids out the door early again this morning, Emily has her boys to look after prior to the day job, Rob doing whatever MG has in store, they are busy.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:53 AM GMT on June 26, 2013

Humid, 18C, foggy and overcast, threat of more showers the order of the day, indeed for the next several days, temps to drop back a few degrees in the process.

The long weekend weather not co-operating with rain, showers and Tstorms all possible. Lots of hot weather to west and south of us to insure the predicted weather does take place.

Rob out at 5AM, shipping lobsters, Emily out at 6AM minding two youngsters before they all go to Summer Camp, makes for quiet evenings as all hands pretty tired by dark.

Herring news for the weirs on the back of the island good, lots of them around, seining on a daily basis. One weir, IRON LADY, in fishing order on front of the island, the only one that I am aware of at this time. In years past would be a dozen or more by this time of the season.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:48 AM GMT on June 25, 2013

A rare occurrence at Ingalls Head having morning coffee on the verandah, most days a bit too chilly to have the experience. A very warm 21C, muggy, clear, no air movement, full tides with lots of harbour bottom exposed this morning. Similar conditions with threat of Tstorms all week.

Rob off to his work station this morning, will be a busy week with traps coming ashore, shipping lobsters and rockweed. There is lots of opportunity to get some hours before Tech School in a few weeks.

Emily enjoying working with the children again, the Anchorage quite a backdrop for the programs, they had nineteen youngsters enrolled yesterday.

Traps coming ashore big time this next few days, trucks going by the house early to get a jump on things.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on June 24, 2013

A bit of haze evident this morning, a muggy 17C, going to make it to the low 20's with a humidity factor making it seem warmer. A slight draft southerly, with a chance of Tstorm by afternoon, similar conditions for the remainder of the week.

Last week of lobster fishing, trailers going by to pick up the loads coming home on a daily basis, they have to be on the bank by the end of day 29th June. Price has tanked and many soft lobsters in the mix, again an unusual event for this part of the world.

Emily onto her second career for the summer, Boys & Girls Club Summer Camp run from the Anchorage, instead of the Club. Rob still down with a bad cold, he is mending hopefully can be at work ASAP.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:12 AM GMT on June 23, 2013

Fog in the harbour, Ross Island not visible, some blue sky overhead, a slight draft southerly, temp 14C not expected to rise much as the day unfolds. Calling for showers this afternoon, weather unsettled for the next few days, meaning it could go either way, rain or shine.

Another tree in the ground, running out of opportunities to place them that gives some winter protection from high winds. Had some willows on the lower ground, thinking moisture would work for them. Maybe moisture does work, just in the amounts that has been available to them this past number of weeks.

Rob has returned from Safe Grad, in bed early, suffering from some stomach ailment. Purchased a stereo for his car, put it down for a moment and it was gone. A life lesson to the big world, of course had been such a grand purchase had to borrow money to replace the stolen one. From what little conversation did have all in all a grand trip and a good conclusion to his career at this level of scholastic endeavour.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:20 AM GMT on June 22, 2013

Calm, 12C, overcast, heavy dew this morning expect temp to rise as the day moves along. Sun in the forecast for next several days, already see some sprinklers going to water the lawns, a week can make a difference.

Rob and his fellow graduates start up this morning to catch the ferry this evening. No word from the activities they have enjoyed, not an unexpected turn of events.

Riding mower still in for repairs, the push mowing has been completed, one tree to get in the ground with other chores being mentioned that 'shouldn't take too long'.

Boats working the in the harbour, doesn't appear they are picking up these traps, baiting and throwing that back for another try.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:37 AM GMT on June 21, 2013

First official day of summer, a bit off from previous few days, but still a keeper. A bit overcast, haze, calm, 12C for temp. Temp to rise near 20C, with similar conditions for the remainder of the day, next few days sun and nice temps.

Boat in the harbour working, making the last week of the season a busy endeavour, bait and bring some home will be the order of the day next week.

No word from Safe Grad group, cellphone charges huge when travelling on the other side of the border. I have been assured his will be turned off till get back on this side of the line, will know when the bill shows up. I have no problem knowing he can get on without contacting here, however whatshername might be a different thought.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:51 AM GMT on June 20, 2013

Another ideal morning for weather, a bit cooler at 8C, but expected to rise low 20'sC by afternoon. Not a breathe of air moving, Harbour Millpond in appearance. Morning coffee on the verandah was the way to go, similar conditions by Canadian forecaster, U.S. suggesting possibility of showers for the weekend.

Graduation Day a bit longer than normal with a class of 44 receiving diplomas, lots of fun to be in the audience. A total of bit more than $120K earned in scholarships, an accomplished group for sure. Over half left on Safe Grad on the 3:30PM trip, will be returning late on Saturday. Rob now has a summer of work to pile up some cash prior to Tech School in the fall, not many weeks in the future.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on June 19, 2013

Great weather for a Graduation from High School, calm, clear, temp 13C will quickly rise to low 20's as the morning progresses, similar conditions for next several days.

Graduation Ceremonies at noon, approx. half class participating in Safe Grad to SIX FLAGS, will be leaving on the 3:30PM departure for Blacks Harbour. A hectic few days now all of sudden the final act is about to begin.

Family BBQ held in ideal conditions, fellowship, much food and variety certainly appreciated by all hands.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on June 18, 2013

A grand looking morning, clear, calm, temp already 14C, to rise low 20's. Some indication of moisture by this evening, remainder of the week looking good with similar current conditions in the forecast.

The GRAND MARCH of Grads last evening very entertaining, great looking young people, all smiles, lots of cheers and obvious fellowship amongst the grads. Well attended and presented to the large audience.

Family BBQ this afternoon in honour of Rob, tomorrow noon Grad then off on the 3:30PM ferry enroute to SIX FLAGS till the weekend return. Believe most of the grads making the trip, when they return will be on to the next stage of what the future has in store.

A few boats working the harbour this morning, still no update on the lobster catch or what the price is doing.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:49 AM GMT on June 17, 2013

Thick fog to begin the day, calm, 12C, weather is supposed to clear with possible shower in the interim. Temp 12C, to rise near 20C, when the sun appears. Conditions looking good for the remainder of the week, great grass growing weather.

GRAND MARCH evening with some festivities planned for Grad Class, two events on the go, weather permitting, both supervised, no alcohol and otherwise. Good idea not well to ignore the fact that is first major Right of Passage is going to be celebrated in one way or another.

Local fishery news concentrating on the Lobster Season ending on 29 JUN. Lots of boats taking advantage of the nice weather yesterday, have no idea of catch level or price.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:10 AM GMT on June 16, 2013

Clear skies, with a bit of haze in the harbour, a slight draft from SW. Temp 13C, showers or rain later on in the day with temps to make 20C, similar conditions for tomorrow.

Managed to get the lawn maintenance caught up yesterday, the riding mower blew a belt, lots of walking behind the mower the result. Lower portion of the field/lawn saturated from the deluge Grand Manan had few days ago.

Grad celebrations underway till midweek, Church Service this afternoon to start the week. Looks as if the weather will hold off till the Service is completed.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:17 AM GMT on June 15, 2013

Bright sun, a slight northerly draft, temp 11C, expected to rise near 20 as the day unfolds, not a bad weekend for weather in the forecast. The start of Graduation Week still somewhat suspect, but looking better all the time.

Computer efforts while in Shediac this week visited cyber space and didn't return, for one reason or another. The area very nice and will take a revisit to explore the surrounding waterfront, weather not the least bit conducive to exploration for the days we were there. Returned on the 5:30 frm Blks yesterday, left vehicles, the summer season is in commence, many strangers from away making the trip.

Graduation Ceremonies in commence with supper last night for family members, Baccalaureate Church tomorrow afternoon, Grand March Monday evening, Robs BBQ Tuesday, Grad on Wednesday then Safe Grad trip to SIX FLAGS for most of the class.


By: GRANDMANAN, 8:41 PM GMT on June 12, 2013

A nasty day in Shediac, easterly breeze off the water, cool and very wet. Similar conditions on the Bermuda of the Maritimes, heavy rain for past day, NE wind, finally letting up a bit. Some back road suffering water damage, not good.

First day of the conference in the bank, now have to attend the Social Component for this evening, lots of decisions and information exchange take place as the evening progresses.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:50 AM GMT on June 11, 2013

Unfortunately the weatherman appears to have it correct, now overcast, the rain that is promised not too far away. A slight southerly draft, temp at 11C, about as high as it will rise today, no sun till end of the week.

Meeting with Prov. Transportation bureaucrats in St. George was over two hours in duration. Exchange of concerns and rationale for both positions well presented, next decisions will be at the elected politicians level, no idea when to expect they will make an announcement.

Off to Shediac for the remainder of the week, annual Municipal Administrators Conference in commence. Nearly every organized Municipality in the Province is represented, over 130 delegates in attendance. Always an eye opener to learn what one perceives as being a unique situation to our location more often than not very common.

Rob below decks, no formal school, Emily on late boat to Quispam for a visit, returning tomorrow evening.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:47 AM GMT on June 10, 2013

A different approach of fog, moving into the harbour from northerly direction, Chalk Island Cove has disappeared, the remnants of Ross Island Light an outline only. Temp 11C, to rise near 20C, supposed to be sunny today, with rain and showers till the end of the week.

Emily doing her babysitting thing prior to her 'Day Job' at the Garden Centre, then a few hours after her shift to finish her day.

Delegation on next boat to meet with Government types on the Ferry Service, in St. George. A decision one way or the other by the Government is long overdue.

ANCHORAGE PARK did not open this weekend, a downpour with no prospect of decent weather made the decision for the operator, I would think.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:12 AM GMT on June 09, 2013

ANDREA has left the area, however before doing so left nearly 80mm of rain on the lawn. Currently clear, a slight draft from NW, 10C to rise mid teens before dropping back with showers this evening. Possible clearing tomorrow during the day, remainder of the week looking pretty damp.

Might be able to get some lawn patching caught up as the day unfolds, however do have some other chores that have been identified to address sooner rather than later.

No boats in the harbour so far this morning, most would have been caught up by Friday, tomorrow start of another week in the cycle.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:47 AM GMT on June 08, 2013

As forecast, the remnants of ANDREA has arrived right on time, nearly 45mm rain down so far, wind 40-45KPH from NE. Wind and rain the order of the day, with let up overnight, showers for tonight and tomorrow. Possibility of sun for Monday then more moisture in the forecast.

Wind to remain northerly for next few days, a bit out of the norm, should be from the south. The weather great for the grass, can almost hear it growing.

Rob's scholastic career at this level is now complete, no formal days remain, just preparation for Graduation, has been fortunate to have hours with MG with many more to come, I hope.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:40 AM GMT on June 07, 2013

Calm, overcast, 10C might be enhanced by a few degrees before dropping back with the arrival of rain. Rain and showers the order of the day starting this evening till late tomorrow. Next week moisture for the start of the new week.

Two boats working the harbour, great morning to be on the water, no trouble keeping your feet under you for sure. Tropical Storm ANDREA this way comes, however to start losing some wind punch when she encounters the cooler water, being touted as a 'rain event' for the Maritimes.

ANCHORAGE PARK officially opens this afternoon, not a great weather day to start the season. No great amount of campers expected till school ends in a couple of weeks.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on June 06, 2013

Total calm, a bright sunshine morning, 9C to rise to mid teens before dropping back as the day moves along. Breeze starting northerly swinging southerly late in the day, forerunner of messy weather from the remnants of ANDREA for the weekend.

Three weeks left in the lobster season, have no report on how this weeks catch is looking. Appears more gear here in the harbour, a couple of boats working there just after daylight.

Garden Centre going full bore, Emily enjoying the experience a great deal. Rob has one exam for school most of the day seems to be in preparation for Graduation.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:50 AM GMT on June 05, 2013

A grand morning in commence this morning, bright sun, a slight draft westerly, temp 10C. Sun to remain, a slight shift in wind to the afternoon SWerly and increase to 25-30KPH. Sun for next couple of days with rain for the beginning of the weekend.

School year coming to close with exams, and fun days to fill the time remaining. Graduation Plans well in hand, with a record 43 kids to accept diplomas. Historically number has been in low 30's, last year only 19 kids. The demographic changing, 432 kids out, only 22 entering kindergarten in the fall.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:44 AM GMT on June 04, 2013

A few hours combined with a wind change make a difference in the weather, a slight draft from the west has cleared the fog, sun and clouds the order of the morning. Temps low double digits to rise a few degrees and sun to remain. Similar conditions for remainder of the week.

Members of Council meeting with Provincial reps dealing with the proposed downgrading of local ferry service early next week. Indications remain they are determined to address so called "inefficiencies" in the system by reducing the service. The only positive in this exercise is the fact both parties are at the same table talking about consequences of such a move by the government.

Local herring news remains quiet, seiners have been to the Banks with mixed results.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:43 AM GMT on June 03, 2013

Woolly best descriptor this morning, visibility less that 1/2 mile, a southerly draft with a temp 13C, not much change in temp expected showers later on and overnight. Sun for the next few days with moisture possible by end of the week.

Whatshisname visiting for the weekend leaving on late boat this afternoon. For some reason haven't had much time with him, seems he has other interests in the household than the old folks.

Lobster news not the best, price dropped to $4 from $5, as did the catch, general opinion the drop in catch attributed to full tides last week. Seiners on Grand Manan Banks this weekend as the seining season and quota is in commence, not too many herring about as yet, however enough for fresh bait to be provided.


By: GRANDMANAN, 11:08 AM GMT on June 02, 2013

Fog to start the day beginning to burn off, a slight southerly draft, temp 13C, expected to hit low 20's as the fog dissipates as the morning moves along.

Intense yardwork the order of the day yesterday, most of the window boxes completed, hanging baskets, the lawn now resembles a lawn rather than a hayfield. Some follow-up for today, the grass will have to be picked up, hope to get at some of the bare spots with sod, and seeding in the smaller locations.

Haven't had an update on the fishery news, has been some activity with weir building on back of the island, nothing on the front of the island. Not many weirs being built, expensive and very little return past few years.


By: GRANDMANAN, 10:52 AM GMT on June 01, 2013

A temp haven't seen to start the day for many months, 18C weatherman suggesting temp to gradually go down as the day moves along, with continued sun for today and tomorrow, total calm with a tinge of haze in evidence, not a cloud in the sky.

Grass to damp to do anything with for awhile, however there are preliminary items that can be looked after while the grass dries.

Rob on the mainland doing his shopping thing, returning 5:30PM trip, a full trip last evening, still mainly local folk, however the odd 'stranger from away' mixed in the group.

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